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GOOD Las Vegas Experiences - Year 2000

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(Testimonials - See Experiences with Insider Viewpoint)

Year 2000 Good Experiences

I went to Las Vegas twice in the last 18 months. First time with my wife in July 99 and enjoy our stay at the hotel San Remo the rooms were clean and their peoples were very polite and always there to help you. Went back with a friend and we were very impressed by the people at the Stardust resort food was simply excellent and Wayne Newton show was, well he's the king of Las Vegas and he proved it to us that night.  Jean Paray

We were in Las Vegas Oct 16 thru 20th, we stayed at Caesar's Palace and loved it. My only complaint would be the check in and the wait to get into our room. Room nothing it was a beautiful sweet. We went to see the Lord's of Dance at the New York, New York it was a great show. The New York New York Hotel is so much like New York City, I lived in New York when I was growing up and believe me the sure brought back fond memories. I guess the thing that impressed me the most was they actually had steam coming up thru the manhole covers. We also went down to Fremont Street, we had been there 30 years ago and what beautiful changes they have made. Overall our trip was great and we look forward to going back again.  Runnerken Dover, Delaware

*  I've always had a "GOOD" experience in Vegas. We NEVER travel as we are a "small business owner" and can't get away. Our three trips have been Vegas--for our wedding anniversaries. We've experienced the "sightseeing" trip--we've experienced the "sunbathing" trip and we've just recently got back from the "win a progressive" experience--a five-dollar bill and won $3,434.00....only happens once in a lifetime, but guess what, we had a "relaxing" time--my husband and I both have arthritis - -like, bad--and can't handle the "glitz" anymore--however, we took in some of the shows at the Rio, New York, New York, etcetera--we knew what we could handle. We had a ball and will return again--it's our problem we have to do it on "our schedule--slow!" But we still like it. Bad experience--the flight, but that's not you. And we do have to get "off the strip" to win--but, like I say, that's just dumb luck!" Keep up the good work and we're just down home working folk that enjoy a good time. You wanted to hear from us, right?   Mavis Winkler 

My wife and I went to Las Vegas for the first time Nov. 9th and had the time of our lives. We loved every thing about the trip, and had no bad experiences. We plan on going again as soon as possible. WSe9764508

*  Just got back from Las Vegas on October17,2000. My sisters and I stayed at the Imperial Palace. Quick and easy check in. Great room with a view of the strip. Room was very clean. Service was great. This is the second time that I have stayed at the Imperial Palace and I have yet to be disappointed. For the money it is a great bargain. Reasonable rates and you can't beat the location. I would recommend the Imperial Palace to everyone. Will be going there again next year. The Smith Sisters Vermont

*  I JUST LOVE LAS VEGAS I'm crazy about the city. My husband and I love staying at other casino's when we are on vacation in Vegas. But I have to say Harrah's comps the best I've ever seen. We went 3 times this year alone. And we never get sick of visiting. Even if your a nickel or $5 bettor you will be comped. They have a slot club called "Total Rewards" and that's exactly what you get. The staff is very friendly and never had a problem with anything. We are looking forward to visiting at Christmas time and we can't wait. Sincerely John & Paula Lefeber 

*  Just wanted to say thank you for the tickets, we enjoyed the show. The price was right (considering I won no money in Vegas). Had a great time. Melissa & Mel Perdue

*  Just came home from Vegas last weekend. Cant wait until I go back. Stayed 3 nights at The Orleans, Buffet is great, Courtyard Grill is fabulous. Even bowled upstairs before going to "O". The rooms are huge compared to the Mirage (stayed there in 1998). The Orleans will be our hotel choice every time we go to Vegas. We had a great time walking the strip checking out all the new casinos built in the last 2 years. I love Vegas! RITA

*  Dear Mr. Reed and staff, Our first Las Vegas trip in September was fantastic thanks to your super informative web site. A special thank you for delivering the free "Viva Las Vegas" tickets as well as the discount coupons for the Elvis-A-Rama museum tickets to our hotel. Our group of four really enjoyed the show and the museum and highly recommend both. We also took advantage of some of the free events your web site listed and rated the Dancing Waters at the Bellagio Hotel a must repeat event on our next trip. Thanks from my husband and friends! G. Cucchiara, Montreal, Canada

