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Nightlife in Las Vegas   (Life After Dark in Vegas) 
Nightclubs and Adult Clubs
This Page Last Updated on 01/04/13 10:27 AM 

My staff has "nothing" to do with this page. After 38-years of me being around this city, the following reviews are the opinions of Richard Reed, owner of Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas.  I am single and spend a vast amount of time in the night life of Las Vegas.  Below are my reviews and ratings of Topless Clubs, Total Nude Clubs and on the previous page is the  Nightclubs, Bars, Lounges reviews and more! For those looking for things to keep children busy that information is on another web page. Several places listed below I may revisit and some I will never visit again!  Respectfully. Richard Reed / CEO

Nightclubs - Bars - Lounges - Hot Spots (click here)

Topless Clubs & Total Nude Clubs **
(The following places are listed alphabetically - Not by the most fun,
under the name is my rating of the level of fun you can expect.
Ratings are from 1 - 10, 10 being the best)
Topless and Total Nude - Strip Club Etiquette, See Below

Can Can Room
Rated "5"
One of the earliest clubs in Las Vegas, this fully nude entertainent center can please just about any adult appetite.  (Nude, no Alcohol)
Rated "1"
Current owner is a very prominent/successful adult club owner and should turn this place around soon.  Time will tell. When owned by previous entrepreneur fun stopped at the doorway.   (Topless with Alcohol)
Club Paradise
Rated "6"
If you are into attractive buildings, good-looking women, full alcohol, topless and all this with the most rigid boring atmosphere, this is for your liking.  Once seated, it is like a movie.  If you need to walk around and see friends or mingle - big taboo!  Kind a Boring sometimes, but still worth a visit.  (Topless with Alcohol)
Crazy Horse Too
Rated "7"
(Closed by Court Order, may or may not reopen)   Another landmark in the topless industry in Las Vegas.  Extremely gorgeous girls.  Depending on the night, this was one of the top 3 best place for quantity of outstanding girls in the city.  (Topless with Alcohol)
Crazy Horse III
Rated "6"
It has gone through many name changes but it appears this may be the new name.  Working off a famous name with a small twist, this large building located near the Mandalay Bay has all the possibilities to be the best if run properly.  Time will tell, but this could be a great place to hang. Worth a visit while in Las Vegas.  Full bar, great time.   (Topless with Alcohol)
Deja Vu Showgirls
Rated "6"

If you are into total nude, this could be your next home.  Deja Vu Showgirls is the sister club to Little Darlings.  Young, attractive and naked is the order of the day at Deja Vu Showgirls. (Nude, no Alcohol)
Glitter Gulch
Rated "6"
The Girls of Glitter Gulch is a favorite of visitors to downtown Las Vegas.  Situated in the heart of sin city, Glitter Gulch may not be the biggest but you certainly can have fun.   (Topless with Alcohol)
Larry's Villa
Rated "5"
Larry's Villa is one of the oldest topless clubs / clubs in Las Vegas.  This 24-hour tradition may be located a little far from the Strip, but it does have an interesting flavor all its own.   (Topless with Alcohol)
Rated "5"
The Library might be a distant drive for most people because of its distance from the Las Vegas Strip.  However, it might be worth the drive.  (Topless with Alcohol)
Little Darlings
Rated "6"
So you want to see naked women, this is your place.  Sister club to Deja Vu Showgirls, this 24-hour non stop entertainment hot spot is sure to please all ages.   (Nude, no Alcohol)
Men's Club
Rated "5"
Opened now for the second time, maybe it will do better than the previous operator.  Now called the Badda-Bing. Built similar to a Las Vegas Strip casino restaurant, this club offers topless females and food.  (Topless with Alcohol)
Olympic Garden
Rated "7"
An good topless club in Nevada.  It is large, and open 24-hours with some good looking women.  Topless, full alcohol and slot machines.   (Topless with Alcohol)
Palomino Club
Rated "5"
A legend that may have seen better days.  At one time, this was the king of the hill, today it still has some great looking ladies, but competition and time has not helped their glamour.   Full bar.  (Total Nude with Alcohol)
Rated "4"
Club Platinum may be small but has everything, topless girls, full alcohol and slot machines.  A nice neighborhood hang out -- 25+ years  a topless club in the same location in Las Vegas.  Formerly the Tender Trap.  (Topless with Alcohol)
Play It Again, Sam
Rated "5"
Once a restaurant, converted to a topless club with alcohol. Food and drinks are fine, but the gorgeous women are not in quantity. Currently going through a remodeling, we hope it becomes a little larger.  (Topless with Alcohol)
Rated "0"
Do not waste your time. What a joke.  One of the owners son, which by the way his father is the minority owner is trying to impress his useless power.  Do not try to talk to females at this building the owners son thinks he is in charge and has his friends remove you.  Save you money, this is not a fun place.  There are dozens of places more fun to spend you hard earned money.... try the likes of Rhino or any other place other than this BS place. If you think this is fun, then you need to reevaluate your life, this is nothing more than a place to pay $9.00+ for a short bottle of water or $12 for a Coors, get a grip, this is nothing more than a place to cost visitors a fortune.  (Topless with Alcohol)
Sheri's Caberet
Rated "3"
For those who want to see it all, Sheri's Caberet will be for you.  Sister club to Seamless, Sheri's is total nude without alcohol.   (Nude, no Alcohol)
Rated "6"
If you are claustrophobia then you have no worries at this spacious and fun adult hot spot.  A sister adult club to Scores, the fun continues 24-hours a day.   (Topless with Alcohol)
Spearmint Rhino
Rated "9"
Without a doubt, the leader in the topless world of Las Vegas.  This club is open 24/7 and it has the largest quantity of gorgeous girls in the city.  You may be familiar with the name, they have locations throughout the world.  (Topless with Alcohol)
Rated "7"
Over the years the management has done a great job of turning a bad property into a classy place.  They also have a sister club, Cover Girls.  Treasures offers a find dinning along with a two stories of fun.  (Topless with Alcohol)

