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Video Poker
Video Poker on the surface may be an innocent game, but in reality if you are not a skilled player sometimes it can be very costly.  An average player can play a new game in less than 8-seconds, which computes to more than 450 games per hour. Advanced players can average more than 600 games per hour.  Considering the payoff of most casino video slot machines throughout southern Nevada range from 80%-99% payouts, it does not take long to lose large sums of money.

Yes there are machines advertised that pay 100% return or more, BUT this is calculated on "perfect play" every game.  Odd, the machine plays the perfect game — not the human player.

When Video Players talk about machines, they usually refer to the payoffs on the Full House and Flush winning hands.  These two winning hands’ payoffs range from 10/7 machine, 9/6 machine, 8/6 machine, 7/5 machines and other combinations. What these numbers represents are the payoff returns on winning hands times your bet.  Video Poker machines have many varieties and variations throughout each casino.  Some have progressive jackpots, and others vary on whether they pay more for two pairs, etc.

Without using thousands of mathematical computations of all the various machines, payoffs and variances, they have written hundreds of books on this subject.  This is a basis overview to help novice and average players obtain a better view of the game.  Since there are 2,598,960 possible five card poker hands, it is easy to see why it would be impossible to give all possibilities and results.

Speaking of odds, many casinos offer a bonus for anyone hitting a Royal Flush in sequential order, in either direction.  The odds of hitting a sequential Royal Flush is 1 in 77,968,800, for in any suit.  If you want a specific suit, the odds are 1 in 311,875,200.

For you Deuces Wild Video Poker players, here are few odds to remember.  The odds of getting four Deuces happens once in every 4,900 hands.  The odds of getting a Royal Flush, with no Deuces, is one in 46,000.  And, the odds of getting a Royal Flush with the aid of at least one Deuce is one in every 650 games. 

The following information represents just one type of machine and the basic odds of winning playing a 9/6 machine with a standard 800 times coins played Royal Flush’s jackpot.  Good Luck and remember gamblers can play this innocent looking electronic game for pennies or as much as $300.00 per game. (In some highrollers pits in Vegas there are $500 video poker machines.)  Using the average players’ skills, playing $300.00 per game computes to betting more than $135.000.00 per hour!  This calculation does not take into consideration that every time a payout is more than $1200.00 the game is stopped and IRS paperwork is filled out.  


9/6 Payoff with 800 Royal Flush Payoff
Video Poker Machine

Winning Hands Payoff per coin Probability Return
Royal Flush 800 0.000025 0.019807
Straight Flush 50 0.000109 0.005467
Four of a Kind 25 0.002363 0.059064
Full House 9 0.011512 0.103610
Flush 6 0.011014 0.066087
Straight 4 0.011230 0.044919
Three of a Kind 3 0.074449 0.223346
Two Pairs 2 0.129279 0.258558
Pair Jacks or Better 1 0.214585 0.214585
  0.454566 0.995441


Following information represents combinations of Video Poker hands dealt with the expected payoff return in the parenthesis, per coin bet. These numbers are rough guidelines. To be exact, this chart would be several thousand entries long based on all combinations of discards.

To better understand the following information certain terminology has been used that may not be common to some gamblers.  The word "Pat" hand refers to the first five cards dealt.  An "Outside Straight"  is four cards in consecutive order open on both ends to make a straight.  An "Inside Straight" is four cards missing an inside card to complete a five card straight.

Pat Royal Flush (800.0000)
Pat Straight Flush (50.0000)
Pat Four of a Kind (25.0000)
4 to a Royal Flush (18.4894)
Pat Full House (9.0000)
Pat Flush (6.0000)
Pat Straight (4.0000)
4 to a Straight Flush (3.5319)
High Pair (1.5365)
3 to a Royal Flush (1.4995)
4 to a Flush (1.2766)
4 to an Outside Straight with 3 High Cards (0.8723)
Low Pair (0.8237)
4 to an Outside Straight with 2 High Cards (0.8085)
4 to an Outside Straight with 1 High Cards (0.7447)
3 to a Straight Flush, Spread 3, 1 High Cards (0.7354)
4 to an Outside Straight with 0 High Cards (0.6809)
3 to a Straight Flush, Spread 4, 1 High Card (0.6392)
3 to a Straight Flush, Spread 3, 0 High Cards (0.6207)
2 Suited High Cards, Queen Highest (0.6004)
4 to an Inside Straight, 4 High Cards (0.5957)
2 Suited High Cards, King Highest (0.5821)
2 Suited High Cards, Ace Highest (0.5678)
3 to a Straight Flush, Spread 5, 1 High Card (0.5430)
4 to an Inside Straight, 3 High Cards (0.5319)
3 to a Straight Flush, Spread 4, 0 High Cards (0.5245)
2 Unsuited High Cards Queen Highest (0.4980)
2 to a Royal Flush, 10 and Jack (0.4968)
2 Unsuited High Cards King Highest (0.4862)
2 Unsuited High Cards Ace Highest (0.4743)
4 to an Inside Straight, 2 High Cards (0.4681)
2 to a Royal Flush, 10 and Queen (0.4619)
Jack Only (0.4584)
3 Unsuited High Cards Ace Highest (0.4561)
Queen Only (0.4544)
Ace Only (0.4514)
2 to a Royal Flush, 10 and King (0.4476)
King Only (0.4471)
2 to a Royal Flush, 10 and Ace (0.4500)
3 to a Straight Flush, Spread 5, 0 High Cards (0.4431)
4 to an Inside Straight, 1 High Card (0.4043)
Nothing, Discard Everything (0.3597)
4 to an Inside Straight, 0 High Cards (0.3404)


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