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Year 2000 Testimonials
This page is dedicated to sharing our readers "insider viewpoints" with other readers.  Thanks for taking the time to share your opinions regarding our magazine and web site.  If you would like to share an opinion, please send us yours.

Richard Reed
Owner / Editor

Year 2000

*  Great web site. Will recommend to many.    Jackie Brown Peterson   Eau Claire, WI

*  It is a great website! Have found lots of interesting things about Las Vegas. Love to read the bad and good experiences. Have been to Vegas 8 times and have never had a bad experience anywhere. Love Vegas and love this site.    Norma McKee     Taber, Ab,  Canada

*  I love this site. Keep up the good job and I will also turn my friends on to this site.  Carmen Glatt    Spokane, WA

*  I think this is a cool site, It's nice and clear....thank you.  Rebecca Geel   Pickering, ON,  Canada

*  What a great site - lots of info that I find extremely interesting. Please keep up the great work!   Ava Primamore    Lake Hiawatha, NJ

*  My first time in this site, really enjoy the reading and information.  Lona Ward,  Copper Center, AK

*  Visiting Vegas In Jan. Found your site has all info required and booked accommodations through this site. Top marks!   Tony Pearce  Sunshine Coast, Australia

*  I was glad to have found your website because I have read your magazine while visiting Las Vegas and enjoyed it very much.  Michelle DeVore  Seymour IA

*  Fun site and informational.  Thanks.  Armen Glatt  Spokane WA

*  I like your web site, I was in it for more than a hour looking around.  Mike Reid Portola, CA

*  Great Website!   Very informative!   Tammy Miller   Columbia, SC

*  Easy to use---very comprehensive---thanks.  Frank Esposito   Ocean Beach, NJ

*  Thanks for all the info. Best Vegas site I've found.   David Nadaskay  Arlington, TX

*  Great site. Enjoy all the information.  Jaye Clifton    San Francisco, CA

*  I THINK IT IS GREAT, VERY INFORMATIVE.    Sheamus Grimes,   Craigavon Co, Armagh N. Ireland

*  One of the best described, and explained web sites I have seen on the Internet! Very simple explanations, easy to follow.   Wayne D Chesnut   Powell, WY

*  Great info, love your site.  Veronica Simon, Arlington, VA

*  A great site for frequent travelers to Las Vegas.  Robert Eades  Schertz, TX

*  Great site. Contains a lot of helpful Vegas info.  Bob Eades   Schertz,TX

*  This is the place to be if you can't be in Las Vegas.  Mark A Wallace   Dexter, ME

*  I love all the info!!!!    Carole Fisher  Harveys Lake, PA

*  I think you have a great website with good info. Thank you.    Jodie Oden   Frederick, MD

*  Great site- it helped me to learn a lot!  Kim Benich,  Whiting, IN

*  Very informative.  Grant Jack  Fife, Scotland

*  Everything I wanted to know before I went to Vegas. Scott Gill  Naperville, IL

*  Easy to use.  Tammy Waters  Tampa, FL

*  Very informative.  Johnny M. Adams,  Mabank TX

*  Wow looks great.  Nicole Hilton, Rexburg, ID

*  Your Web Site is pretty useful in helping me plan my upcoming trip to Las Vegas.   Linda Wunder   Auburn, CA

*  I find out this site is very informative, I will definitely use it more often in the future.  Ricky Chan,  Port Coquitlam,  BC,  Canada

*  The site has a lot of good information.    Deb Hunt,  Bismarck, ND

*  Great site lots of info.   Sharon Saviano,   Warrenville, IL

*  It's great!!!!!!   Denise Lewis,  Logansport, IN

*  Well organized and informative.   Vicki Cramer,   Lake View, NY

*  I find it very useful and entertaining !!   Robert J Hill,  Flint, MI

*  Your site has tons of great information.  E. Ford, Rockland, MA

*  Great site. Tons of information. Thanks.  Melissa Hickey,  Royal Palm Beach, FL