*  Definitely a good experience. This website has a lot of information that I've taken advantage of during my past visits to Vegas. I just won two tickets to "Viva Las Vegas" and will use them in December when I go visit UNLV. It's nice to be able to visit a website that offers free useful information for the inexperienced and experienced visitors/gamblers alike. Sincerely,  Patricia Watson, CA

*  I always have such a wonderful time in Las Vegas. I almost always stay at the Palace Station. All around, it's excellent for the price. The comps are good & they even invite me to several slot & bingo tournaments including free Tower Room stays while I am there, at least 4 times a year. I love the Feast Buffet especially & the people there are so friendly & courteous. I also visited the Aladdin a few weeks ago for the 1st time since it's been re-opened. I really enjoyed it! The employees seem so nice & overall do their best to provide quality service. I didn't get a chance to check out any of the Restaurants, but was able to walk through the Mall. I'm going back in a couple of weeks & am looking forward to spending a lot more time there too this time. I love the huge variety of slot machines. Try it, I think you'll like it. Also the Palace Station. Enjoy! Terry

*  I was in Las Vegas last year and stayed at the Luxor. Had a great time. Booked through a casino host who we met while there. She ended up giving us a good rate for our five day stay and told us to call again this year. We did call her again and she told us she couldn't do us any good. Price for weekend was $!79 and weekday $129. Told her no way. She said we wouldn't do any better anywhere on the strip for October. I called Treasurer Island, talked to a casino host there and she was glad to book several of us for way lower rates. So long Luxor. Hello Treasure Island. I hope it is as nice as when Steve Winn owned it. I'll soon find out. Sally

*  I was in Las Vegas on Sept. 17 to 23 I saw three shows at the Riviera Hotel and Casino, Splash was great, so was La Cage. Crazy girls was a Disgrace. I thought I was at a gogo bar, the dancers had no class ,the Comedienne had the worst fowl mouth I ever heard on a women . the women I Brought to the show was her first time in Las Vegas. We were so embarrass .we walked out fifteen minutes after the show started. that will be my last Time at the Riviera hotel and casino. Joe Garaffa

*  I LOVE LAS VEGAS! Sure, there are good things and bad things. You can find that anywhere. But I have been there three times, and I am going again in three weeks. I am so excited. I love most everything Vegas has to offer. My advice is; view the sites, do as much of the free things as possible, rent a car and site see off the strip to some local attractions, and enjoy Vegas for what it is: EVERYTHING!  Emily L. Rowles

*  First off I wish to state that I was in the food and beverage industry for 20 years and understand the true meaning of service. Last week I went to Vegas and stayed at the Lady Luck Casino. This was my third trip there this year, my last being in May. When I approached the bar, the bartender recognized me by name and asked where my hat was (I always wear a hat). I informed her it blew off on the limo ride over. The bartenders on both other shifts also recognized me by name. I found this amazing that all three would remember my name and that I wore a hat after only two prior visits. This is the kind of personalized service I appreciate and will continue to be a loyal patron of the Lady Luck Casino. The service was top rate and I give Lady Luck and her employees.  Wade Frazier

*  I was pleasantly surprised to see AAA as one of your advertisers.  My daughter and new husband just moved to Las Vegas and on my recent visit to your city we stopped by AAA office and bought them a yearly membership.  This mother can now have piece of mind that I may not be there to help my daughter but AAA is a call away if she has car trouble.  It is very commendable to see that you take into consideration the needs of everyday people in Las Vegas as well as the gambling and hotel information that is usually associated with Las Vegas.  G. Smith

*  Went to Vegas in February stayed at Paris it was the greatest hotel I ever stayed at. all the casinos were great we stayed for 5 nights and that was still not long enough.  Have went to many casinos in many states but there is nothing like Las Vegas will be returning soon .thanks Tim Grimes

*  Dear Insider, Thank you for the free tickets to Viva Las Vegas, we really appreciate it. Also the show was wonderful, It was a great way to spend an afternoon, and we met some very nice people.  Fondly, Carole & Raymond Kerchansky.

