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GOOD Las Vegas Experiences - Year 2005

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smileYour GOOD Las Vegas Experiences! Las Vegas Experiences

Let the GOOD Times Begin!

Las Vegas Experiences
(Testimonials - See Experiences with Insider Viewpoint)

Year 2005 Good Experiences

Dear Sir, I just came from Las Vegas. All I want to say that I spend 21days At the Stratosphere hotel and so far this has been my best holiday. Everything was right first the weather was warm. Second the American people are the best, the hotel the food and gambling was Fantastic, thank you I will come again. God bless America.  Robert Grech

I was in Las Vegas in June for the first time, stayed at the stratosphere, meet my friend there that I hadn't seen since high school, that was 20 years that we hadn't seen each other, stayed for a week, had a ball.  Hopefully we can save up and my husband and I can go to Vegas on our anniversary, Las Vegas is awesome. Diane Iowa

Hi, Just returned the other day from our trip. Had a great time. Stayed at NYNY was fine. Used the ticket I won for Hypnolarious, was a very good show, lots of laughs. Also used the coupon for the Viva Las Vegas show, had a fun time there too, great comedians. Rode the monorail a lot, best deal the 10 rides for $20. Had a good trip, wish we could go back soon. Thanks for the freebies.  Renee Smigielski Buffalo, New York

We went to the Ellis island and we were really pleased with the people and the meal there. I am sure that it will be on our list of places to go next time we are in Vegas.  Thanks again.  Gordon Smith

I have to tell you that I LOVE your STREET FACTS in your newsletter....Was in Las Vegas in January and reading this sure steered me in the right direction about a lot of things....Keep up the good work........Thanks, Peggy in New Smyrna Beach, Fl

Bad experience gone good!  Last year, we made reservations for the Monte Carlo several months in advance. Arrived around 2 pm and were told our room wasn't ready, check back later. No problem -- it was early yet. But things went from bad to worse. Long story short... we were delayed repeatedly and then given 2 different room keys and went upstairs to find a dirty room both times.  But the story has a happy ending. Finally at 10 pm after being promised a room "in an hour" 2 or 3 times, and being given 2 dirty rooms, I had had it! We asked for a supervisor at the check in desk and told her our tale of woe. Within minutes we were installed in a $300+ spa suite (at our reservation price of $70 or so) and given a couple of buffet comps to boot. That 8 hours of hassle turned out to be worth every minute! In between trips to the check-in desk, we gambled, shopped, and ate so the time was not a total loss. And the room was a dream! The huge jacuzzi tub overlooking the strip was put to good use, and with a wet bar, surround sound stereo, and spacious sitting area we were able to host a "happy hour" party every evening in our room for the several other members of our party. We got turn-down service with a rose and chocolates on our pillow every night and had other extras such as bath items (bubble bath etc) that aren't given in the regular rooms. The moral of the story is -- COMPLAIN if things aren't right! This is the second time we've been upgraded to a very nice suite (the other time was several years ago at the Riviera) due to problems with our room. If you are having a problem -- speak up! You never know what your complaints will get you and you may just have your most memorable trip ever. We did!  We are going back to the Monte Carlo next week and are keeping our fingers crossed that our check-in is even worse this time around. :)  Becky from San Antonio 

I have been to Las Vegas many times. The people are all very friendly and helpful. I Love Las Vegas. No matter where you go on the strip or Freemont Street, I have never been afraid after dark. Lots of security. Absolutely love the light show on Freemont Street. Don't change a thing and congratulations on 100 years .   jandj

I really love your web site and the money it has saved me each year.  Please keep up the good work and maybe next time in town I can meet Mr. Reed and we can have a few drinks?  Marilyn S. 

I just have to say I loved reading all the bad experiences. What do the people want Vegas to do about their bad experience, pay off their mortgage? Give them everlasting life? Bring back their childhood pet? I wanted to input my two cents and say: Vacationers! Vegas is for adults. Vegas wants your money. Cocktail waitresses and hotel managers have bad days just like you and me. So quit your whining and drink something. You make your own happiness please don't depend on others to do it for you.  So to help your next vacation to Vegas, I have my own tips. Don't expect anything, in life or from Vegas, you will always be disappointed. Make a point to see the drunks, hookers, unhappy people, happy people, bad food, 5-star restaurants, movie stars, pan-handlers, Young Elvis, Old Elvis, helpful staff, cocky staff, con-men, fancy hotels, Mexicans handing out porn, Wayne Newton, and scary, irate cab drivers. Please be prepared to walk, run, hide, laugh, dance, drink, and lose a large percentage of money. Only then can you get the full experience of Las Vegas and return home with the "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas" attitude. Good luck on your next trip maybe I will see you there. "Viva Las Vegas"  Jenn from California.

Wow, what an in depth web site.  I have read hundreds of pages and I thought I knew something about Las Vegas, but this really blows me away.  I want to thank you for giving me an unbias opinion of the city and all the hours of work you have put into this free web site.  This is truly a job well done.  This web site is really going to make all my future trips to Vegas so much easier and with the money I will be saving, maybe I can buy you a drink.  Hank T  Texas

I appreciate reading about the nightclubs and your honest thoughts about each, it was great to have an honest look at the nightlife.  I took your advise and used your VIP walk through service and the people with me and my girlfriend really thought it was the best ever.  My girlfriend liked it so much that she asked me to marry her that night.  So I guess I have a lot to thank Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas.  (Actually, I had asked her several times and she always said I was not ready).  Looking forward to using your services again for my bachelor party next month.  Robert from California

I just returned from my annual Vega trip and just wanted to tell you about how easy it was to use the tickets I bought off your web site.  I had used other companies in the past and they all had hidden fees or surcharges or some mystery way of charging me more money.  Thank you for being honest, your web site said box office prices without any hidden or surcharge fees and that is exactly what I got.  Thank you.  It is great to see a company that delivers the goods.  I told all my friends about your site.  Looking forward to next years trip already.  MM Wayne S.  Illionois.


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