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GOOD Las Vegas Experiences - Year 1999

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(Testimonials - See Experiences with Insider Viewpoint)

1999 Good Experiences

Hi to all visitors. I live in Vegas, have for 24 years. If you have a good time here, good for you. I read about the unpleasant experiences. What can I say? I have traveled all over and experience bad rooms, service, etc. in many places. As for the sex porno handouts on the Strip, believe me, no one hates these parasites more than the locals. Many efforts have been tried to regulate them, but they always come back under First Amendment rights. The city and county have spent a lot of effort and time trying to get these scumbags off the Strip, but no plan seems to work. It offends us as much as you. Have fun in town, and get out and around and see Vegas away from the Strip. The town has much to offer off the Strip plus on the Strip.   Desertgal.

Mr. Reed, it was a pleasure meeting you.  Thanks for a fun evening, we appreciate letting us travel around the city with you, we could never have seen or gotten into all the clubs and places you took us without your help.  It is fabulous to know that a real person has such a command of the 24-hour city and is so well liked everywhere we went.  I hope on our next trip you will have a few hours to spend time again.  Mr. & Mrs. Robert Donaldson and friends 

Just returned and had a fantastic time using all the discounts and coupons from your newsletter.  Especially liked Patsy Cline Show at Gold Coast, Viva Las Vegas and others.  Thanks, my husband and his parents loved our trip.  Lucy Anderson

Hi!  I was just married 2 weeks ago, and my husband and I went to Las Vegas for our honeymoon. We had an absolute blast! Before the trip, I had printed up a bunch of info off the Net. One of those items was your list of "Favorite Restaurants". Well, while visiting the downtown area in Las Vegas (after catching the Freemont Street Experience), we went for dinner at "Hugo's Cellar" in the Four Queens Hotel, and you were right, it was amazing!  I also said "Hi" to the hostess for you (Richard Reed), and she knew exactly who you were and really appreciated it. So thanks for the tip! Las Vegas was a great trip, and we'll definitely go back one day!  Julie Ambrose

We just returned from our 8 day trip to Las Vegas. We stayed at the Imperial Palace. I was real concerned about that after reading allot of negative reports. I would stay there again. It was neat and clean and the employees there were very helpful and friendly. The shower heads were no lower than the one at home. If you are looking for extravagance stay at the Bellagio or Venetian. If you are looking for cleanliness, neatness, and hospitality the Imperial Palace is the one.  We also went to see the Crazy Girls at the Riviera. I would not spend the money to see this again. Our trip was very nice and I would stay again at the Imperial Palace. The Mattes

Best Las Vegas magazine and now the best web site also, I have been coming to Las Vegas for 33 years and you have created the best tools for the tourist.  I use your information almost every day in my travel business as well as my personal life.  Thanks for all the hard work. Mr. Bill Cohen , NY,

Just returned from Las Vegas and you magazine and web site was perfect.  I saved a bundle.  The coupons to the show were great and we really enjoyed the shows! Robecca Towns,  SF CA

Enjoyed the Broadway Cabaret Show, what a surprise to find that kind of quality in Las Vegas.  And when you consider the discount coupon the price was a real bargain.  We also enjoyed the Viva Las Vegas show.  You made our reunion the best ever.  Our party of 22 really had a great time following your invaluable information..   Janet Twist - Denver, CO

We have been to Las Vegas almost every month for the past five years.  We found your magazine and web site last year and we have really made the best of our trips now.  Your accurate information was a real pleasure.  Keep up the good work.. Carl Bowers - CA

Every time we go to Las Vegas your magazine and web site saves us real money.    Tom Bond - Akron, Ohio

My husband and I stayed at The Orleans and it was great.   We used you discount coupons for the shows and we could not believe that they treated us like kings.  Sometimes you hear about discounts and think the service may also be discounted, well we were pleasantly surprised with all the casinos taking your coupons.  No hesitations, no bad seats, you are a savior to the Las Vegas visitor!. Alice & Tom   - Ohio

My recent trip to Las Vegas, first time in ten years, I saw on your web site where I could pick up one of your magazines and WOW what a difference that made in my trip.  Fast, accurate information was heaven.  Thanks I will be back before another ten years now that I have your magazine.  Edith Trevor - IL

The Viva Las Vegas show was a marvelous show.  All we could think about was whether or not to go, how good could a free show be?  We were so wrong in our thinking.  There was a party of 11 people with us and everyone had the best time.  The ages ranged from 8 to 71 and the show was perfect.  Thanks again for the free tickets and all the information.  Robert Sawyer - NJ

Dear Mr. Reed, to say we used your magazine and web site to plan our trip would be a huge under statement.  Every day it seemed we looked at a different part of your web site and helped plan our vacation.  When we got your magazine and the web site together we were extremely equipped to make the proper decisions on what to see and where to go.  Well, after 15 years of coming to Las Vegas, this trip with the help of your web site and the Insider Viewpoint Magazine was the best trip we have ever taken!   Thomas and family - FL.

The Patsy Cline show was so authentic it was scary.  I should know, I had the pleasure of seeing Patsy Cline perform about 36+ years ago.   The Jordanaires were outstanding.  Tess -   Nashville, Tennessee

During our five day stay in Las Vegas, the 34 of us had the most outstanding time we could have ever had.  The show tickets, the rental car discounts, the specials and deals offered in your magazine and newsletter saved us a ton of money.  God Bless!  I wish we could ever help you as much as you help our convention.. Margaret  - Winnipeg,   Canada

The Broadway Cabaret show was great.  My wife and the other convention friends convinced me to go along with them to the show.  Wow, was I glad they did.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and so did everyone in the group.  I never dreamed I would like anything to do with Broadway, but this was a really interesting show that entertained you every minute.  I will recommend it to every person going to Las Vegas.  Michael - Tulsa Oklahoma Michael - Tulsa Oklahoma

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