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GOOD Las Vegas Experiences - Year 2009

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smileYour GOOD Las Vegas Experiences! Las Vegas Experiences

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Las Vegas Experiences
(Testimonials - See Experiences with Insider Viewpoint)

Year 2009 Good Experiences

Thank you for creating such a wonder site that has everything.  Over the past six years my family has used your web site and not only got excellent up to date information but saved a small fortune.  I wanted to take a moment and write to thank the owners and the employees that must spend untold hours per day delivering clear and concise information.  The Peterson Family.

When I was in the Air Force stationed at Nellis everyone on the base used your web site for information.  Now that I live in Florida and I find myself looking at your site even more.  It brings back good memories.  Thank you for your continued work in providing an unbias web site.  D Sutherland

On my most recent trip to Vegas from Australia I had the pleasure of using your web site and saving money.  In todays economy money is important and i really enjoyed saving money on discount show tickets, and how to navigate around the city without problems using your web pages.  Larry Williams  Australia

Last week my friends and I attended a bachelor party in Vegas.  There was 22 of us and because I have used your site for many years I spent a few minutes reading your reviews on places to go and not go.  THANKS for the great info.  Our group split into two parties, and my group followed your advise and had a great time.  The other group went to one of the places you do not recommend and not only did they spend more than twice what our group did, they got thrown out at the end of the night.  You were 100% right about clubs in Vegas.  Thanks for making our groups trip to vegas the best ever.   Bob M   Los Angeles, CA

My family came along on a convention weekend trip I had to attend.  I was not sure what a family was to do to keep busy in Las Vegas.  I used your site for the third time and there was a huge list of things a family could do.  You guys were a life savor.  Keep up the great work. Ryan Dillon

Your details and listings of upcoming events in your Street Facts section has been perfect.  You are right, anyone can report what happened yesterday, but your web site told me what to expect and where the happenings were going to be in the future.  My last trip to vegas was the best I ever had.  Thks. Jimmy L.  New York

I noticed on your web site you talked about half price show tickets and this past weekend when my wife and I went to vegas with my boss and his wife we decided to try your service.  The wives before we left home had decided what shows to see on what nights.  My wife and I bough the tickets from your half price shows web site that you recommended and and boss and his wife paid full price when they arrived in vegas.  The reason that i am writing this letter is to thank you for my promotion.  My boss told me that if I was shrewed enough to find show tickets at half price, then he wanted me to move up even higher in his company.  I never would have though saving money could get me a better job.  My wife Linda and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our heats.    Jim and Linda H.  Pittsburgh PA 

Wow.  What a great web site.  Easy to use, fast loading pages and you gave me the right info so that I could get a job in las vegas.  Great work, thanks again.   Roger Smith, FL

Your web site this year alone has saved me more than $1,000.  Even I had a hard time believing a savings of that much but my wife and I keep good records and you were right with every recommendation.  Good to see a quality web site that helps people without hidden costs, gimmicks or a hassle to use. Your most loyal readers.  Martan Vickers 

Great web site, keep up the excellent work.   Ginger A.  TX

This is the second time in my life I wrote a letter of appreciation for services above and beyond the call.  Your web site, insider viewpoint of las vegas is perfect.  It has been a quick reference guide, a place to get current information, see what is happening in the future and saves me money.  Thank you.  Jessie Hernandez

I could not believe how big your city guide is and how much time it has saved me.  I like to research a city before my family visits and you had it all.  Best of all, you saved my family a whale of money.  Appreciate the fine work.  Vickie S   Illinois

I subscribe to your free newsletter and it is been a life saver.  Recently I used your recommendation and bought tickets from  That was excellent.  It took me a couple minutes online, bought 7 show tickets and saved over $250.  You really do a service to your visitors and the community.  D Russell

I have visited las vegas for the past 20 years.  Last week we stayed at a new hotel, Venetian.  I went to the conceirge desk and asked about a particular show I wanted to see at another casino.  The lady behind the desk suggested I used your web site for las vegas information.  I opened my lap top, searched your site and there on the front page was the show I wanted to see at 50% off.  Nothing could have been easier.  I booked the tickets, went to the show that night, showed them my confirmation number and they walked me into the show as if I was the biggest VIP customer.  I dont know how you do it, but keep up the outstanding service.   William S.  NJ

I recently found myself unemployed and used your site to find all the paperwork and proper places i needed to go in order to get a job in the casino.  You saved me a lot of time and hassle.  Thnks. David Johnson

Recently I visited you web site for the first time, my friend told me about you.  I do not use the internet very much so i thought i would take a few minutes and look over your web site.  I found myself intrigued with the mountain of information your web site offered, and all for free. I may become an internet user more often, if nothing else just to read your web site, I have become a las vegas authority.  Your newest best web site user.  Gloria D.  Miami Florida

I used your nightclub listings and your discount show tickets last month when I was in vegas.  I figured your web site saved me $159 and not to mention the great time i had using your suggestions.  My airfare was only $151, so i guess your web site gave me a free trip and I didnt even know it until I got home.  Stellar web site, keep up the fine work.  D Cohen  California

Yesterday I got back from Vegas and it was the best trip ever.  I spent over 7 hours looking through your site before I arrived.  I had booked my 50% off shows, reserved my late night activities in places you recommended and used the knowledge you offered in the newsletter to be part of a great party.  All in all, it was the best trip ever to Vegas and i spent the least amount on this trip than any other trip.  My girlfriend and I owe you a lot.  Leonard McPhillips

Two weeks ago I went to las vegas from London.  I used your site to plan out my entire las vegas stay.  It was excellent.  The time and effort your company has done to provide such a valuable tool for visitors from another country is outstanding.  My group bought 22 show tickets from your web site and saved over $700.  You are a service to all that live in or visit las vegas.  S. Dunkin   London

... Fast, easy to use and best of all your web site is accurate.  Not once did I find an error with your web site.  What a blessing it is to know someone cares about their work and provides quality information and products to the Internet readers.  JJ, Fort Myers Florida.



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