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Year 2001 Testimonials
This page is dedicated to sharing our readers "insider viewpoints" with other readers.  Thanks for taking the time to share your opinions regarding our magazine and web site.  If you would like to share an opinion, please send us yours.

Richard Reed
Owner / Editor

Year 2001 

*  Your web site is very helpful, I have not been to Vegas for 15 or more years and will be there next week for meetings. You furnish a lot of information. Ray Weaver

*  Thank you very much for your info contained in the newsletters, it was invaluable to us when planning our holiday to Las Vegas. Once again thank you very much for your help. Lyn and Dave Aldous

*  My husband and I recently spend a week in Las Vegas. Thanks to your Web site, we saved money on virtually every aspect of our vacation - tours, food, exhibitions and more. Your articles and advice on restaurants and buffets were priceless! Thank you very much!!   Amy Neil 

*  I've been visiting your website since before my trip to Las Vegas in May, and was able to obtain from you the tickets to Viva Las Vegas at the Stratosphere. The show was very enjoyable and I appreciate your supplying them.  We had only five days in Las Vegas and it just wasn't enough, so we will be going again in September. Sure wish we lived closer. It's such a wonderful city. No, I didn't win any money, just had a magnificent time, as I knew I would.  Thanks for a great website. Carol Sadowski Plantation, Florida

*  Wonderful Web Site.  Diane Del Pesce   Bayside, NY

*  Wonderful, informative website...thanks!   Louis Lagarde  Kerrville, TX

*  Great Site.   Raymond E. Phillips   Milton, MA

*  Web site very well set up, easy to access info.  Floyd Oliver   Turin, Canada

*  This is one of the best sites on Vegas that I've found. Great!  Dale Sturgill   Portsmouth, OH

*  Good Site!!!   Gordie Hen   Beverly Hills, CA

*  Great Web Site....very helpful!!   Darcy A. Stuck  St. Joseph, MI

*  I have found your website to be completely informative, a must for any Las Vegas Visitor!   Melody S.  Rulo, NE

*  his site was very helpful - Thank You!   Jodie Stafford   Bonners Ferry, ID

*  I love you website. I can't wait to come and visit your wonderful city. Sincerely  Michele Greene    Reston, VA

*  Very informative and easy to navigate.   Barry Zarember   North Bellmore, NY

*  This web site is excellent. I need this site to plan my family's trip.  Gary Woods   Lowell, MA

*  I think it is great. I visit Las Vegas twice a year and this website will definitely be helpful. I appreciate all the services & special offers you provide.  Thanks,   John Dolce   Garden City, NY

*  Hey There-  I just want to thank you for giving a great website to the internet. You all should be commended on your efforts!!  I live in a suburb of Seattle, and I generally make 4-6 "pilgrimages" to Vegas annually. Your reviews/info are by far-the best on the net!! I'll see you soon, "Sin City"; Wednesday, as a matter of fact!!  Regards! Renie Rodden

*  Lots of good info!!    Carol Zilinsky  Providence, RI

*  This is a great site/ I've been looking for this kind of information for a long time. Thank you.  Jacqueline L. Horst   Baltimore, MD

*  This site is very informative.   Alberto Crespo    Colorado Springs, CO

*  I think you have a very good site, it just full of great stuff thank you. Bart West  LaPorte, IN

*  Your site is very comprehensive and a pleasure to use.   Florence Merle  London, England

*  This is very good web site and different the others,  I like very much this web site.   Syed Ateeq-ur-Rehman   Karachi, Pakistan

*  YOUR WEB SITE IS GREAT!  Risten Connelly  Weymouth, MA

*  Nice site.  Easy to use.   Neil Cohen  Dundee, OR

*  I'm learning more everyday about Las Vegas.  Your web site is "OUT OF SIGHT " !!!   Thank you for all the Info!   Kathy Bell    Tacoma, WA

*  Thanks for all the great information. Keep it coming. Our next rip to Vegas is in June, 2001 can't wait to receive newsletter. Thanks again  J.Goodman  White Plains, NY

*  This is a very nice site. It has a lot to offer!    Jessica Johnson   Janesville, WI

*  Nice Layout.   Alex Zangotsis   Burlington, NC

*  Pretty cool site, lots of info.   Michelle Meek   Tucson, AZ

*  This is a great site.    Margaret Inman   East Jordan, MI

*  Very informative site for planning our vacation.  Ynn Baldi  Franklinville, NY

