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BAD Experiences in Las Vegas

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Let the BAD Times Begin?


(Testimonials - See Experiences with Insider Viewpoint)


Our readers have sent the following Las Vegas comments / experiences to us. They are accountings of first hand experiences. These accountings may not reflect the opinion of Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas and/or its advertisers.

Las Vegas Bad Experiences 

*  The worst experience of my life!! Friends from Georgia were here to get married. We thought we'd try a new local place, Bradley's Bar-B-Q at Horizon and College. We arrived at 7:20 pm, they close at 8:00. The owner greeted us rudely and said if we were eating in, we only had 30 minutes. While we were trying to eat , he kept making obnoxious comments, told us he didn't need our $20.00. He asked where we were from, we told him and he said that's the problem. We thought he was kidding up to this point, but he didn't let up, then we knew he was serious! He also got a call for a take out order at 7:40 and told the customer he was closed. I have never been to any establishment that I was treated this way. To top it all off, the food was overpriced, the baked potato was hard as a brick, we didn't finish our meal. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I am under the impression that when you start a business the purpose is to provide customer satisfaction, not run off and torment customers. Ron Miner   Henderson NV.

*  I'm sending you this in hopes that you will warn you subscribers. I booked my Las Vegas vacation at the end May with Orbitz. I booked into the Las Vegas Tropicana. I thought I was booking into THE Tropicana where I ended up was a MOTEL 6 on Tropicana Blvd. I go to Las Vegas once or twice a year and I always book on-line. I have never been duped like this before.  Needless to say I won't be using Orbitz again. I'm sure I'm not the only out-of-towner to be duped like this. Please warn you subscribers. Thank-you, Julia Duca

*  I made reservations to eat at the Top of the Stratosphere over a month before I came to Vegas. I was going to take my mother whom I flew out to Vegas as a Mother's Day gift. Our reservations time was 7:30. I arrived at 7:20. When I got there, we were told to go stand in line to take the elevator. We were the 18th-20th people in line which meant we had to wait for the SECOND elevator. The people ahead of us told us they were already standing there for 15 minutes. After half an hour, I got angry and asked the hostess what was going on. There hadn't been an elevator door open for 45 minutes at least by now. She said it's ALWAYS this slow, because it's so high up. I told her that I had taken an elevator up the Twin Towers, the Empire State Building and the Sear's Tower before, and it never took this long. She just shrugged her shoulders. In the meantime, my 71-year old mother is hungry, tired and hot (many people were in line by now). In about 5 more minutes, the hostess came around and told everyone to go to the OTHER side for the elevator. So the people in the back were now the people in the front. The people who were now there nearly an hour were dead last with about 30 people ahead of them. Many of us left. I was very disappointed. I would like for the management to know what happened. Natalie Stoner  Pendleton, Indiana.

*  I have gone to Vegas a total of 40 times now. I have had a blast every time, except for the last spring. I go to the NASCAR race every year in the beginning of March. I brought along a group of friends from work this time and we stayed at the Sahara. What a bad mistake. There never seemed to be any good 'action' at the tables and the employees didn't seem to care. It took four personnel requests to both the housekeeping department and the front desk before our room was finally cleaned on Friday.  To top it off several people in our group had things stolen out of their room, including ourselves. Management verified the loss but did nothing else. I even sent a personnel letter to the hotel manager without a response.... sad state of affairs. I have since gone back and stayed at Treasure Island and Bally's ... TI is the best ... later.   Michael Haapala

*  Just so you know.... My boyfriend and I went to see Dr. Naughty at the Greek Isles. It was by far the worst show we have ever seen. He called people in the audience jerks and gave out very mean looks throughout the show. He was not joking around. He should not be allowed to sell a ticket for what he does. WE feel we spent 100 dollars needlessly.  Sherry Champine

*  My wife & I stayed at Fitzgeralds 9/22 to 9/28/01. This was our 6th trip to Las Vegas since 1991 always staying downtown.  We were very disappointed this year to see that all the benches have been removed from the convenience St. Experience. The reason given was that the homeless were causing disturbances. There are a lot more paying tourists than homeless and many visitors enjoyed the convenience of the benches especially us middle agers. Don & Karen Rodems

