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Fishing Records - Nevada*
Beyond the world famous casinos and the Las Vegas entertainment, many people enjoy the world class fishing found in Nevada. Below are the current records for various fish taken within Nevada.  These fishing records are hard to be broken, will you be next?  

Species Angler Weight
pds . oz
Location Date
Bass, Largemouth Michael Geary 12.0 26.0 Lake Mead 1999
Bass, Smallmouth Steven Loveridge 6.4 20.25 South Fork Reservoir 2002
Bass, Spotted Dustin Osborn 4.2 19.25 Rye Patch Reservoir 2000
Bass, Striped Allan Cole 63.0 49.0 Lake Mohave 2001
Bass, White Greg Ackerman 4.0 19.0 Lahontan Reservoir 1984
Carp Jason Cleary 32.5 36.75 Truckee River 2002
Catfish, Bullhead Steven K. Bowman 3.5 16.25 Clover Creek 1990
Catfish, Channel Harry Stephens 31.1 40.5 Lahontan Reservoir 1980
Catfish, White Jean Bianchi 16.15 31.5 Humboldt River 1982
Crappie, Black Henry Herman 3.2 16.1 Lake Mead 1976
Crappie, White Paul Trujillo 2.13 16.0 Weber Reservoir 2000
Grayling, Arctic George Delich 0 15 13.75 Desert Creek 1978
Muskie, Tiger Jason Edgar 17.10 39.75 Barth Pit 2002
Perch, Sacramento John Battcher 4.9 17.0 Pyramid Lake 1971
Perch, Yellow Warren Goodale 1.8 13.3 Dufurrena Pond 1987
Pike, Northern Kelly Malaperdas 27.0 44.0 Comins Lake 1978
Salmon, Kokanee  Dick Bournique 4.13 25.7 Laek Tahoe 1973
Salmon, Silver  William Musso 8.12 28.5 Lake Mead 1974
Salmon, Silver  Charles W. Caskey 8.12 30.3 Lake Mead 1974
Sunfish, Bluegill  Shane Goodale 2.1 11.88 Dufurrena Ponds 1998
Sunfish, Green  Joe Burgess 1.6 12.5 Tule Springs Lake 1992
Sunfish, Redear  Larry Cross 1.8 13.0 Colorado River 1999
Trout, Brook  Richard Baker 5.10 22.8 Bull Run Reservoir 1980
Trout, Brown  Dennis Mangum 27.5 33.0 Cave Lake 1984
Trout, Bull  Rex Shelbourne 4.6 22.0 Jarbridge River 1985
Trout, Cutthroat  Ben Barlow 23.8 38.0 Pyramid Lake 1977
Trout, Golden  Don Capps .15 14.5 Hidden Lakes 1969
Trout, Mackinaw  Robert Aronsen 37.6 44.0 Lake Tahoe 1974
Trout, Rainbow  Mike Soskin 16.4 31.5 Lake Mohave 1971
Trout, Rainbow Hybrid  Lloyd Lowery 24.10 36.0 Pyramid Lake 1976
Trout, Tiger  Brian Howard 13.13 28.75 Ruby Lake 1998
Walleye Billy Foster 15.4 33.0 Lahontan Reservoir 1998
Whitefish, Mountain Maurice Kiplan 2.14 16.25 Walker River 1999
Whitefish, Mountain Darren Hamrey 2.14 18.25 Walker River 2002
Wiper, Bass Hybrid Dan Hannum 17.13 32.25 Lahontan Reservoir 2003

Anyone with official updates to the above list - please
email us today.   Thanks!

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* NOTE:  These records are as officially recorded in the Nevada Department of Wildlife records as established from the year 1968 and the first year of the Nevada Trophy Fish Program.  These records include fish taken in interstate waters including Lake Tahoe, Topaz Lake, Lake Mead, Lake Mohave and the Colorado River.  It is recognized that some species of fish of larger size have been caught from Nevada waters prior to 1968.  The recognized world record Cutthroat Trout of 41 pounds was caught from Pyramid Lake in 1925.

So You Think You Caught A Trophy Fish

The Trophy Fish form is a PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat
Reader to open PDF files. Download Acrobat Reader for free by
clicking on the logo and following the instructions.


Each entry which meets the minimum qualifications will receive a Trophy Fish Certificate. The largest entry of the year for each species will receive a Record Nevada Fish Certificate. Trophy Fish Plaques will be awarded to those entries which establish a new record fish for Nevada.

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