*  Great site we always check it out before our LAS trips you town is one of our favorite long weekend get-a-ways from Alaska, been doing it for 30 years!!!  Susan Harvey   Anchorage, AK

*  This is a very cool website!! You offer a lot of information. GREAT JOB!!!  Irene Rodden  Snohomish, WA

*  Thanks for all the information you've gathered on this site.  Dale Turner   Waldoboro, ME

*  Very helpful Web site. Have used it each time we plan a trip to Vegas.   Johanna Goodman   White Plains, NY

*  What a great site, good job!   Reg Keilty   Kelowna, BC, Canada

*  Excellent web site nice job.  Craig Millison    Lancaster, PA

*  Great site with a lot of Las Vegas info.   Trudy Too    Key West, FL

*  Very nice website.  Ron Verner   Sharpsburg, GA

*  This is a great web site, we use this when we have company in town.  Sharon Henry    Las Vegas, NV

*  I am really enjoying your web site there are so many things to look at I don't know which one to go to next!!!!   Marlene Dzierba    West Seneca, NY

*  Great web site!!!    Mariann L. Lindquist   Hatboro, PA

*  I love the web site due to the information you have.  Wanda Barton   Shawnee, OK

*  Nicely done. Found the information I needed for shows for my trip.  Kathy Parker  Toledo, OH

*  Good site, very helpful.  Linda Cook,  Aurora, CO

*  Nice and Informative.  Vernand Evans, Weatherford OK

*  Good and very useful website.  Han-Soo Oh  Seoul, South Korea

*  Visited this site last year when planning vacation to Las Vegas, was a great resource for planning and choosing shows, side trips and restaurants.  Susanne Kumiega   Aston, PA

*  First time visit looking for info on Las Vegas. This site is informative and easy to navigate.  Ron Powell    Tulsa, OK

*  I enjoy your site thanks.  Charles Melton   Clovis, NM

*  A lot of useful information - A must read before going to Vegas.   James Jerabek   Omaha, NE

*  Very informative and thorough job. Thanks.   E. Feldman   Atlanta, GA

*  Great Information Thanks.   Val Garido  San Diego, CA

*  Very informational.  Jacalyn Fielder  Arnold, MO

*  Cool site and FAST!   N.Nickolas   Elliot Lake, ON, Canada

*  This is a great web site.  Mary Ellen Sheflott   New London, CT

*  VERY USEFUL.  Ian Morgan,  Warrington, England

*  The web site is great.   Wanda K Benver   Powell, OH

*  Great - site!  Christina Martinez  Stratford, CT

*  Website Is Very Helpful in Making Plans for a Visit and Keeping Up In between Visits.   Linda M. Satterfield     Royal Palm Beach, FL

*  Excellent site.   Daniel D. Hruby    Avila Beach, CA

*  Your site is well conceived and easy to navigate.  Juanita Vaughn  Modesto, CA

*  Not too lengthy; easy to use! Thank you for your service.   Liz Phillips    Austin, TX

*  Convenient - easy to use - Thank you.   Diane Borgardt  Racine, WI

*  You have a great site. It contains anything and everything a guest will need to know and want concerning Las Vegas. Bravo !!! Chuck from Arizona

*  It's a great web-site, very informative.    Jim Boyce   Pueblo, CO

*  Am planning holiday to Las Vegas and found your site very helpful.  Jackie Grozdanovski  Sydney, Australia

Recently went during Presidents week vacation. I should have paid attention to your site earlier. Missed the tickets for O in waiting line by two couples....Next time with your help I will better plan.  Gaming advice was good. Blackjack was good to me. I feel the best bargain is the Paris, Paris buffet at 4:45 - 5:00 no lines.  The Bellagio is the greatest dinner buffet.  We used the local bus and the slow trams, but saved on Taxi Fares.  Thanks  Michael A Karp

*  I Really Enjoyed Reading about the "Good" and "Bad" Experiences about Las Vegas. My Fiancée and I are going this April '01 to get married there and we cannot wait!! The Info on this Site Is Very Helpful!!!   Heather Cox  Youngstown, OH

*  Awesome site!!!    mrbmike  Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

*  I also just recently booked a car reservation using a site you referred me to. It was very convenient and efficient. I thank you for that.  Sincerely a happy subscriber, Monica Gomez