*  Just a note to say thanks. I will be flying into Vegas to spend a week for the 4th time in two years. Having your newsletter is very helpful in preparing for my trip(s), provides lots of info and just gets me in the Vegas mood, in general.  Thanks for a great on line publication.  Walt Cooper

*  Seemed to be very straight forward and to the point.  Robert Sharp, Lindale, TX

*  Very informative and helpful in planning activities prior to arrival.    Louis Hryniw,  New York, NY

*  Really glad I found it ... very informative!   Pat Blackburn,  Huffman, TX

*  Site looks great. Has some good information for first time visitors as well as return visitors.   Vicky Hammett,  Odessa, TX

*  Lots of pertinent information.  Bill Clark, Kailua-Kona, HI

*  Looking forward to visiting Web Site often.   Patrick O'Rear,  New Albany, IN

*  I think the website is very well organized and user friendly.  Laura Cestarte    Spring, TX

*  I think it is wonderful. Very good information about your exciding city! Thank-you,  Anita Long   Madison, NE

*  I found this site very informative and easy to work with !    Timothy Pinz,  Tucson, AZ

*  Very informative website.   Courtney Dunnom,  Palatine, IL

*  Excellent format and source of detailed useful information.  Joseph R. Maher,  Montgomery Village, MD

*  Very interesting site. Located a lot of useful information.   Loretta Benham,  Weatherford, TX

*  Really informative, love it.   Jeanne Emerick, S.Connellsville, PA

*  VERY TASTEFULLY DONE!!!   Katherine Mirrer,   Dallas, TX

*  Your newsletter is very informative.  Dave Weber, Waterloo, IA

*  VERY INFORMATIVE AND INTERESTING COMMENTS.   Ms. Giovanna Cucchiara,  Montreal, QC Canada

*  This web site is great. This time I want to go to Las Vegas and spend a reasonable about of money. I wanted to check the lounge shows. No site has it listed as neat and current as you do. As a matter of fact most of the time the lounge shows are mixed in with the other hotel shows.  Thank you for keeping them separate. .(I love the "smiles" and "frowns")  Staying at the Monte Carlo in Sept. for my birthday. Any suggestions, coupons, discounts, etc, would very much be appreciated. Thanks again... Judith C. Post   South Euclid, OH


*  This is a a great web site!    Barbara E. Medina   Northglenn, CO

*  So far things look very good on this site. I'm a annual visitor to Vegas and you've provided some things I didn't know. Thanks.   Jim George  Throop, PA

*  This is very helpful.  Pat Johnson  Sulphur Springs, TX

*  Using a Search program, I inadvertently clicked on "Las Vegas"; I`m glad I did. Your Web Page is really an outstanding information page. It caught my eye very quickly.  Wesley Hall   Salt Lake City, UT

*  I think it is great that you do these things for people who are going to Las Vegas and have no idea what to go see without your help.  Michael Wachter    St Peter, MN

*  Excellent.  Maria Eugenia,  Monterrey, Nuevo León,   Mexico

*  I like this site because it is straight forward and allows the user to receive only the desired information.   Jan Gyllstrom    Phoenix, AZ

*  Cool site for Vegas visitors!!!  Brian Sasaki, Pearl City, HI

*  It's a wonderful Website.    Vincent C. Garcia  Las Vegas, NM

*  I enjoy using this site. I am finding almost everything I wanted and needed to know about Las Vegas. My mom and I are planning a trip to Las Vegas so this site has been very helpful.   Jennifer Schiltz  Dubuque, IA

*  Great info.   Peggy A. Fausty    Stacy, MN

*  Thank you.   I think it is great that you do these kinda of things for people.   Michael A Wachter,   St.Peter, MN

*  It's a commendable service that you are offering. Thank you.   Frank Leanza, Las Vegas, NV

*  Excellent site and very informative.  James l. Clarke,  Scottville, MI

*  This is way cool thanks a million.  Connie Stevens,  Torrance, CA

*  One of the best web sites that I have been on.   Margie Conner, Wilmington, DE