*  We recently stayed for 3 nights at New York New York. We had a wonderful time. The room was nice and clean. They came to fix the tub plug right away. (Only thing wrong with the room) We could not hear the roller coaster which was out our window . It only sounded like a small gush of natural wind or air ! The check in and out was speedy. We arrived Thursday afternoon and left on Sunday. They gave us complimentary spa passes and free "all you can eat" breakfast coupons for Nathans. We both think next time we will rent a car ahead of time a lot cheaper. There is A LOT of walking!      bgarcia

*  Hi, My wife and I went to Vegas and stayed at Excalibur and had a great time along with winning some bucks, the temp was anywhere from 95 at midnight to 110-115 during the day and it too was great, nice and dry. Sorry to say, we came we saw we enjoyed and then had to go, BUT, we went back to the airport in a Limo provided by Players Club and boy was it cool. Bye, bye, for now, but will be seeing Vegas soon again.  SSuss65302

*  Went out to Vegas the second week in August. Had a great time, Stayed at the Riviera. Rooms were very nice an the staff was great. Slots could have been a little looser though. Go to nickel heaven, it was cheap fun. Did good on blackjack. Gamble at the MGM they were good to us also. We will definitely go back.  Thanks Insider Viewpoint.     MsterBass

*  We had a great time in Las Vegas in July! We stayed at the MGM, and had a nice room with a great bathroom, and used the 2-1 coupon for the buffet dinner. Had very good prime rib, shrimp, crab legs, and chocolate éclairs. The theme park was fun; especially the 2 water rides that cooled us off! We saw the show "EFX" that eve, and it was awesome.  We also saw the show "Mystere" at Treasure Island hotel, and it was even better! Very funny, and it had amazing acrobats. We also enjoyed the free pirate battle show out in front of the hotel.  We liked the exploding volcano outside the Mirage hotel at night. What a gorgeous setting with the fire, palm trees and waterfalls! Also enjoyed the water fountains music show in front of the Bellagio hotel; both were beautiful.  The Paris and Venetian hotels were huge, luxurious, and fun to see when we walked through them. We want to go again and see even more next time! Mary from Oregon

My husband and I just returned from a 6-day Las Vegas Trip. We used the extra time to take a side-trip to the Hoover Dam. This turned out to be a true highlight of the trip. We purchases a tour from one of the many street soliciting tour groups, Express Hoover Dam Tour. The tour was scheduled for pick-up at our hotel at 8:00am and we were told it lasted approximately 4 hours. About 8:30 before we departed the MGM Grand, made an additional stop at another hotel, and then proceeded to the World Trade Center. Requiring us to get off the bus, get in line to turn in our vouchers, and then eventually getting on a different bus.  Departed for the Dam at 9:45, or so we thought. Once on the bus, we were informed that the bus would be stopping at a souvenir store for about twenty minutes on the way to the Dam. This was absolutely frustrating to my husband and I. I was already starting to wonder how we were going to be back to the hotel at 12:30, given that we were not at the Dam yet and we were told we would have 2 hours to look around once we did arrive. We got to the Dam about 10:30. The time at the Dam was absolutely awesome. I definitely recommend spending the extra $8 per person to take the guided tour down into the Dam. The opportunity to see the enormous structure was worth every penny. We boarded the bus and departed about 12:30pm. The bus then took us to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory for a "tour." You don't really get to see much, but they certainly have a big store for you to purchase there various chocolates. I was pretty frustrated that the tour was running well over the 4 hours. We were not dropped off at the MGM until well after 2:30. We will visit the Dam again.  Our last night in Vegas was also our 3rd Wedding Anniversary, so we splurged and went to see Siegried and Roy. This show was very expensive...$90 per ticket. I have to say that we were not really impressed with the whole thing, but there is no doubt that a lot of the other people in the theatre were. The magic was great, but the whole production was just a little too much...a lot more magic and a lot less hoopla would make for a much more exciting evening. Overall, the trip was fantastic. Las Vegas is like no other place in world.   Maria.morgan

