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Year 1999 Testimonials
This page is dedicated to sharing our readers "insider viewpoints" with other readers.  Thanks for taking the time to share your opinions regarding our magazine and web site.  If you would like to share an opinion, please send us yours.   Click Here -

Richard Reed
Owner / Editor

Year 1999

My compliments on a "beautifully-created" web page, both for its attractiveness and interesting content.  Saul Abarbanel

*  I wanted to thank you for all your information you passed on to  me about Las Vegas. I did go there in September and stayed for 6 days at the Luxor and I have to say I have never in my life had a  holiday that I enjoyed so much as my trip to Las Vegas. I could  never have imagined such a vacation. You were very helpful in  answering all my questions that I had and I just wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciated your prompt attention. I will  definitely be going back next year. It was the best!!!  Faye

LOVE THIS WEB SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!BEST YET!  I only get to Vegas once a year, but I visit Vegas web sites weekly, so glad I stumbled on this one!  Jo Smith,  Lake City, PA

Very Informative site-well done!  J R Martinez,  Albuquerque, NM

Very informative and interesting. Eye-catching color scheme Brian Robertson,  Hueytown, AL

Nice finding your site, I am bringing a large group of managers to Vegas for the week of 5 December 1999 and looking for information.    Ron Seidman, Spotsylvania, VA

This is a good site to provide information about Las Vegas, it's clear and informative.  Doris Wong, Canada

*  I never come to Vegas until I view your internet site!!!  Judy L. Wiemer, IL

This is the best website that I have found for information about Las Vegas.   Jason Lance, Dearborn Hts., MI

*  Super site- have been to Vegas twice - last year and this summer and are visiting again for the millennium - it's the only place to be! your site helps us keep in touch with what's happening and is very informative - thanks.  Val Harper, England, UK

*  I love the new format to your web page. It's so easy to find topics of interest. Thanks for the time and investment.   Linda Phipps

Just from the little I have read this evening after "surfing upon" your website, I know that my next trip to Las Vegas will exceptionally memorable!! Thank you for your time and efforts into putting together such valuable information.  E. F.   Harlingen, Texas

Hey, this is great straight out info here. Keep up the good work. There will always be someone out there that appreciates honesty and a down to earth attitude.  Thank you for the great service!  -  Dan  Provo, Utah

*  I cannot believe the amount of information available on your site.  It is fantastic.  Thanks for everything.  -  D. L.   Tampa, Florida

*  Very easy to Navigate, it was the 3rd site i went to, but was the only one that had all the info I needed.  -  D. D.   Athens, Georgia

*  This is one of the best Las Vegas web sites I have seen  -  J. M.   Henderson, Nevada

*  Nice web site, thanks for the newsletter.  -  D. L.   Vemtura, California

*  I visit Vegas three times a year and use your information to enjoy it even more.  Many Thanks  -  J. S.   Auburn, New York

*  Very happy it is available.   Very Useful.  -  L. D.   Sterling Heights, Michigan

*  Your web site and magazine is very complete  -  G. M.   Adrian, Michigan

*  Good, useful website  -  P. G.   Phoenix, Arizona

*  This is one of the most informative web sites on Las Vegas that I have ever found, keep up the great work.  -  W. B.   Anderson, Indiana

*  This site is great.  There is more information in this site than many of the supposed "NO IT ALL" sites of Las Vegas.  I will definitely recommend your site to my friends and family who frequent Las Vegas, and I will pup this site in my company news letter.  Thank You very much!!!   J. H.   Orange, CA

*  Thanks again for all you provided in Las Vegas,, and for the excellent newsletter, that I read religiously!   S. B.   Calgary, Alberta, Canada

*  This is a wonderful service.  Thanks so much for being here.  -  J. S.   Pensacola, Florida

*  I like your web pages and your approach to the gambling subject.  Quick loading, no extraneous nonsense, I wish you much success. -  B. K.   Canada


*  It is a very interesting website  -  M. W.   lreland

*  Thanks for a site for us who live here! -  P. W.   Las Vegas, NV

*  Obtained Insider Viewpoint at Mandalay Bay and find the phone & address listings the most valuable information I have ever taken home with me.  D. A.  Mississauga, On.  Canada