*  It's a great Site with great values and information.  D Dalton, Tacoma, WA

*  AWESOME SITE!  Tamera Kassuba,  Gaylord, MI

*  Lots of information-thanks!   Karen Torino,   N. Charleston, SC

*  Good info in here -- I like it!     Shirley Slane, Barstow, CA

*  Great site.  Sharon Saviano, Warrenville, IL

*  WE REALLY ENJOYED YOUR SITE.. .  Marilyn Marshall, Levelland TX

*  Great site - Easy to navigate.  Dave Magee,  Bolton, United Kingdom

*  Very Informative site!!!   Marianne Clarke,   Scottville, MI

*  Find the site very useful to plan trips. Thank you.  John Harrelson, Billings, MT

*  This is a great site. I hope to explore it more. Thanks.   Shirley Rowland,  Austin, TX

*  I think this is a fantastic web site for travelers to receive info.  Julieanne Tobin,  Bundaberg, Australia

*  Very interesting and informative.   Tony Burrow,  Reading, England, UL

*  Your Website is very informative. Will advise others.   D. L. Vanderslice,    Pitssgrove, NJ

*  I love your site.   Shannon K. Young

*  Great site!   Ron Treavor,  Calgary, Canada

*  I think this is a wonderful service for people who have never been to Las Vegas and for people who have been. thanks.  John King,  Racine, WI

*  Great web site.  James Browe, Brooklyn, NY

*  I look forward to receiving your newsletter.  Sandy Jones, Denton, TX

*  Interesting Site. Very glad I found it. The information in your site will be very useful on my trip to Vegas.   Gerald Hemphill, Valley, NE

*  Nice site. Informative.  Todd A. Compton,  Roanoke, VA

*  This is a great site for us Vegas visitors.  Fred Fraser, Houston, TX

*  Great site !!! Loads of useful info for those of us that have never been to Vegas.  Tracy Scoggins,  Conyers, GA

*  This is great!! I am a tour director and work part time in sales for a tour company. I find this most helpful!!   Marlene Renaud,  Lakeland,  FL

*  Your website is very helpful in acquiring information.  Stanley Goldstein, Dumont, NJ

*  Great site...  Susan Holmes, Redfield, AR

*  More information on this site than I have found in a DOZEN others put together. Thank you !!   Michael Strehl  Tampa, FL

*  Just glad i found it.  Kathryn Shrewsbury,  Farmington, ME

*  I find your web site very professionally done.. I'm impressed!!!!    Dave Bates, Owings Mills, MD

*  Very nice Web Site!   Kay Walter, Dixon, IL

*  I love all the fun facts and history stories about Las Vegas. I live here now for 12 yrs. and still learn something new about the town every week.  Caryn Earnhart,  Las Vegas, NV

*  This is a great way to find out about what is going on in Las Vegas!!!    Theresa Myers, Dallas, TX

*  Thorough website of Las Vegas- good work.  Wade Pronge, San Jose, CA

*  This site was EXACTLY what I was looking for on Vegas events !!   David E. Thorp,  Post Falls, ID

*  Great job ...keep up the good work.  Anthony W Stockl, Matteson, IL

*  Just Great.  Thomas Vaughn, Lake Elsinore, CA

*  Great site.  Robert Zilli,  Somerville, NJ

*  Awesome.   Craig O'Hagan,  Wellington, New Zealand

*  Great Site! Thank you!   Helen Rex, Allegan, MI


*  GREAT SITE.   Lorraine Lamberton, Delta, BC, Canadaa

*  First time visitor, seems very clear and cannot wait any longer for the FREE Newsletter. Thanks!  Simone Tilli,   London. England

*  HI, I really appreciate your site!  I have used it and recommended it to many friends.  It is "right on" when it comes to information as well as the "perks" are wonderful!  Thank you so much!  Bill Sims

*  Great. Very informative - keep up the good work!   James Bowen, Cardiff, United Kingdom