*  My friends and I stayed at the Westward Ho in a 3 bedroom suite we would stay there again. They treated us great, the rooms were clean and the service great. All the staff were friendly and the food was wonderful. We were concerned about security before we got there, but no need to be worried there was security everywhere. We had a wonderful vacation!. Keep up the good work!  Naomi,  Ohio

*  My brother and I were in Vegas in December and obtained free tickets to the Legends of Vegas museum at the Tropicana. was fantastic. If you are a Vegas aficionado and find pleasure in looking at everything from old matches and ashtrays from long forgotten casinos to large items like Robbie Kneivel's motorcycle -- then this is the place for you. We spent about 2 hours in there and still didn't feel that was enough time. Love your site, keep up the good work.    Zeagman

*  We went to see Danny Gans on July 11 and he was fantastic. If you can only see one show while you're in Vegas you have to see him. He did so many voices and can change personalities so instantly. He is amazing.   JandDCam

*  I just returned from my 12th visit to Las Vegas and as always, I had an absolutely wonderful time. I stayed at the Las Vegas Club for five nights which cost myself and my two traveling companions $57 total. I had won a very small jackpot in their casino last year and now am able to receive three nights free every season of the year. We went and saw the the Stars of the Strip show at the Lady Luck and it was absolutely wonderful. During the performance we had an incredible surprise. Carlos Santana came out as a surprise guest (one of the band members used to play with him) and he performed a couple of songs for us. Front row seats to Carlos Santana. Viva Las Vegas!   Beth Isanti, Minnesota

*  My husband and I recently visited Las Vegas. We stayed at the Westward Ho Hotel. We were greeted by a very friendly staff. We were immediately given free meal vouchers and unlimited beverage coupons. We expected small portions, but we were pleasantly surprised by the huge hamburgers, philly steak sandwiches. The casino had daily activities and promotions. They even had live entertainment in the lounge that were quite excellent. We caught a few shows while we were there, Viva Las Vegas at the Stratosphere, Hocus Pocus at Lady Luck, and Splash at the Riviera. They were all great shows featuring very talented people. Overall we were impressed and overwhelmed by the bright lights and the 24-hour action, but by our last day we were ready to go home. We were a little exhausted from all of the walking, but excited because we had a wonderful time and we were ready to share our experience with friends and family.  Rene Chandler  Overland Park, KS

*  I have always 'flown' past the Jean casinos on the way to Las Vegas until my recent stay at the Gold Rush. My son-in law had a Search & Rescue exercise at the air strip next to the casino so we decided to stay one night then come home. We liked it so much that we extended our stay. The rooms are large and clean, the staff friendly and helpful, the food is OK and the slots seem to be looser than on the Strip (I won $900.00 on the .25 machine, my wife won $400.00 on the $1.00). The Gold Rush (Nevada Landing too) is a gambling hall and doesn't pretend to be anything else. We really enjoyed the experience and made a couple of trips to the Strip but were pleased to get back to Jean each time. We will stay there again.  Mike, Riverside CA. PS. Your Newsletter is great, thank you.

*  Hello, I would just like to tell you about my great experience in Las Vegas. I had not taken a real vacation in 3 years so my sister and I decided to go to Las Vegas. She loves to gamble and I love Motocross so we time our trip to consider with the first round of the Motocross season which would take place in San Bernardino, Ca. We stayed at the MGM and everything was wonderful. The service, food, rooms, casinos everything. We rented a car from National and had no problems whatsoever. We saw so much: Area 51, Hoover Dam, Motocross, and on the last night there my sister's dream came true. She saw Wayne Newton in concert and met him. We were so happy on our trip we didn't want to leave. The only bad part was we couldn't stay longer. We always felt safe there and really enjoyed ourselves. You just have to use some common sense. We plan to go again soon when we can get the time off work. We packed everyday we were there with things to do and see and probably only did 1/3 of what is offered in Vegas. So much to see, so little time.  Thanks for your time.  Sonya