*  Best site for Las Vegas by far.  -  D. A.   Ipswich, Michigan

*  No complaints, I'm happy I found it!  -  S.    Richmond Hill, New York

*  Very nice  -  S. H.   Flatwoods, Kentucky

*  No Complaints At All . . .   I Think You Have A GREAT Website!!!  -  C. C.   Las Vegas, Nevada

*  GREAT WEB SITE!!!!! FOR SURE, a lot of info I needed was here that I am going to get before I go to Las Vegas, thanks  -  T. T.   St. Clairsville, Ohio

*  Enjoyed our visit to Las Vegas last year because of your tips and coupons . . . Expect to be ready for our next trip, again thanks to your newsletter, web site and magazine.  -  R. W.   Pensacola, Florida

*  I really enjoy site  -  V. H.   Weston, England

*  Very helpful for Visitors to Las Vegas  -  T. S.   Nelson, B C , Canada

*  This web site is so helpful and fun all at the same time  -  T. M.   Belen, New Mexico

*  Love the site, Looking forward to the newsletter  -  S. O.   Tulsa, Oklahoma

*  I am coming to Vegas in August and will find your site very helpful  -  S. O.  Monticello, Indiana

*  Fun Site  -  K. D.   Sarasota, Florida

*  Like the format  -  D. F.   Alpharetta, Georgia

*  Good Web Site!!  -  D. A.   Clovis, California

*  I find it very interesting  -  B. B.   Spring Grove, Pa

*  Great Web Site!!!!  -  A. S.   LeSueur, Minnesota

*  Very informative  -  H. F.   Wiona, Minnesota

*  This is a good service.   Keep up the good work.  -  L. S.   Holts Summit, Missouri

*  Very Informative and Well thought out  -  J. T.   Lethbridge, AB, Canada

*  Love it, thank you!!!  -  L. F.   New London, North Carolina

*  I found this web site very informative and interesting to look at and read.  -  N. R.   Ontario, California

*  Very informative  -  J. B.   Campbellsburg, Indiana

*  This is a great idea!   Thanks.  -  B. K.   Buffalo, New York

*  I have thoroughly enjoyed it very much.  Thanks for having it available to us.  -   J. T.   Lithonia, Georgia

*  I think this is great, the more information we can get on Las Vegas the more we like it.  -  S. C.   New Port Richey, Florida

*  Very helpful, I will suggest to my friends.  -  A. D.   Morton, Pennsylvania

*  I look forward to your information  -  L. W.   Livonia, Michigan

*  As we are coming to Las Vegas this year, your site is a tremendous help to us and if it enables us to get a bargain all the better.  Thanks  -  A. C.   Conway,
   Great Britain

*  Great Web Site. . .   Very informative and a wonderful resource!  -  M. F.  Meridian, Idaho

*  Great information about Las Vegas  -  S. I.   Minneapolis, Minnesota

*  Looks Like a winner!!!!!!!!  -  D. L.   Niagara Falls, New York

*  Absolutely great web site, lots of info on it.  -  T. T.   St. Clairsville, Ohio

*  Very helpful site.  My husband and I are visiting Las Vegas next month and found some great information here.  Thank You. -  K. R.   Ypsilanti, Michigan

*  I am happy to find a way to get Las Vegas information and coupons before my vacation!  -  J. H.   North Augusta, South Carolina

*  This site is great!!! I find it very informing.  -  A. C.   Avon, Massachusetts

*  Thanks for making this available, my wife and I visit Las Vegas two to three times each year.  -  S. A.   Pendleton, Indiana

*  I like the easy use of your site!  Good information as well. Thank you.  -  B. C.  Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

*  Wish I had found it sooner.  -  A. b.   Milwaukee, Wisconsin

*  I used a search engine to look up Las Vegas, (Since I will be down there soon) I came upon your web page and really enjoyed it.  I have since been back almost every other day.  I just wanted to say thanks.  -  A. S.   Newcastle, Washington

*  Very informative, thank you.  -  K. H.   Indianapolis, Indiana

*  Glad I logged on  -  B. S.   Olmsted Twp., Ohio

*  It is great to see a web site that wants to assist and help those interested in the Las Vegas scene.  -  P. E.   Poway, California

*  Like you magazine, very informative.  -  D. D.  Puyallup, Washington

*  Congratulations to your job well done.  -  B. A.   Casablanca, Morocco



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