*  We love your site and your e-mails........thanx for doing such a great job.   Johnny Walker,   Kernersville, NC   

*  Hello, I am visiting Vegas with my son, (21yrs)..him, not me!! June. I have been browsing for a month, doing homework to prepare for our trip!  Have been to Vegas 5X..but that was over 10 years ago!!..FINALLY found the perfect site for ALL my needs and wants!!.. after phenomenal # hrs on the net....Thanx so much.  Have book marked everything, so much that my "mouse" is weary! With the exchange rate so damn high, it's a "relief" to see all the specials from YOU.  Appreciate what you have done for the humble Canadian tourist!!...hope the rumor is true that it's better to exchange my money at the casinos. cheaper by 15% !!..thanx again for outstanding, excellent work!....  Bret A. Schafer

*  Very useful in helping me understand more about Las Vegas.  Easy to operate.  Margaret Luther,  Muskogee, OK 

*  Very informative site, everyone should check it out!  Karen Beck,  Tucson, AZ

*  Love Your Newsletter and Website!!!   Keep up the Great Work!!  Cheryl Smith,  Crawfordsville, IN  

*  I like this site this is my first time finding this on the internet.  I will be emailing my friend about this site.  Thank you Peggy D.

*  Very Good.    James Bresnock,  Dumfries, VA

*  Excellent site ... will be headed to Vegas soon and will use the information ... thanks! Richard Lee Peterson,  Edmond, OK

*  I think that this site has great deals and free offers. I love the contests!   Sarah Feeney,  Woburn, MA 

*  This is an excellent site. I've never been to Vegas, so this site is very informative.  Melinda Garza, Houston. TX

*  Great site, great news and tips.   Chris Kanda     Dekalb, IL

*  Very informative site.  Kim Rever,  New Braunfels, TX

*  I like it very much.  Ronald Chavers,  Dallas, TX

*  Enjoyed this site!   Chris Grube, New Albany, IN

*  Cool site.  Chris Szabo, Montebello, NY

*  Great information for visitors.  We've spend our last 5 holiday's in Las Vegas.  Michael Tietböl,  Rosengarten, Germany

*  I like your website. It's very impressive.   Daria Heck,   Johnstown, PA 

*  I like how all your information on Las Vegas is easy to find. Richard Bixby,  Blacksburg, VA  

*  Great helpful website. We have just moved to Las Vegas for our retirement, and your page has helped us to acquaint ourselves with our new location. Thanks, and keep up the good work.  Jim Wind, Las Vegas, NV  

*  Absolutely wonderful!  I am thrilled to receive the Website from a friend, and get on your mailing list!   Martha Drake,  Beeville, TX  

*  This is a great way to learn about Las Vegas. This is a great web site.  Stephanie Johnston, Vernon, TX

*  Very useful information, eagerly awaiting the newsletter.   Miss M L Baxendale,  Northville, MI

*  Great stuff!    Nick Durisek,  Northville, MI

*  I love your site. We go to Vegas every year and your site has great info.   Kevin Clanton   Lawton, OK 

*  Very cool website, informative, and easy to navigate.   Janet Carson,  Plymouth, MA

 *  A very informative and interesting site. I visit often......   Linda Ball,  Brampton, ON, Canada

*  Looks like and interesting site. I enjoy your honesty.  Ann Kenner,  Magna, UT

*   This is the best updated site on Vegas I could find, good job.    Dennis Clancy,  Albany, NY

*  So far the best site on Vegas I have found.   Don Cartier, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

*  Highly informative.  Ross Grant,  Edinburgh,  United Kingdom  

*  To Richard Reed, Well I've just spent two hours on the net going over your web site !!! Very impressed. My husband and I and another couple will be going to Las Vegas for our 25th wedding anniversary!! I know a long time to go but we are very excited and feel a lot better about our planning knowing your newsletter will be coming to us. Thanks for the help, we'll keep in touch.   Ruth Street

*  This is a great site, so glad I know about it.  Eureta Kasse,  Perrysville, OH

