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Newsletter Readers Contest

Another Gorgeous Night In Las Vegas!

New Contest


This contest has been part of Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas web site for several years.  It has been very popular.  Therefore, we have decided to make it a monthly contest, giving more people a chance to win.

Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas Goal 

All web sites have the same goals, increase popularity and increase frequency of people visiting is essential.  

Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas has several new advertisers evaluating our Email Newsletter and Web Site.  The new advertisers would like to advertise to a larger of people.  Currently, our email newsletter reaches 45,000 people and daily we have 10,000 visitors daily to our web site.  We have reached an obstacle. We need more people to visit our site!

To obtain new advertisers who in turn will offer you, the reader, Discounts / Specials / 2 for 1 / and even Free items are all based on increasing the number of visitors to our web site and subscribers to our email newsletter.

To overcome the obstacle, we need to be seen by more people.  To be seen by more people our web site needs to win more awards, receive acknowledgments in other publications, have articles written about our web site or newsletter, obtain radio or television coverage and any other form of media exposure.

Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas needs your participation and therefore  we created this contest. The contest is based on collecting points by collecting more attention / people to Insider Viewpoint web site or newsletter.

Winning prizes/cash from this contest is accomplishable in several different ways.  In some cases keeping track of the points will be on YOUR honor basis.

Monthly, the person who accumulates the most points wins.  We also offer a prize for the person with the second most points each month.  

Richard Reed

How to Win Points
Monthly Winners are Persons With Most Points

- 10 Points -
Receive 10 points for every time you submit (nominate) the Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas Web site or Insider Viewpoint Free Email Newsletter to any award site that we have "NOT" already won. To see what awards we have won, please view the award web pages.
- 10 Points -
Receive 10 points for each suggestion of where to link our Web Site that we have "NOT" already completed. No Adult links.  Millions of web sites are available to be linked, what we are looking for are the higher traffic Web sites that may have an interest with our web site.
- 15 Points -
Receive 15 points for every new person you have subscribe to the Newsletter.  The Email Newsletter subscribe form has a place to enter an email address of who referred the new subscriber.  Send your new subscribers to newsletter web page, it is free to sign up.
- 30 Points - 
Receive 30 points for each suggestion for useable new categories for the Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas web site.
- 40 Points -
Receive 40 points for any FREE marketing suggestion that the Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas Web Site can implement that we have "NOT" already started. (Literally thousands of places are available for companies to spend money on promotions. That is not what this section is asking for.)
- 100 Points -
Receive 100 points for any information on how to receive a higher placement in a major search engine that really works!  Besides the normal Meta tags and the common tricks everyone uses, we are searching for the "new ideas" that work today!
- 100 Points -
Receive 100 points for anyone directly responsible for Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas winning a major Internet award. We created a web page containing some of the more prominent awards available on the Web that we have "NOT" already won.  Other prominent awards are available besides the ones listed on this page, this page is designed as an example.
- 250 Points -
Receive 250 points for anyone responsible for getting exposure in any print media print, or radio exposure for Insider Viewpoint Email Newsletter and/or Web site.  Small local magazine,  newspaper, radio stations or larger receives these points.
- 100-500 Points  -
Receive 100-500 points for being creative. Since the Internet is made up of very creative people, this section is designed to give credit to new concepts we may not have covered above.
- 500 Points -
Receive 500 points for anyone who helps Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas obtain any television exposure.  This can be a local or network station. Please call 702-242-4482 to inform of the approximate air time.

Getting Started

This contest starts at 12:01 a.m. on first day of each month and ends at midnight, the last day of the month.  Only Monthly contest winners will be notified, winners will be sent an email on the 15th of the following month.  Person accumulating the most points is declared the winner. Monthly we will have one winner and one second place.

Monthly Winners Receive

1st Place Monthly Winner Receives 

*  $100.00 CASH!
*  2 Days & 1 Night Las Vegas Trip 
*   FREE Lunches  ( 2 )
*   FREE Dinners  ( 2 )
*   FREE Las Vegas Video or DVD
*   FREE Las Vegas Poster

2nd Place Monthly Winner Receives

*  $100.00 CASH!
*   FREE Las Vegas Video or DVD
*   FREE Las Vegas Poster

Sign Up to WIN!

Complete the simple form below.  You can earn points everyday!  Only Winners will be notified. Good Luck!

Your Name:
City / State / Province:
Day or Evening Phone:
E-mail Address:

By completing form you agree to the terms of the Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas contest.  You are NOT obligated to purchase anything or receive any other email, regular mail, phone calls or contact in any way from Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas. You will NOT be notified if you are not a Monthly or Grand Prize winner.  

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