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Marriage Rules of Nevada

The ten rules listed below must be followed in order to wed in the great state of Nevada. Since Las Vegas, Nevada is the wedding capital of the world, the staff at Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas thought you should know the rules before you arrive. Please note:  Besides the 10 Rules of Marriage we have included several other helpful pieces of information to make your marriage go smoother.  If you have further questions after you have read ALL the following information please contact us by email and we will try to help you.

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The 10 Marriage Rules of Nevada

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1. No Blood Tests

2. No Waiting Period

3. Marriage License Fee $55 (Cash Only).  In order to have a legal marriage, a ceremony must be performed in the State of Nevada within one year from date of issuance of the marriage license by any person licensed or authorized to perform ceremonies in Nevada.

4. Both Parties must be present at the Marriage License Bureau, 201 Clark Avenue, Las Vegas NV  89155-1603, hours open daily 8a to midnight, including holidays  Phone: 702-671-0600

5. Courthouse hours: Monday - Thursday, 8:00 a.m. - Midnight and Friday 8 a.m. - Continuous until Sunday Midnight. Holidays Open 24 hours.  Hours for civil marriages are 8a-10p daily, including weekends and holidays.

6. Adults 18 and older do not need consent, proof of age is required

7. Persons 16-17 years old must have either parent present at the time license is issued or a notarized affidavit

8. Persons under age 16 must have either parent consent and authorization from Nevada District Court

9. One witness other than the individual performing the ceremony is required

10. If Previously divorced, marriage applicants are required to know the Month/Day/Year/City and State of their divorce. The divorce must be final and filed with the courts in the state or country granted. You are not required to bring the divorce decree.

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Additional General Information

1.  International Residents, non USA. The rules for non USA resident adults getting married in Las Vegas are the same. Some countries want a certified copy of the marriage certificate and an Apostille from the Nevada Secretary of State to finalize the marriage in your country.
Secretary of State
Capital Complex
Carson City, NV 89710
800-992-0900 ext. 5708  or   775-684-5708
(It is suggested that non U.S. citizens check with your local officials for special documents that may be needed to ensure that your marriage will be recognized in your country.)

2. To receive certified copies only or information about your Nevada marriage certificate, please direct your requests to:
Clark County Recorder
P.O. Box 551510
Las Vegas, Nevada 89155-1510
(702) 455-4336
You must include the Name of Groom, Maiden name of Bride, Date of Marriage, Application number if known, Your return mailing address and $10.00 check or Money Order (in U. S. dollars through a U.S. bank.

Obtaining the certified copy of a Nevada marriage license from previous years, the following information is needed. The name of the groom, maiden name of the bride, date of the marriage, certificate number (if known) and a return address where the certificate should be mailed. If the year of the marriage is not known, an additional fee of $5.00 is applied for the past five years search, after search of the previous five years, another fee of $1.00 per year for searching complete marriage index will be needed. Certified copies of your Marriage "License" may be purchased at the time of issuance of the Marriage License, or you may mail your request and fees at a later date.

3.  Identification: The following may be used for identification:
*  Driver's License or State-issued I.D. card.
*  Original or Certified copy of Birth Certificate.
*  Foreign Birth Certificate must be translated into English and notarized.
*  Passport.
*  Military Identification.
*  Resident alien card.
(All documents presented must be translated into English.)

An original or certified copy of one of the following forms of identification will be required effective Jan 1, 2008:

    * Driver's License, Instruction Permit, or identification card issued by
      this State or another state
    * Passport
    * Birth Certificate and a secondary form of identification that contains
      the name of the applicant
    * Military Identification Card or Military Dependant Identification Card
    * Certificate of Citizenship, Certificate of Naturalization, Permanent
      Resident Card or Temporary Resident Card

Pursuant to NRS 122.050, the marriage license must contain the name of each applicant as shown in the identification documents presented.  

The County Clerk may request that foreign birth certificates be translated into English and notarized.

4.  Social Security Numbers are required on marriage licenses. Please know your Social Security Number. Those without knowledge of their Social Security Number may be refused a marriage license. It is recognized that non U.S. citizens will not have a Social Security Number.

5. Interracial marriages are permitted in the State of Nevada

6. Marriages are between one male and one female only in the State of Nevada and not nearer of kin than second cousins or cousins of half blood, and not having a husband or wife living.

7. Marriage applicants who are have been previously married, their spouse must be non living or refer to #10 above to be qualified for a new marriage in the State of Nevada.

8. Marriages in Las Vegas are recognized worldwide, but marriage does not constitute citizenship.

9. Commissioner of Civil Marriages is located at 136 South 4th Street, one block from the Marriage License Bureau.

10. Marriage License Statistics, from 1985 to date.

11. Information on obtaining a Minister License or Application.

12. Renewal of Marriage Vows:  The Marriage License Bureau is prohibited from issuing a new Marriage License to couples that are currently married. Couples may renew their wedding vows at a church or wedding chapel. Churches or chapels may require you to bring a copy of your Marriage Certificate for proof of marriage before performing the renewal ceremony.

13. Clark County Recorder records the marriage certificate which is proof that a marriage ceremony was performed in Clark County, NV ( Las Vegas).  The marriage official who performs the ceremony has ten days to submit the marriage certificate to this office for recording.  Normally a certified copy of the certificate would be available one day after the certificate has been received from the official.

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The above items are the rules to be married in Nevada, we suggest you take a moment and make sure you fulfill all the rules and requirements.  The 10 marriage rules for being married in Nevada plus the addition items of interest are the law and they are not flexible.

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