*  We stayed at the Stratosphere, May 8 & 9, 2001, because, as slot club members, we received a flier for cheap room rates. Instead of saving money, I lost a $300 digital camera. I left the camera in our room when we checked out. I realized my mistake about 4 hours later and called hotel security. They checked with lost & found and housekeeping but the camera was not reported found. When we got home, I located an email address for hotel operations on the Stratosphere's website and sent an email with the subject line, "Please forward to hotel manager, security manager and housekeeping manager." I waited two weeks for a response and re-sent the original email, adding "Second Request" to the subject line. It's September 2001 and I have yet to receive a response. It's bad enough to lose your property through apparent hotel staff theft; it's adding insult to injury to be ignored by that hotel's management; if a website provides an email address to communicate queries or concerns, someone should handle inbound mail.  Bet Barrett

I was lured by the website Las Vegas Leisure Guide advertisement for a company, Grand Canyon Tour Company.  The Grand Canyon tour promised a native American Indian guide who would explain about the special sites along the way. Did I get that? Did I Hell!  We were driven to the Canyon by a guy who moved to Vegas a few years previously and had decided that it wasn't for him and was making plans to move back to where he came from. When we got to the Canyon, we transferred from one bus to another and were driven to a place where we were served mediocre food and left there for an hour or so with nothing to do but peruse the items on sale from several tables. After a while, our driver came back, drove us a few minutes further along the Canyon for a brief stop at a scenic viewpoint and then took us back to the bus for Vegas. I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn more about the Native American Indian culture but it was a total waste of time. Needless to say, I wrote a letter of complaint but never got a reply. Barry, England

*  I had a bad experience with the Excalibur I was a guest there 051401-051801. I ordered a drink, waitress came back with a drink for everyone in my aisle but me.  My friend pointed out to her I ordered a drink, she said "No she didn't" and walked on.  Everyone in the aisles mouth were wide open because they all heard me.  It was the last few minutes I had left to spend in the casino so I didn't have time to find the hotel manager and complain.  I sent an email after I got home and got coupons for a free lunch at the Sherwood Forest Cafe.  Whoopdedoo.  Everyone one else at the hotel were very courteous and plesant while I was there...I have stayed at the hotel 5 times.  That was my last time staying there   Melissa Young

*  New York, New York is not what we expected. Our room was hot, everyday the maid opened the drapes and let the sun shine in, even though we left a note asking her not to. It was extremely hot when we were there. Then they don't even have a coffee pot in the room. Room service was $6.50 for a pot of coffee plus a $3.00 delivery charge and then tip on top of that, I don't think so. One morning we awoke at 7:00am to hear the window cleaners rope banging on the window. He didn't even clean our windows, we were on the32nd floor. I also sat a machine for 30 minutes waiting for someone to come by and give me change. No ,we wouldn't recommend this motel to anyone. We were there from the 12th of August until the 19th of August this year.  The swimming pool closes at 7pm. Not a good idea since it was very warm outside. Another issue was the TV, there were hardly any channels on it. They obviously do not want you to spend anytime in the room.  We did have a good time in Las Vegas even though this motel was bad.  Marilyn Vogel

*  As a Las Vegas native, let me explain about those awful people handing out sexually explicit literature on the sidewalks. It is abominable to all of us here and several of the Strip hotels have been fighting in the courts for years to stop it. Unfortunately, whenever one of these groups is kicked off a "public sidewalk" by a hotel's security staff, they immediately run to the courts to protect their "first amendment rights" to hand out literature in a public place. You know how that all goes. Just know, please, that Las Vegas resort industry is trying very hard to stop this and does not encourage or support it at all! We hate it as much as you do.   David & Susan Johnson

*  The only bad experiences that my wife and I had is when we were walking down the streets is those people standing on street corners handing out the nude review books. I believe you should do something about that before it turns people off from coming to your town. Jim Pickens

