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White-Listing Instructions
A tremendous amount of email each day is not delivered to the correct recipient due to spam filters, it is important that you white-list the ezine address or you may NOT be able to receive the Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas email newsletter!
We are going to do two things here.  We will:
  • Have you white-list our email address
  • Get you subscribed to our The Insider Viewpoint Ezine if you have not already.

1)  Because you will receive an email from us to verify that you subscribed, you may need to whitelist the Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas email address.

Please realize many ISPs filter email to keep spam out of your inbox.  As a result they occasionally filter out email you want to receive - especially things you've requested!

To ensure you receive your Insider Viewpoint verification email, please add to your trusted list of senders.  Here's how:

Microsoft Outlook:

Open Outlook.  In your Inbox, look for the email message which indicates it is from  Left-click on this message once.

*  Go up to the Navigation menu and left-click on Tools.  A drop down menu will open.  Look for the two arrows pointing downwards.  Left-click on these.  Then, left-click on "Organize."

*  In your Inbox, you will see a menu with the title "Ways To Organize Inbox."  At the top of this menu, you will see "New Folder ..."  Left-click on this.

*  A new dialog box will pop up called "Create New Folder."  In the "Name" field type in   Left-click on "Ok."  A new pop up will appear asking whether you want to create a short cut on your "Outlook Bar."

*  IF you use the Outlook Bar to access the folders in your Inbox, left click on "Yes."  If not, left-click on "Inbox" to move around, then left-click on "No."

*  In your "Ways To Organize Inbox," Outlook has filled in the necessary items.  All you have to do is left-click on "Create."  In doing this you are instructing Outlook to create a new rule, causing the existing message and all future messages from to go into the sub-folder you just created in your Inbox called

You're finished!  The next time you receive a message from The InsiderVLV Ezine, Outlook will automatically send it into the mail box called

Netscape Version 7.0+:

Create a filter for messages from InsiderVLV by left-clicking on the Mail icon you see on the menu bar when you open Netscape as your browser.

When in the Mail window:

*  Select the current email from

*  Open the "Message" menu, and choose "Create Filter From Message."

*  You will see "Filter Rules" dialog box. Using our email address, and, Netscape will prefill the filter name, the filter matching criteria, and the filter action (Move to folder).

*  Either choose your Inbox in which to store the incoming messages from, or create a new folder and call it

*  Click on "OK" to confirm your settings.  Look for the "Message Filters" dialog box, where you can create, delete, or edit message filters.

*  Click on "OK" in the "Message Filters" dialog box.  The filter begins filtering incoming messages from InsiderVLV as soon as you click OK, sending them either to your Inbox or to a separate box labeled


If you're using AOL, you can ensure InsiderVLV's email is delivered to your Inbox by setting your Mail Controls.

*  Go to Keyword Mail Controls.

*  Select your screen name

*  Left-click "Customize Mail Controls For This Screen Name."

AOL version 7.0: In the section for "exclusion and inclusion parameters," include this domain:

AOL version 8.0: Select "Allow email from all AOL members, email addresses and domains."

*  Left click on "Next" until the Save button shows up at the bottom.

*  Left click on "Save."

Hotmail and MSN

Ensure InsiderVLV's email is delivered to your Inbox by adding our "From" addresses to your "Safe List."

*  Open your Hotmail of MSN e-mailbox.  On the menu bar running across the top of your inbox you will see an item labeled "Options."  It is the second to the last item to the right.  Left-click on "Options."

*  In the new screen which opens, under "Mail Handling," scroll down the page until you come to the item called "Safe List."  Left-click on this item.

*  Type in the email addresses: and and click on the "Add" button.

When you see the address you entered in the Safe List box, left-click on the "OK" button.


To be sure that InsiderVLV's email is delivered to your Yahoo Inbox (not the Bulk Mail folder), simply instruct Yahoo to filter it to your Inbox.

*  Open your Yahoo emailbox.  On the right hand side of your screen you will see "Mail Options."  Left-click on this.  In the right hand column, under Management left click on "Filters."  Then left-click on "Add Filter."

*  Call this filter

*  Under the heading "If all of the following rules are true ..." go to the top row labeled "From header."  Next to this you will see drop down menu. Select "contains" & type in

*  At the bottom it says "Move the message to:"  Select "Inbox" from the pull-down menu.  Then, left-click on the "Add Filter" button at the bottom.


*  Contact the customer service representative or the Postmaster at the company that provides your email or Internet connection (your ISP).  Explain to them that email is email that you want to receive and value.  Ask them if they can white-list  They will probably ask you for some information.  Here's what to tell them:

*  Sending Address: If they ask for our address, give your contact these email addresses: and

*  Domain: If they need to know the domain we are mailing from, tell them:

2)  Now, if you're already a subscriber to The InsiderVLV Ezine there is nothing further to do except ...

If you have not subscribed to the free Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas email newsletter, please click here.

Thanks - for subscribing to The InsiderVLV Ezine!


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