*  Great Web Site, Very informative.    Karen Keffer    Valparaiso, IN

*  Great information!!!!    Mike Protich  Cuyahoga Falls, OH

*  It's great! Thank you, now we have some additional goodies to take to Vegas with us!   Georgia Pavlich  Green Valley, AZ

*  I like (Favorite Las Vegas Restaurants) page.  Not favorite restaurants also.   Satomi Kosaka  Tokyo, Japan   

*  Great site! Thank you!   John Mackaluso   Battle Creek, MI

*  Great info!   Emily Ferguson  Clinton, UT

*  Very informative site.  Susie Green  Brisbane, CA

*  I thought I would write and thank you. I live in the UK and I am planning to visit Vegas in June this year. Thanks to the info in your newsletter I have managed to get a hotel reservation in the Luxor for 1/2 the price I would have paid when booking in the UK. I shall definitely recommend my friends to sign up so they to can take advantage of the great deals and information your newsletter informs people about!  Thanks again.  Jane Tyler  UK

*  Awesome site.   Sandy M.   Duluth, MN

*  Very informative site. I initially visited to get the average temperature in March, as my husband & I are flying to Vegas soon.   Adreain K. Spiller    Chicago, IL

*  Very interesting, and worthwhile.  Shaun Reino  Worcester Park, United Kingdom

*  Excellent web site.   Charles Cuzzart   Parkville, MD

*  Glad to find it.  Rose Marie Byrne    Setauket, NY

*  Great info here. thanks.    Carl Bossi   East Boston, MA

*  Very helpful information.   Greg Miller  Madeira Beach, Fl

*  Great site will use again.   Merle Ginsbach   West Fargo, ND

*  Great site! Very helpful.   Jill Carleton   Bloomington, MN

*  Great info for a new San Diego transplant.   Jeff Morrison  Henderson, NV

*  Very informative and helpful.   Jackie Grozdanovski  Sydney, Australia

*  Very good site + Happy about current show & event schedules.    Rich Gronner    Richfield, MN

*  Keep up the good work.    Jim Stephenson    West Salem, OH

*  This site is great.  I'm getting married in Las Vegas and I wanted some info! You were very helpful Thanks.   Penny A. Cloutier    Cumberland, RI

*  Coming across this sight was great news to this household.  Pat Valdiviez  El Paso, TX

* GREAT WEB SIGHT can't wait to tell others about it!!!!!!   Kim Lefler   Port Orchard, WA

*  I was looking for info through the Las Vegas chamber of commerce when I came upon this web site and I did not look any further as you have more info than any chamber of commerce could possibly have, you have everything and more of what I was looking for. Thank you kindly.  Steve Lindgren    Cambridge, MN

*  Great information - thanks!     Christine Richards    St. Paul, MN

*  Useful!    Debbie Olsen   North Vancouver, Canada

*  Great website. I like reading the good and bad experiences.  Debbie Reinarts  Garrison, ND

*  Very good information and like the slot machine.   Rollin Borchert   Morris, OK

*  Cool site! Plan to use it more in the coming months before we go to Vegas!   Paul Yestrepsky     Sterling Heights, MI

*  Hi Richard, I just found your well designed and executed website and I am looking forward to receiving some good benefits from it.  My spouse and I are planning a trip to Las Vegas at the end of May 2001 and I am like a sponge soaking up as much info, advice, etc. as I can.---Bill Snider

*  Great site.    Don Lowman    Boise, ID

*  It seems like the best Vegas site I have seen!   Jason Schumacher   Aberdeen, SD

*  Very Informative and a real pleasure to read. Lots of useful information.   Maria Castiglia   Albany, NY

*  It's great that you have a website like this I didn't find anything like this. thank you.  Chris Rode   Stroudsburg, PA

*  Great Site!!!   Mike Daniels   Fort Smith, AR

*  Keep it up, VERY good site.    Michael Wilkes    Barry, United Kingdom

*  I have viewed your newsletter and I love It...I have been to Vegas several several times.  Janet Kemerer    Carmichaels, PA

*  Brilliant Web Site.  Kay Lee   Rhondda Cynon Taff, United Kingdom

*  Looks like a good site !!!   Pat Siracuse   Williamsville, NY

*  Very Informative.  Lloyd L. Potter, Anderson, SC

*  Really Informative.  Daz Morgan   Middlesex, United Kingdom


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