*  We have been to Vegas 10 times since 1994. We always have had a FANTASTIC time, and i would never consider going anywhere else for our vacation times!! We love it so much, my husband and i got married there. Can't wait for the next trip out! Vicki in Indiana

*  I want to thank you on behalf of myself and the other 4 members of the party that went to Vegas on June 4th. You sent us free tickets via your web site to "viva Las Vegas " I want the readers to see this. This show is a must see. Great show and the entertainment was worth a full price ticket. Thank You again. Cannot wait to ask for more the next trip.  Bill Painter,  Houston Texas

*  My wife and I just spent 3 nights in Vegas- May 21-24th, 2000. We got on-line reservations for the Golden Nugget on Fremont Street, and I would say that it was very nice!  We're a pretty young couple, but we appreciated the quiet and comfort of sleeping in "old Vegas" while cruising the strip during the day. We enjoyed our trip... too much to see in too little time. --Pastor Gumby, NJ

*  I've only been to Vegas twice, (once with my hubby, once with my cousin) but I've have had WONDERFUL experiences both times. Both times we've stayed at the Stratosphere ...not a fancy hotel, but it was clean, and the service and food were good. We flew from Alaska, so the cost of the Stratosphere offset the price of the airfare and actually made for a pretty affordable vacation. We had a car, (a must have since the Stratosphere is at the very end of the strip) and we've gotten pretty good at taking the "back roads" to avoid the congestion of the strip. While we were there, we went to the Star Trek experience at the hubby loved it. (and I fell in love with the 50 cent roulette table!) We also HAD to go to the Excalibur for King Arthur's Tournament...... kinda loud... kinda corny at times....but the food was INCREDIBLE... and we liked not having to use utensils. A definite MUST SEE is MYSTERE at Treasure Island! It was well worth the cost! We were unable to get tickets to Bellagio's O..... (they were sold out for about 4 pre-purchasing is a must. There are still SO MANY things that we didn't get to see..... we definitely plan on making many trips back to Vegas!   Natalie and Chris, Alaska

*  Thanks for the Elvis tickets - what an experience.  We were not what you call avid fans "before" we saw all the interesting memorabilia at the Elvis A Rama Museum.  I appreciate being able to obtain tickets directly from your web site.  Our group had a great time and we were pleasantly shocked at how complete and extensive the museum was regarding Elvis's life and the free daytime show was awesome.  It was great to have a quality museum in Las Vegas that is only a couple blocks from the Las Vegas Strip.  Gloria McMillan, New York

*  I am writing about the wonderful town of Las Vegas, Nevada! If there has been a vacation that has changed the way I look at everything it was my vacation this March to Vegas. I was there for five days and there was so much I wanted to do, but I can honestly say I only accomplished about one percent of what I wanted to do. There are many shows to go see, the Rio buffet in incredible, and the Stratosphere tower...INCREDIBLE! I have seen literally hundreds of movies set in Las Vegas in my day and I don't think they do the town any justice. Las Vegas is so alive...24-hours a day!  Viva LAS VEGAS!  Kelley Robison Kokomo, IN

*  We had no bad experiences in Las Vegas . it was fantastic, the gambling ,the grand canyon and the cowboy trail were great!!  Paul & Karen Beardsell

*  We have stayed at Monte Carlos Hotel for the past 3 years for several reasons. One it is clean, employees are wonderful, food was great, easy to get out, parking no problem and you don't have to listen to loud music. We spent 90% of our money there. Most meals were ate there. I played the slot machines only at Monte Carlos. We go in Jan. because of the weather and no kids. Las Vegas would not be a place to take kids under 21. We rented a car for the first time this past Dec. We decided it is the only way to travel to other hotels and shows. Parking was no problem. We didn't rent in the past because we thought we would have to park several miles away from the hotels. Not so. We drove out into the dessert and mountains for the first time. We have been at the O show. Kinda expensive but it is a must see show. We are going back in Jan. to Monte Carlos for another week.  Jerri