*  Excellent Website.   James Bresnock,  Dumfries, VA  

*  I appreciate the honesty of the visitors.  Michelle Tiber,  Baraboo, WI

*  Your site is informative, I'll be in Las Vegas soon, I'm looking forward to your news letter. James Browe, Brooklyn, NY  

*  I found it quite enjoyable and informative. Thanks a lot. Sharon McCain, Valley Springs, SD

*  I will be visiting Vegas for first time in July and find this site very informative.  Jana Perras,  Providence, RI

*  Easy to find, concise information, to the point.   Cynthia A. Mueller, Roswell, NM

*  No complaints...very informative.  Eileen H. Young

*  I've been looking at several Vegas sites and have found this one more helpful than most. Thank you  Jean Reesman, Kittanning, PA

*  I have gotten more information here than I have been able to get from the city of Las Vegas!   V. Raymond, Jacksonville, FL

*  Interesting and Informative.  Greg Zawikowski,  Camp Douglas,  WI

*  Hi!  Just wanted to let you know, I think this is one of the most comprehensive sites I've seen regarding Las Vegas! It's almost like you're really there! I applaud your efforts and wish you continued success. This is one site I will visit daily! Keep up the fantastic work! Thank you again! Sincerely, George

*  BRILLIANT!    Deborah Tuxford, Nottingham, England

*  Great Web Site!!!!     Janet Johnson,  Hanson, MA

*  Fabulous, the information is super.   Mark Palevsky, Solon, OH

*  This web site works.   John Roberts,  Quincy,  IL

*  Fantastic, easy to find what you want, can't wait to get to Vegas, Thank You!!!  Catherine Elrod, South Gate, CA 

*  Love your site, I found it both informative and fun. I will be visiting there next month and this helps a lot Thanks thanks thanks.  Chenoa Artis,  La Mesa, CA

*  LOVE THIS SITE!   Linda Niezabitowski,  Chicago, IL


*  Great site! Can wait for our trip.  Mary & Randy Henigin, Owings, MD

*  Excellent web site very user friendly.  Barry Wilson, Surrey ,BC, Canada

*  I am pleased on the quick response you gave me.  Sandra Holub, Sunbury, PA

*  I think the web site is great! I've never been to Vegas as this will be my first of many I hope! Your site was informative and covered just about every topic I would want to know....keep up the good work!! Jim Lenhart Millersville, MD

*  Love it, very helpful.  Christine Agresta Tamaqua, PA

*  I have already used some of the discounts listed in your newsletter. We go to Vegas 3 times a year and I always use Practical Car Rental. Thanks so much for all the information you provide. Judi Glover  DeKalb, IL

*  Great Information!! Glad I found it.  Mike Dickerson, Russiaville, IN

*  This is a great site. Keep up good work.   H. Dell Mason, Irwinton, GA

*  It is a great service - wish you great success.  Joe Castronovo, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

*  Excellent, very relevant and informative. Lots of tips and advice.  Shane Drew, Mill Park, VI, Australia

*  I am happy my son finally found this web site. My husband and I come to Las Vegas quite often and I see you give a lot of good information on your web site. Charles Bush, El Paso, TX

The Most Useful Information on Vegas on the Net.  I can't begin to tell you how much money your website has saved me each time I visit Vegas! The information, offers, and specials you have included in the newsletter is better than any coupon book or travel guide that you can purchase and the big thing is that it is FREE!!!!!!! Even if there was a charge, the info provided is well worth the money!!!!! I eagerly wait the next issue of "Insider" as I know the info contained will be useful, entertaining, and well presented! Great job! Keep it up! Best of luck in all your endeavors and keep this great newsletter coming!!!!!  George Gryak Pittsburgh, PA

*  I am sure I am going to use this ! What a great Idea!!!  Linda Emerson  Calhan, CO

*  Very resourceful!!  Keep it up!!  I know I'll be using a lot of this info for my first ever trip to Vegas.  Jonathan Pelc   Kings Park, NY

