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August 1999 Article

Exclusively Found in the Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas

"You're Right Again!"
By:  Dick Feeney

Simply music to your ears that stirs the soul every time we hear this, especially when it comes from your teenage child. This was the heading of an email I received from my seventeen-year-old son and the almost entertainment story behind it.

Like most parents I had certain ideas as to what skills and talents my child should learn to best serve him as he grew up. Of course they followed along the lines of the ones I learned and grew to love. So before we played our first game of catch, basketball or tennis, I bought him a shiny silver trumpet (when he was only six months old). I stashed it away for a few years but soon, very soon (at about the age of three) we started breaking it out and creating some marvelous duets together, me playing my horn and him sort of singing through his. There were also incredible virtuoso vocal performances every time we got in the car for a drive. 

Encouraged by his enthusiasm next came a piano and just like his dad before him, his musical career seemed on it's way.

Then something happens that happens to so many kids, SCHOOL! and that subtle little thing called peer pressure. Suddenly all sorts of things become un-cool, especially artistic pursuits or any music that isn't the latest incarnation of FM radio pop-slop. Sports are in and band, ballet, book clubs and pants that actually fit your waist and cover your butt crack are out.

Oh I tried like other parents to pass on some enlightenment to my son. Explaining that it might not seem cool right now and actually practicing was a drag, but it would pay off later. After a few school lessons he gave up the horn. A few years later he told me some of his friends were starting to learn guitar. This of course around the age of thirteen becomes a cool instrument ever since the dawning of the Beatles craze in 1964.

Not surprised at all being the insightful, worldly, soothsayer I am, I seized the moment to explain to him that in a few short years

his friends would actually learn a few cords, grow pubic hair and loose some of their adolescent stage fright. 

Then they would be onstage being idolized by all those adoring teenage girls who wouldn't give them the time of day before. Since I of course had first hand knowledge and wanted my son to reap the benefits I explained how it was always the singer who really got the girls, not the band guys. Naturally this is why as I got older I played less and less horn and sang more and more FM pop-slop ballads. 

Having a recording studio and helping dozens of people learn to sing, I thought maybe this was the right time, the iron was hot, he'd seen the light, and I could actually pass along a special skill he'd enjoy his whole life. But I was wrong until this little miracle came via the information superhighway. I guess it's about time you read his email:

"You're right again"

I remember one time we were driving in your car and you said to me "One day you're going to come to me and say 'Dad, make me a singer'." Well, today me and Bud and James played at James' house, him on drums, Bud on guitar, and I ATTEMPTED to sing, but I failed miserably. Since you know all about this stuff, I'm wondering if you know of any books or tapes or anything that might make me a rock star:)]

Now read it again but pretend it came from your teenager and substitute for the word "singing" - ballet, tennis, painting, violin, karate, acting, swim class, riding or anything else you wanted your child to learn but wasn't cool at the time or that age.

Simply music to your ears, huh?

Thanks Christopher for such a magnificent literary work of art and permission to print it. IVLV


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