*  Last year 5 of my friends and I stayed at Caesars Palace, what a horrible mess! we arrived around 12:30 a.m. and the lines were long and irritating, there was a mix up with the names on who was sharing a room with whom, (they acted like it was a HUGE DEAL on whom was sharing with whom), even though they gave us adjacent rooms with doors that lead to one another. They couldn’t give us double bed rooms, so they gave us king sized beds, and were told that they would send up Roll away beds, which they never did give us. We felt completely ignored from the time we got there to the time we left. They even told someone who called for one of us, that he was already checked out, yet the other roommate was still there, know how much sense does that make?? "prostitutes" hung out in the hotel and even tried to pick up on one of the guys with us, even though this is suppose to be a high class hotel. Seems almost ever time we go there the "talking statues" are being renovated so we cant see them. Almost every single of the moving walkways that lead into the hotel were not working so you had to walk it anyway, and access into the hotel from one of them u end up on top of a flight of steps, with no handicapped accessible elevator, so I saw people actually have to carry people down the steps. I will never ever stay Caesars palace ever again! Another thing is half the time the escalators going up to the walkways above the streets are always broke so you end up walking all the time up them. That is no fun in the hot sun.  Tracy Horg

*  We stayed at the Riviera this year. I made my reservations 6 months in advance and the room we got was awful. I requested a room in the tower with a view of the Strip. You would think making the reservations that far in advance and getting to the check-in desk earlier then everyone else we would get a good room.  The room when we got there was dirty. I thought maybe if I open the curtains at least the view would make me was facing the Strip alright, we seen the very high top of the Westward Ho Marquee and the top of the Casino roof with all the air conditioning units on it. We could not see the street or anything else, (oh yeah, we were able to watch them bungee jump). Most of the time we had to leave the curtains closed because people, (we assume maintenance), where always walking on the roof and could view into our room. Our rooms where not cleaned until 4:00 or 5:00 in the afternoon. There was no water pressure for the showers. At one time we had no water at all. The long distant phone calls where $22.43 each (there were 3 of them). We will not stay at the Riviera again. Everyone we came into contact with was nice. But the rooms and the problems with everything are not worth my hard earned money. We more then likely will not stay there again. We did not complain very loud, (except when there was no water), because we figured that they would figure if we did not want the room there were probably 3 others that would so the problem would not be fixed or we would not be compensated anyway. I am not a hard person to please, but this was not want you would come to expect in Las Vegas or of the Riviera for the price they charge for a room.  One good thing. If you get a chance, go see LaCage, it is great. Thanks for letting me vent.  Judi Hensley, Indianapolis, Indiana

*  A couple weeks ago, we went to the MGM to see the George Carlin show. What a disappointment. We expected to see George Carlin do some routines we had seen before and newer ones. Where he is so clever, he can make you laugh over a description of a raindrop. So very Clever. However George Carlin has become awful.  I have a wonderful sense of humor, but what he did that night was a disgrace. He preach about Children bringing guns to school. Killing other children. Going into church and shooting everyone. That is not humor, that is insane talk. His routine started with his telling us, he was trying out this material, so he can present it on HBO. I sure hope HBO has the good sense NOT to show that show. Sitting near us, was a young boy, who got such a kick out of body functions as described by Carlin. O.k. for young kids I guess. But even this young man started to get quite after awhile, as others in the audience. After giving Carlin time to get his act together, or to get better, we had to walk out. It cost us that evening $240.00 for 2 couples. Certainly not worth it. This man has a problem. And he should seek help soon.  Jeanne

I just spent 5 days in Vegas with my wife and my 5 yr old daughter.  Only bad part was Circus Circus buffet, had better food in my pets food dish. if u have kids stay out of the Bellagio, they were rude and pushy!!! They wouldn't even let me buy a coke for my daughter!!! Seafood buffet at Rio was not as good, but twice as much. mhaskel1

*  Just got back from Vegas in March and getting very upset with the way its changing. It used to be so nice out there when visiting but now it is so crowded your can hardly walk and all the kids and strollers make it worse. Liked it better when an adult town. Don't think its the place for kids.  Evelyn