*  My husband and I just returned from spending a week in Las Vegas. We own a timeshare at Polo Towers on the Strip. This was our third trip in as many years. We had an awesome time as usual. A little hot for the 1st of April though - 93! Had a great time at Mandalay Bay with their $1 slots. Walked away with $700! I would say we had a successful trip. Went to the Inaugural NHRA drag race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and had a great time. Love Vegas and WILL definitely go back! Karen and Mark Winship, Port St. Lucie, Florida

*  My friends and family were in Las Vegas in January and in February. We always stay downtown at the Plaza. Even though the Plaza is one of the older hotels, I find it very accommodating and very reasonable in price.  Most of the rooms are clean and very pleasant. There are some rooms that need some work, but I understand the management is working on renovating and sprucing up the hotel. The Diner is cute, and serve the best $5.95 Prime Rib in Town. I found the waitress, to the bell captains very nice and polite. Thank you, B Lopez, Ontario, CA

*  Thank you for the tickets to see Elvis a Rama and the tickets to Viva Las Vegas. enjoyed them both and most my wife and I enjoyed Las Vegas for the 9th time since '94. Keep the excellent work with your e-mail magazine.! regards Gino.

*  We just came back from a 6 day trip. Bally's is a nice hotel, big clean rooms & good service. Not a good place for children but very nice for adults. The buffet there is great, lots of gourmet selections as well as the usual stuff. Good slot payouts & the waitresses are all around asking who wants cocktails, unlike the Rio where we were playing slots for over an hour & never saw a cocktail waitress. Patti

*  The "O" show at the Bellagio! Absolutely Awesome! I would recommend this show to anyone! The music and effects were outstanding and will be something I will never forget and look forward to seeing again in the future. It is a water/circus show that HAS to been seen and can never be explained!   Kevin and Natalie Nelson

Went to Vegas in February, nothing but a great experience. Stayed at the Tropicana, great suite and wonderful personnel, from the Bell Hop to the people cleaning the rooms. Our rooms were cleaned daily and thoroughly. Everywhere we went we were treated very well. Hit almost all of the Hotels on the Strip most of them clean and the workers were friendly and accommodating.. The transportation to and from the airport was prompt and the drivers were great. Had a wonderful time. Carolyn Anderson  Manitowoc, WI

Hi Richard!   I just wanted to say that your site is THE BEST!!! I am making my 5th trip, in 15 months, to Las Vegas the last of March and first part of April. I am always checking to see what is new and if there are any recent discounts on your site. I love to see what others have to say about places I have yet to stay. This trip I am going to go see Viva Las Vegas at the Stratosphere (with the discounts on your site) and I am going to the Elvis Rama (also with your site discounts). Your site helps me with finding any other shows or inf. that I might be needing. I have used your site for every trip that I have planned to Las Vegas except my honeymoon which was in 94. I have stayed at Excalibur, Luxor, Treasure Island, MGM, and San Remo. This trip I will be staying at the Venetian and I am really looking forward to it. I plan on doing a day at the spa (Canyon Ranch) and then going from there with shows, food, and maybe some gaming. Maybe I will come back and write a report. Anyway, I just wanted to say that your site has saved me bundles and helped me to plan immensely!!  Thanks, Kevin and Natalie Nelson Carlsbad, New Mexico

Hi! Just wanted to say "Thanks" for making our vacation more enjoyable by having so much wonderful information before we got there. We had a great time! Sue Wagner