Alternative Lifestyle Nightclubs - Bars

Prana This is not my cup of tea, however, I hear this is one of the best Alternative clubs in Las Vegas.
8 1/2 Again, not my cup of tea, however, I hear this is a great cross dressing alternative crowd.

Male Review Clubs **

Olympic Garden
Besides being a stellar topless club, Olympic Garden has a great Male Review program upstairs.  Good looking guys, some of them are even straight.
Men of Sapphires

Besides being the largest topless club in the world,

This club gives a whole new meaning to letting it all hang out.  For those of you that like nudity, this is your place.  Whether you want to see nude women or nude men, Palomino has it all going on.  Women only for the man nude show.  


** Topless and Total Nude - Strip Club Etiquette

Las Vegas is the capital for marriages, entertainment, conventions and yes adult entertainment is abundant in the 24-hour city. To enjoy your Las Vegas Adult Club experience better we have assembled a few pointers that will come in handy. Remember, we design these suggestions to give you the maximum entertainment value without getting into trouble. In some cases, the items mentioned below are highly enforced by Las Vegas Metro Police Department or the equivalent.

Dress Code - General Appearance:
As the Strip Clubs become larger and more prominent the dress code becomes more enforced. The old days of cut offs, tennis shoes and a torn T-shirt just do not get you in the door today. Most quality places want you to have a shirt with a collar and it should be tucked in. Shorts are generally a no-no. Lets face the facts. Some of these clubs cost more than 10 million dollars to build so the odds of them wanting a trailer trash look for clientele are between slim and none. Did you ever wonder why some people have trouble getting in the door and others seem to walk up and get right in? If you want the least amount of hassles at the front door then it is time to check your appearance.

Cover Charge - Door Charge to Enter:
These clubs pay the taxi and limousine drivers to bring people to their club, therefore if you arrive in one of these forms of transportation get prepared to pay a hefty entrance fee. If you are traveling in a large group, we suggest selecting a spokesperson for your group and ask the doorperson if he will cut some slack on the entrance charges. Again, if you arrive in a taxi or limo, forget it, you are going to pay. Most clubs cost between $10 and $40 per person to get in and drinks are separate.  For those of you who got smart and bought one of our Las Vegas Membership Discount Cards, many of the clubs will allow you and a guest in free, every day for one year.  Click here for more details

Bring Cash - Tipping is Expected:
The females that work in most of the clubs actually pay to work there and they exist on tips only. So, do not expect the dances to camp out at your table without some compensation. Depending on the time of year and what convention or holiday is going on, the dancers pay between $20 and $95 per night to work. If you like to sit at a stage, get ready to pay for that privilege - you are not watching a movie, these are hard-working people that want and expect to get paid for their performance. The rule of them for how much money to bring to a Strip Club is no different from a normal night you plan on going out. If you are going to make an entire night of it, bring twice what you normally spend per hour on drinks (drinks range in price from $5 - $13 per). The average lap dance costs $20 and some go as high as $40 per song. Do the math, bring enough money or stay home. Bringing $21.21 when it costs $20 for a dance is not going to make for a fun evening.

Now the Most Important Rule - Hands Off the Dancers!
This is not the movies and what you saw on television are not exactly the facts that the Las Vegas Metro Police Department enforces. These people are called dancers because that is what they get paid for, they are not selling physical sex. Contrary to believe, PROSTITUTION is 100% illegal in Las Vegas and propositioning dancers will get you either arrested or face to face with an enormous bouncer who is more than happy to explain your error physically. Hookers / Prostitution is legal in the next county, but take the hour drive to Pahrumph and enjoy that form of entertainment, Strip Clubs are for viewing not for a contact sport.

I would like to hear your feedback.  Any business you feel should be listed above please let me know, I am open to suggestions.
Richard Reed


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