*  We recently had our first trip to Las Vegas. We stayed at Harrah's which accommodated us very nicely. I really liked the strip EXCEPT for the fact that strings of Mexicans were handing out pornographic material. How cheap they make the area look. We had our fourteen year old son with us, as well as our 24 year old son and they were exposed to this everywhere. These people even had the nerve to ignore me and attempt to hand my husband this filth. The streets are littered with the pornography that people dropped as well. I find it hard to believe that no one else finds this activity disgusting and offensive -- that is any respectable people!!!    Karen and Al Luglio    Doylestown, Pennsylvania

*  Being a frequent visitor to Vegas, my fiancee and I made plans to get married at The Little White Wedding Chapel. What a mistake that was. Of all the wedding chapels in Vegas, we happened to pick one that really ruined our day. After making reservations with them 2 weeks ahead of time, we called them back the same day and changed the package to another less expensive one. They told us that it was no problem and that they would make the change. When we arrived at the chapel, we were told that we still owed a balance when we were supposed to get back part of our original deposit. It seems that they never recorded the change and blamed it on us. This was the first time we heard anything about this. Needless to say, we had to either pay or not get married, so we paid under protest. They wouldn't even let me talk to the owner. Instead one of their employees said she called the owner and was told that she couldn't do anything about it. I would never recommend The Little White Chapel. They are not consumer friendly. Try one of the many other reputable chapels who care and respect their customers. G and T from Illinois

*  Just wanted you to know that we were in Las Vegas for a week (end Jan. begin Feb.) It was wonderful and more wonderful. The only weak spot was a restaurant just steps from the Gondola (great) ride in the Venetian. I do not know the name of it, but, they were surrounded by a wonderful aroma of bbq and I think mesquite. When sitting to dine it truly felt like we were outdoors in Italy. From that point it went down hill. The server was a big buffoon with a disgusting cheap uniform jacket that was too small. The first item I selected, they had run out of. I settled for the chicken, it was no big deal. Tony ordered a fillet fish special. What he received was a hunk of fish with a nothing sauce. I ordered something chocolate with fresh raspberries. I received no fresh raspberries, we had finally had enough, and asked about the discrepancy. First he acted like we were fools for asking. Later he came back and said the raspberries were in the cake. Our wine was fine, t he coffee drinkable. This meal cost us almost $200.00 Canadian. We had a much better meal, with a much nicer server at the Sands, for $ 7.95 American. I wrote to the Venetian, and received a note back, saying OH WELL, glad you liked everything else. I want to make sure no one else suffers the same fate at such a poor restaurant. Thanks for the great newsletter it helped in our planning - A LOT!!!!!! Joan & Tony

*  My husband and I have been going to Vegas at least once a year for many years. We are both in our 50's. We have often stayed at the Imperial Palace and always found the rooms clean, the service great and the price fantastic. This year the price was still fantastic but the service was awful. Upon arrival we found the carpeting in front of the bathroom soaking wet. I called and reported it and went out for the evening. By 5 PM (after calling 2 more times to the desk) when nothing was done and it was getting wetter by the minute, I went down to the desk and blew my top.  As it turned out, there was a plumbing problem and they ended up turning all the water in our wing completely off until repairs were finished. They did however, give us 2 free tickets to "Legends" which I'm grateful for as I would have really been upset had I paid for that horrible show. We have now decided the Palace is just going down hill and doing nothing to improve any of their rooms and amenities. The rooms are in terrible shape, holes in the wall, furniture stained and ugly.  Therefore, we are looking for new accommodations for our trip planned in October.  Pam Jones

