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GOOD Las Vegas Experiences - Year 2002

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(Testimonials - See Experiences with Insider Viewpoint)

Year 2002 Good Experiences

Me and my MOM visited Vegas April 2002. We had the best time money could by at the WESTWARD HO. Granted the place is CHEAP, the atmosphere was TACKY but the service was IMPECCABLE and the STAFF WAS VERY FRIENDLY ALL FIVE DAYS!!!! I have been to Vegas 3 times, Reno once and Atlantic City, this was the first time I received more than my moneys worth.  NEENLAND

Man, Do I have a good experience for you. On 5/8 we just got into town to begin a 4 night stay at Westward - Ho. Our room wasn't ready yet so we killed time walking around and having a couple drinks. Everything is gonna be great, 90* and we got tons of money....WRONG! With no sleep, and the drinks in us, my date left her purse somewhere (loaded with our 4days worth of money). 5 hours later we were in our room where I was inventing new forms of swearing, WESTWARD -HO SECURITY called our room with the good news security officer R.J. SHARP found it out by the pool and returned it to Sharon with every cent still in it. If I have the chance to do a good deed for someone I will "pay it forward" and tell them to go to Westward -Ho and shake R.J.SHARP'S hand. Well, we're home now, and we left our money out there again, but this time it doesn't matter one bit. Thanks again R.J. SHARP and WESTWARD - HO Mike 

My wife and I returned recently from 1 week in Vegas 4/20 thru 4/26...stayed at small King Albert and just what we wanted...a five minute walk from center strip.  Attended Viva Las Vegas at Stratosphere and were absolutely pleased.  Saw Clint Holmes at Harrah's and again were absolutely pleased.  We did a lot of off strip sightseeing Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Bonnie Springs, Clark County Museum, Lake Mead and Hoover Dam....pleased by all.   Found the Hacienda just before entering Hoover Dam area and found a real breakfast for .99 cents.  We had a wonderful time and did it all for less than $1,000.00.  Even found $69.75 of quarters at Tropicana that someone left and got the slot machines out of our system. Fancy motels don't excite us (or our budget)...highly recommend King Albert if you want close to the action, cheap. Sincerely,  Tim & Linda Richardson

Have been going to Las Vegas since I was 10 yrs old with my parents almost 35 yrs now.  Have seen hotels come and go and experienced many different changes.  Now I go with a group of my friends either in Sept. or Oct. started doing this 4 yrs ago with 7 other girls this year going in Oct. with 17 friends.  We did get stranded last Sept. due to the attack (but what a place to be stranded in) and we were staying at Bally's, will never stay there again yes they gave us a $10 break a night on the room big deal. Nothing else was offered they had us by the tail had to stay somewhere.   Our show at the MGM was cancelled but when we went to reschedule they were so nice they asked us if we were staying there and we said no told them Bally's and still they gave us a 20% discount on the show tickets and then gave us an MGM coupon book for the 2 for 1 at the buffet before the show, everyone there was really nice and EFX LIVE was tremendous. JIBBER -  Deerfield, Illinois

Just came back from my first real vacation in Vegas (4days, 3 nights) at Harrah's and I loved every minute (Well, except for my losing most of my shirt, but that's another story! :) ) Two shows you have to try and see are Mac King at Harrah's and Ronn Lucas at the Rio. Never did I laugh so much during a show :). Found it amazing how close the casinos really are to each other - managed to go to 5 casinos (Harrah's, Caesars, Mirage, Treasure Island, Bally's) within 2 blocks!  Loved it so much we are looking into possibly moving here! Here's to Hopin'!  Gregory Aughey   North Chili, NY

Mr Reed, you and your web site made our Vegas trip the best vacation we ever had.  With the discounts in the newsletter and the great discounts we got with you Membership Card our trip was #1.  Also really enjoyed the download coupons for the Bottoms Up show, that was a great surprise.  That was one of my husbands and my favorite all time show and you gave us the tickets FREE!  THANKS.  You loyal fans in Chicago  Tim and Linda H.

Hi Richard, Just to let you know this is one of the greatest sites about Las Vegas that exists. Believe me, I do a lot of internet research and this outranks other Las Vegas websites by far. Anyhow here is my good experience tell all:   I was visiting Las Vegas in February and decided to stay at the Rio. The service and the hotel itself was great! At check-in the front deskman saw that I was tired from my flight and put me in a room right away- at 9am. Most hotels make you wait. And did I have a good time at the tables! Everyone there is so courteous and friendly, even the housekeepers greeted me every time I walked by. One of the dealers told me if I lost my last bet he'd take me and my friends to dinner! :) I thought that was funny. You couldn't beat the deal that I got on the room through my Total Rewards account, it's one of my favored player cards. I applaud the Rio, for making my guests and I feel very important, even if we're not considered "high rollers". -Patricia, CA

On our last visit to Vega$, we stayed at Caesars & everything was wonderful!  The new tower's rooms are great, with a huge jacuzzi, and the pool area is not to be missed, very Roman style, we just loved it. We will be back in Sept.!....C&B

Thanks to the Insider Viewpoint and its owner Richard Reed our recent Las Vegas trip was a huge success.  We gathered a ton of information from this web site and even convinced Mr. Reed to join us one night, that was fun!  The reason we came to Vegas was for a bacholorette party.  All the nightclubs and fun spots we were taken to were outstanding, the places that most come to mind was Ghost Bar, 7, 9 and Light.  Thanks for making our eight girl trip a trip to remember.  Tina and Friends  CA

Circus Circus and Westward Ho establishments are the BEST!! Have read so many negative reports on the "fancier" hotels - why stay there and pay for poor service. People that stay at these "fancy" places only do so to impress their friends back home. Guarantee clean, comfortable rooms at a very good rate - convenience to other nearby hotels and casinos PLUS access to major back roads without going out on the strip! Personnel at both these hotels are polite and accommodating. Think about this: Do you want your money for the slots or tables or for your la dee da room that is probably no nicer than the above! J. Phillips - Succasunna, NJ

Over the past ten years I have traveled to Vegas more than 40 times, but this last trip was the best.  I decided that I would take the advice of a friend and see a different side of the 24-hour city.  At first I thought it was crazy, but soon realized that Vegas has many hidden talents.  (I also bought one of the Insider Viewpoint Membership Cards and saved a bundle)  By following the discounts, I experienced parts of the Las Vegas scene that I had never been associated with before.  Day trips, smaller casinos, interesting restaurants, and dozens of other highlights made my trip.  Thanks Insider Viewpoint for giving me the information to have the best trip ever!  See you soon.  David B  KS

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