Just returned from a wonderful 4 day visit to exciting Las Vegas. It was a Father/Son trip. Didn't gamble one nickel but had the best time going to 6 different shows, ate at four buffets (MGM Grand, Las Vegas Hilton, Rio, Mirage) plus Emeril's Fish House at MGM Grand. What a delight all were. The bean dip at Don Miguel's (Orleans) is the best I have ever had, as was the Bread pudding and sauce to go with it at Mirage buffet. Have to come back just to experience more of the beautiful restaurants that were so tempting to the eye. David Cassidy/Sheena Easton (Rio) show was just terrific! They along with the dancers and the band are so talented! A very fun show. Debbie Reynolds (Orleans) was delightful! EFX (MGM) was mind-boggling! Loved the trapeze artists -- what incredible variety in that show. Had a wonderful time just walking the strip and enjoying the sights of all the gorgeous, almost breath-taking hotels. Caesar's Forum shopping was an attraction in itself. Didn't have time to venture into many of the hotels, so a return trip is a must. Even my 22 yr. old son said, "I'm ready to go again!" Dave, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Aloha! I write this as we are again planning another trip to Las Vegas... Back in September of 1999, I was fortunate to again come to Las Vegas. Through Insider Viewpoint (Thanks you guys!) I was able to print and show the people that I was with the different show information. Because of this, I got an opportunity to attend the Lance Burton Show. Let me tell you, if you are into magic AND entertainment (in other words, a TOTAL entertainment package!), this is THE show to see! Mr. Burton was superb! The interaction with the audience and the ability to bring the audience INTO the performance was nothing short of AWESOME! We all (we had a party of SEVEN, all from Hawaii!) extremely enjoyed it! It was a very special experience, and one that I would suggest to EVERYONE! This IS true family entertainment! You will not only see wonderful magic, but you will laugh and be totally amazed! Thank you to Insider Viewpoint for having the information available here, and of course, Thank You, Lance Burton and staff, for an absolutely remarkable experience! I am just sorry this took so long to write! Milton K. Hawaii

In December, 1999, my wife and I visited Las Vegas for the third time that year. Among the shows we saw on this trip was FOREVER PLAID. If you see only one Las Vegas show, then you should go to EFX with Tommy Tune, but if you see two, then make it FOREVER PLAID. If you enjoy 50's and 60's music, you will love it! One further piece of advice: Give the Maitre'D a $10 tip when he seats you. He will treat you like visiting royalty and you will be seated right down front.  TsalagiBob

My wife and I have a time share at Ramada Vacation Suites and come to Las Vegas at least once a year. In all the times we have been there we have always been treated real nice no matter where we have gone.  If I did not have as much time at the job I have now, I would like to live there.  Ron Clever Youngstown, Ohio 

The Elvis-A-Rama museum is FABULOUS.  What a collection! I'm not a real Elvis fan (he's a little before my time) but I was very impressed. My husband didn't want to leave! . . . You were right--that Elvis sounds real! The people there were super nice. We were actually in town for a wedding, and when we told all the guests about it, they went the next day! But we were the only ones that had the discount tickets-  Laura Huff

Wow, what a great place.  I am so happy we subscribed to your newsletter.  Your web site and newsletter really made our trip.  At the top of the list was Elvis A Rama Museum.  What a fun time we had at the museum.  I wanted to stay all day. . . thanks again for the Great work on the newsletter and the Insider Viewpoint web site.  Mark Hodges, NY

Every year for more than 10 yrs we have gone to Las Vegas in Sept for.1 week.. We are 5 woman and we have never encountered any problems ...mind you we are not careless about where we go or do but we all have a great time and look forward each year to returning...we have stayed at many hotels and enjoyed them all...nothing but good things to say...we have gone to many free shows and enjoyed them ...some better than others but well worth the time spent.. .also breaks up gambling time.. .each time there are new things to see and do ..never a boring moment...we tell all we know they have not lived until they have seen Vegas.....dperry

My wife, daughter, and another couple went to Hugo's Celler at 4 queens downtown. we told the hostess HELLO from Richard Reed...and how we came all the way from Ohio to there restaurant on your recommendation, she had not seen your web page on your favorites...which I just by chance had printed so I gave it to her to keep. The salad at the table side is a whole new GREAT touch...for everything included, the price's are reasonable, Salad, Meal, potato, bottled water, complimentary desert...those chocolate dipped strawberry's...WOW... Thanks Richard..  Don and Greta Viers, Ohio

Stayed at Bally's dec.20th 1999 through dec.24th....great slots, nice nice craps tables, my friend did very good at the black jack tables...17th floor over looking the strip was beautiful...the room furniture was a little older and worn, but everything was very clean...the connection to Paris is perfect, great way to stay for less money at Bally's and walk inside past all the great shops to Parris, play in there inside casino that you would swear you were outside in court yard of Paris France, and the dealers at the craps table are wonderful! Thank you  Don and Greta Mansfield, OH.

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