*  On our honeymoon, we were approached by a man that was pushing Ramada Vacation packages. We agreed to do the 45 minute tour in order to get the free show tickets. I can assure you I would NEVER buy from the Ramada Vacation Club if they were the last timeshare package available. We got to the site-and were treated well as we looked at the rooms-tiny motel sized rooms-pawned off as condos, and were really enjoying the tour with our guide who came off as a no pressure kind of guy. They we had to endure the 40 minute video, then the nightmare began. After the video was over, the sales guys came over to talk you into a package. As we had purchased timeshare before, we stated no, not interested. The sales guy says fine-then goes to get a high pressure sales guy to talk with you-he totally tried to be intimidating-large, slicked back hair, kinda gangster attitude if you will. He ran down our timeshare program, ran down our decision, etc. After this went on and after several no-not interested, my husband finally told him that the answer was no and at this point we wouldn't buy from him because of his attitude and how he treats people. This guy got HOT and fumed as he signed the ok for the free show tickets. The beauty--since we didn't buy-the tickets were out in the parking garage.  Bonnie/Jeff Tait

*  Bad experience: It is freezing cold in the MGM Grand Casino. So cold you can not comfortably be there for any length of time. Trancender

*  Please be careful when you ride the escalators at the airport in Las Vegas. They are very narrow and the steps are only just wide enough to place your foot on. My wife turned to check the pull behind luggage on the step below her and slipped off her step, falling down the escalator. She severely twisted her ankle. We found help at an info desk and they got a wheelchair and took her to a first aid station located at the airport. The staff took good care of her with ice packs and an ace bandage. While there a maintenance man looked in and said "another escalator victim huh?". He received some cold stares and was ushered out in a hurry.  Swelling was kept down but our flight was leaving and airlines wait for no one. We thanked the staff for there concern and helpfulness and my wife was wheeled to our flight where Southwest airlines had already been notified of our special needs. Southwest airlines was great and very helpful on our flight home to south Texas. The down side was the legal notices we received from the airports attorneys and legal staff. Disavowing any responsibility for the accident on the escalator with long letters and plenty of legalses. We're not the kind to sew for a slip and fall, but please watch out for the escalators at the airport. They are dangerous! I don't believe it would take that much money to replace the escalators with something safe. We always have a great time in Vegas. Remember, you get a smile with a smile. Jim in Texas. P.S. We are driving out this year. 

*  THINKING OF STAYING AT THE NEW YORK NEW YORK HOTEL AND CASINO ...READ THIS... My husband and I stayed at the NEW YORK NEW YORK in March 99. One night at 3:30am the fire alarm went off on the 14th floor where we were staying. We, as well as other guests, evacuated the building through the stairwell. We were very concerned and exhausted when we finally reached the exit at ground level. There we stood outside the hotel for 15 minutes in our night clothes waiting for NEW YORK NEW YORK personnel to give us the all clear. No one every came (including the security guard that had helped us evacuate). So my husband, several other guests, and I went back in to the front desk where we were told by the clerks that they were not aware that alarm had gone off. This was a bit startling. How could they not have known? There was no apology made. They did not even seem concerned that we had been disturbed. We were very irritated by this, but let it go. On the last night of our stay we were very tired and hungry and decided to stay in the hotel for dinner. Around 7:30pm we went downstairs to the restaurant area to find that it had been roped off for a private party, and it would not reopen till 10pm. We could not believe that paying hotel guests did not have access to any of the eating establishments for the entire evening. As my husband and I stood near the ropes reading the sign that designated the area as PRIVATE, a man on the other side of the ropes, who was attending the party, spit on my jacket. My husband and I were infuriated. We went to the front desk to report the incident and express our frustration at not being able to access the hotel restaurant area. The lady at the desk told us the area was reserved for a private party and there was nothing she could do. She did not seem concerned the I had been spit on. The next day upon check out we told the clerk how unhappy we were about our experience. We had paid an average of $140 a night. She apologized and offered us free breakfast. We were too disgusted to accept the offer. Once home I wrote the hotel explaining our disappointment, and they never responded. I will never stay there at the NEW YORK NEW YORK again and would not recommend the property    Melissa Barker

