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Two hands dealt containing two cards each. The object is to obtain a card count of nine, face cards counting zero. Under certain circumstances, explained below, one additional card may be drawn. The players at the table have the option before cards dealt to bet which hand (player or banker) will win or if a tie occurs.

Although Baccarat has vast sums of money involved in many casinos, they sometimes call the game complacent or boring. Especially boring is Mini-baccarat, which is a fast paced game that involves NO skill. Face cards and tens count zero, remaining cards count as face value, if totally more than 10, drop the first digit to remain a single number. Card suit has nothing to do with this game. For example, if a hand dealt contained two eights, the card count would be 6, not 16 because any number 10 or larger they remove the first digit.

We play baccarat from a shoe containing eight decks of cards. The game starts with the players at the table wagering on either the "Player" hand or the "Banker" hand and/or a tie. The terms "Player" and "Banker" refer to the option of betting which hand, not a particular player at the table. Despite number of human players at the table, they deal only two hands per game.

Whether playing Baccarat or Mini-Baccarat, the rules are the same, the only difference is they play the game faster in Mini-Baccarat and the players at the table do not touch the cards. They play baccarat on a larger table, nearly the same size as a crap table and the players are physically involved in the game. Usually, most casinos have special areas for their baccarat games because of the high limit betting.

The Game:
Upon dealing the two hands, they would call either hand containing a number count of 9, the game is over, this a natural nine. According to the chart provided, depending on what your card count is, determines whether you can draw another card or stand. Ties do occur and you can bet on this infrequent occurrence. When the "Player" or "Banker" receives a hand totaling 8 or 9 they must stand.

"Players" hand is played first, and must draw a third card if the hand totals 5 or less, otherwise the "Players" hand stands. Once the "Players" hand stands, it is the "Bankers" hand to play. If the "Players" hand draws a third card, the "Banker" hand is determined from the chart provided. If the "Player" hand stands on the original two cards, the "Banker" hand must draw a third card if the hand totals 5 or less. The chart provided shows when the "Banker" hand hits/draws (H) or stands (S).


Banker Player
9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
7 S S S S S S S S S S
6 S S H H S S S S S S
5 S S H H H H S S S S
4 S S H H H H H H S S
3 H S H H H H H H H H
2 H H H H H H H H H H
1 H H H H H H H H H H
0 H H H H H H H H H H


Rules and house advantage are the same in Baccarat as Mini-Baccarat. In Baccarat they will move the “Banker” hand around the table in the same manner as they control the dice in a crap game. As long as the person controlling the shoe as the “Banker” retains the shoe if the “Banker” hand wins.

Upon “Banker” hand losing, the shoe moves around the table clockwise. If a player does not want to deal, they may pass the shoe to the next player. In Baccarat, once the bets are placed, the player selected as the dealer (Bankers hand) removes four cards, one at a time, from the show and gives the “Player” and “Dealer” hand two cards each. They deal these cards face down. Just like the game of craps, just because you are dealing the cards from the shoe does not mean you have to bet on the “Banker” hand winning. You can play the “Bankers” hand and have bet on the “Player’s” hand or tie. The “Bankers” two cards are placed under the edge of the shoe face down until the “Players” hand has been determined. Once the “Players” hand has been determined, they move these cards, usually by a casino dealer, to the center of the table and turned face up. The “Banker” hand is then turned face up and moved to the center of the table. At this time, a casino dealers will announce the totals of both hands, and depending on the totals the casino dealer may then instruct the person dealing the cards to deal a third card. Game is now over, winners get paid, losers get more money.

If any players at the table bet on the “Banker” hand and it won, they are also obligated to pay a small premium from their winnings, usually 2-5% depending on your play and how much money you have. Wealth does have its privileges.


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