*  Great site! Glad I found it before visiting Las Vegas. . .   Jim Lenhart  Millersville, MD

*  Hello, this web site looks great! I am planning on visiting Las Vegas sometime this fall.   Connie Truax - OH

*  Excellent site, thanks  Charles Bishop , Lodi, WI

*  I think it gives a lot of information about Las Vegas. I like it a lot.  Stanley Goldstein  Dumont, NJ

*  I find your site all inclusive. I visit Las Vegas at least twice a year and have not seen a more useful web site. Thank you,  Debbie Longchamps  Fall River MA

*  It's nice to go to one site to find so much information and contests. Darlene A. McGall

*  Your newsletter and site are simply THE BEST. I always find something of interest. We come to Vegas every year for 3 or 4 weeks in July and August and have been coming since 1978. We have seen lots of changes, some good some not but Vegas is the greatest vacation spot in THE WORLD. Thanks for being so interesting    Elaine Brotchie   England UK

*  I thought it was a great website, a lot of information , will pass the word to friends.  Jerlin, Bensenville, IL 

*  Nice, Clean site, easy to navigate, lots of good info!!   Brian Hershberger,  Ocala, FL

*  Very Helpful for Upcoming Honeymoon.  Clint Gurney, PERTH, AUSTRALIA

*  Great site, very useful info.  Bruce Custard, Auburn, MA

*  This is a great web site and wonderful opportunity to tour Vegas for less money.  K. Haynie,  Auburn, IN

*  Seems very well organized.   Clinton F. Miller, IV   Richmond, VA

*  . . . The best resource for info on Vegas.   Don R. Abramson,   Las Vegas, NV

*  This is a really informative site. Keep it up. Thanks.  Jennifer Vizard,  College Point, NY

*  Interesting. I enjoyed reading the information about Vegas.   James Mielke, Aberdeen, SD

*  Your newsletter is great. We have been to Vegas 3 times and each time we have been able to take advantage of your special offers and information. This is a wonderful service you offer and it is greatly appreciated. Thanks again. I tell all my friends about you.   BJOPPER

*  Mr Reed, sorry we did not get to see you in person this trip, hope you are recovering from the car wreck. As usual, we did save a lot of money using your web site information. Thanks for the info and really appreciated the new ELVIS Museum discount ticket deal, it was outstanding. Robert Sawyer,  CA.

*  I Received my insider viewpoint newsletter and as always appreciate the great deals and info. Thanks Richard and keep up the great work. Pat Essary

*  Excellent site lots of information. George Gallagher, Thorne, On, Canada

*  Particularly enjoyed your reviews of shows!   George Kimbel, Shelton, WA

*  FYI. I have found your information helpful during our last few visits to Las Vegas. Were there in December for 8 days, and we will be returning  in March for 11 days.  Keep up the good work.  Jane A. Hartline

*  Has lots of good information with which to plan future trips.  Herbert Braddish,  Joplin, Mo

*  Great site keep it coming.   David Kamenski,  Alexandria, Va

My wife and I are flying to Vegas and we are so pleased that we found your web site because it has allowed us to browse all the entertainment etc before we go. Its been 20yrs since we last went to Vegas.  Keith Whatley,  United Kingdom

Simple, complete, informative. I am impressed,  Paul Finetti,  Santa Ana, CA

*  To Richard Reed, Well I've just spent two hours on the net going over your web site !!! Very impressed. My husband and I and another couple will be going to Las Vegas May 2000 for our 25th wedding anniversary!! I know a long time to go but we are very excited and feel a lot better about our planning knowing your newsletter will be coming to us. Thanks for the help, we'll keep in touch.   Ruth Street, 

Coming to Vegas this January and this sight has helped tremendously.   Robert Heimlich Jr.   Chatham, IL  

Excellent Web Site Very Informative.  D U  Canada  

*  This site is one of the better Vegas sites I've seen. Very easy to navigate and lots of "cool stuff". Thanks!!!  Gary Burkhart, Lakewood, WA







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