*  In 1999 I took my mother to Las Vegas for her birthday, we were enjoying going to all the casinos and "trying our luck" however, when we got to the LUXOR the attendant at the roulette table was EXTREMELY rude!  He made fun of us because we only bet $10 at a time (the table minimum was $5). When we finally got tired of his eye rolling and VERY Rude put downs, we decided to cash out and go some where else- he laughed and said "you really broke the bank tonight!" then took $20 in chips from each of us as a "tip". we were so embarrassed and upset that we just left. After we got back home I wrote a letter to the management complaining about the way their roulette table attendant stole from us, I never heard back from them. They should have apologized and investigated this jerk!! I am sure that we are not the only ones he stole from or were rude to. I go to Vegas at least once a year but I will NEVER step foot in the Luxor again!! Not to mention that I will tell EVERY ONE that I run into about my experiences with the LUXOR.  Patricia

*  My wife and I have been frequent visitors to Las Vegas since we were 21 years of age and we are now 65 years. In the beginning personal attention was one of Las Vegas's pluses. Then the UNION came into play. The personal service virtually disappeared and the costs skyrocketed. We for the last five years still enjoy our trips to Nevada but the destinations are now Mesquite or Laughlin. Considerably less hustling, Much better service , No bums (homeless drunks, pan handlers), better food lower costs. I am sorry Las Vegas you have lost the glamour and pazazz you at one time had the corner of the market on. Karl SLC

*  My husband and I have been going to Las Vegas about once a year since 1983. Let me tell you this is a different city than the one we first went to. We don't bother to gamble on the strip in the "mega-resorts" because the dealers either are unfriendly or don't speak English. The Sahara is pretty good because of the $1 blackjack tables. If we want to play cards though we go downtown. It's really a shame its so in-personal now. We have always had fun there, but now its just hard to feel very welcome. Most of the staff in these big hotels act like there doing you a favor. Somehow your the customer has lost something along the way. And perks, forget it. They don't exist anymore. Lorri, Huntsville AL

*  My wife and I like to go to Las Vegas at least once a year, we always do have one small hitch and that is getting from the airport to our hotel. You are nearly mobbed by transports when you leave the gate the trouble is that if you don't get the right one you may be in for one bad time. We purchased transport with Bell and believe me when I tell you they don't care what shape the vehicle is in or how bad the driver is.  After all our luggage was stored away, his key would not work to reopen the door to get it back out. Then we had to go to their service garage and hear him fighting with the mechanics. Our short trip from airport to hotel took us three hours. DONT USE BELL Mark Forsyth Fort Scott Kansas

*  I normally have a great time while in Vegas, but my most recent trip was a disaster NO THANKS TO THE MANAGER OF THE PARIS HOTEL. I brought my fiancé there for our anniversary and he got really bad food poisoning from one of their restaurants. I was able to get in contact with the manager of the hotel but he pretty much shunned me, and I'm assuming it was because of my young age. Our whole vacation was ruined! We spent the whole time in our hotel room, and even went home early because he was so sick. We were staying at the Bellagio, which I'm sure most of you know isn't cheap, and that was such a loss! I tried to contact him again by mail-and he rejected the letter and had it sent back-he even wrote "remove from further correspondence" on the front. What a horrible way to treat your patrons! With clientele that determine whether your business is successful, you'd think that hotel would hire someone more personable, courteous, and sympathetic.  Patricia Watson

*  I read all the bad experiences and am curious as to whether or not you send them to the accused parties. We plan to visit Vegas in May of 2000,and are making a list of places to avoid.  People or employees of any facility could just be rude from having a bad day. While sitting in the MGM I asked an employee Where the restroom was and was told they're all over the place. I approached another at the same place to get change for a 100 dollar bill and she walked it to a lighted area for closer examination.  As an African American I was insulted no one else had done that. I do understand that you have to consider the INDIVIDUAL aspect ,and I do However these vacations come far and few and you want pleasant memories of them so you tend not to return to the "bad memory places. Yvonne Glover

*  I was in Las Vegas on Sept. 17 to 23 I saw three shows at the Riviera Hotel and Casino, Splash was great, so was La Cage. Crazy girls was a Disgrace. I thought I was at a go-go bar, the dancers had no class ,the Comedienne had the worst fowl mouth I ever heard on a women . the women I Brought to the show was her first time in Las Vegas. We were so embarrass .we walked out fifteen minutes after the show started. that will be my last Time at the Riviera hotel and casino. Joe Garaffa

*  The Venetian Hotel put a $1305 hold on my Visa card without informing me. I didn't find out until after my wedding reception was over. The shuttle driver that was hired to take all of my guests back to the strip from the Snow Mountain area told me my card was declined. So instead of happily shipping off in our white limo to our honeymoon, my Husband and I had to scramble for cash to pay the shuttle. As soon as I returned to our suite at the Venetian, I spoke with a manager and was then informed that the hold is put onto your account to cover room charges. I was very upset because if they would of informed me when I checked in, I would of been prepared to pay for all the other wedding services coming in on my Visa card! The hold was not lifted for 5 days! I WILL NEVER STAY THERE AGAIN!! PS, the showers leak and present a very dangerous hazard with the marble floors!!  Also, may I add the poor quality of the Excalibur to the list. The fact that the room stank terrible and had to have them bring new covers to both rooms, the towel rack in Sudi's room fell off the wall when I went to dry my hands. The room was very very dusty, and my eyes were very irritated from the dust. The towels and covers were also full of excess lint. Not to mention that lousy buffet that made me sick. I am sure I can think of many more things to add to the list, but I would really rather not go into it because it would only upset me seeing as to how many rooms we had all totaled. The front desk experience was awful also. I could go on and on, but it would not get my money refunded. Needless to say, I will never (repeat never ever) stay at that Excalibur again.  Felicia A. Taylor, PHR

*  Spent four (4) days in Las Vegas Luxor although I was winning in good 5 figures - the accommodation received was somewhat questionable. They don't provide benefits like other Las Vegas casinos provide especially MGM and MIRAGE in terms of customer satisfaction, e.g.; Shows, Spas, Discount prices, etc. Probably I was just in a wrong place and in a wrong time.  Billones, Rey

*  Hi, I'm a 12-year resident of Las Vegas and still love it. However, 12 years ago I would never have seen a diaper being changed on the marble make-up vanity in the ladies room at Texas station.  I liked it better when this was an adult city. Jeanie Downey age 47, homemaker. ( I know, Texas wasn't here then.)

*  Flamingo - Buffet    Is the worst in Las Vegas. I have to Vegas many times and have eaten at many buffets some good some great. The buffet at the Flamingo reminds me of Bonanza or the Golden Corral. Oh sorry those buffets are a lot better than the Flamingo - Buffet. Will not ever eat there again.  Gripp, Waco, Texas

*  We've just returned from a visit to Las Vegas where we stayed at the MGM Grand (July 22-Aug 2, 2000). Though the MGM Grand has grown to a size that is TO big and impersonal, with long lines for everything from meals, to check in/check out, valet parking and elevators, the entire staff was really wonderful ("Have a Grand Day")!! Our nightmare however was with air transportation. America West does more harm for public relations to/from Las Vegas than all of the great people we came across when we were there. Long flight delays, equipment maintenance problems and two canceled flights (equipment problems and/or pilot problems), made our trip unpleasant and is cause for great concern.  Delta, as the back up airline of necessity (no direct/non-stops to south Florida), wasn't much better (rude ticket agents and flight delays). Having to "camp out" at the airport for 7 hours with two 10/11 year old kids, due to pure airline or personnel problems, really ruined our experience. Of the almost 400 people that flew into and then out of Las Vegas with us, many found the experience of being stranded by this pathetic airline to be enough to not want to return to Las Vegas. Either public pressure needs to get them to get their act together, or put them out of business. America West is one big black eye for Las Vegas.  Robert Goldstein,  Boca Raton, Florida

*  The Crazy Girls are not worth seeing. not a good show. save your money.   Fbbbwrmom

*   Our Grand Canyon Tour by Superior Tour Service of Las Vegas 800-377-2003 was an utter disappointment. Their earned my business through their website, unaware it was riddled with false advertising, false promises, and errors of omission. The website said allow 7 1/2 hours from hotel back to hotel.  *45 minutes late on picking us up, we were promised by 2 employees to not effect our tour time...wrong.. we lost that time.  *We were not told until we got on the bus, that we would be driven 45 minutes each way to Boulder City Airport....loosing 90 more minutes. We all assumed we would leave from Las Vegas...they hid this information.  *Another 1/2 hour wait at airport...they had fundamental problem keeping the 4 of us together on 1 of the 3 planes that held 9 passengers each.  I forgive lateness due to traffic and I can overlook fundamental bookkeeping due to human error. I make no issue of people making honest mistakes, however I do take issue with the following benefits that were promised on their website but not delivered:
*We did not travel the entire 277 river miles as promised.
*We did not view Indian Villages and waterfalls
*We did not have ample time for hiking, viewing and checking out the visitor's center or browse the lodge gift shop.
*There was no delicious buffet, only a box lunch with a plain hoagie a bag of cookies, a bag of potato chips, and lukewarm water.
*No stereo headsets for narration...the pilot screamed back unintelligible comments infrequently.
*Climate controlled air conditioning and only fixed closed windows... resulting in a "steam-cooker" nauseating, heart palpitating experience. 
*Souvenir flight certificate was not include as mentioned, as if I need a reminder of this ordeal..
Their idea of ample time was 20 minutes at giftshop/bathroom at Tusayan Trading Post, only 10 minutes at Mather Point, 20 minutes at Yavapai Point (the highlight), then 35 minutes to eat the box lunch, hiking, viewing, browsing gift shop at Bright Angel Lodge...a total of 65 rushed, hurried "herded like cattle" minutes on "The Rim." The tour operator/bus driver politely but firmly warned us we would be left behind if we were late...and we could pay $580.00 taxi back to Las Vegas, or if available, to find a room for a minimum of $180.00 a night. . Superior Tour Service of Las Vegas has managed to absolutely minimize and trivialize my dream vacation.  I dispute this charge because I feel I was totally "ripped off" and was lured by the false advertisement on their website.I appreciate and thank you in advance for your concern on this matter.  Sincerely,
Daniel Halifko  Orlando, Fl.

*   Having just returned from Vegas....never loses it's glitter...would like to pass on to your readers. We have for years now stayed at the Golden Nugget and always told our family and friends to go there. What a change in the friendly staff that was under Steve Wynn. The readers should know up front that the Hotel and it's Private arrangement club are of no value to any one except the new owners. This use to be a membership that would get you better prices and a few bonuses for going thru the club to book a room. No more I booked with them after months of e-mailing them and it was 271.00 for a five nights stay and no perks offered by the club . A week later i got the same room for 230.oo and a 50.oo food and bev perk.  the readers should know this before booking their rooms direct. after this i contacted the hotel management and the club and i was told...."Good for you" glad you got a bargain This is an attitude Steve Wynn would never have let go by. I would ask your readers to maybe check with the Dessert Inn in the future and just maybe the Wynn spirit and friendly tradition went to the new purchase because it left the Golden Nugget and we will never return.  Bill Painter, Houston Texas

*  My husband, brother and I took a much needed vacation in Las Vegas in August 1999. We arrived a little early to check in at our hotel, so did a little shopping for the kids back at home. We parked our car in the parking garage of the hotel, and went in to register. After only being gone for perhaps 45 minutes, we went back out to the car to get our luggage, and discovered that our car had been stolen.  That was bad enough, but the attitude of of ALL the employees was what really turned us off of SAM'S TOWN. Not only was our car stolen, but all of our belongings as well. I suppose they didn't bother to be of any help, figuring we had no money to gamble.  After writing a letter to the President of SAM'S TOWN, and getting a worthless reply, I understood why the employees treated us so badly, the rudeness starts from the top and works down.  A friendly word of advice, DO NOT STAY AT SAM'S TOWN !!!!!  DS Newport Beach, CA

*  Restaurant -- BAD   Onda Mirage.  We went to dinner at Onda with one of the Chefs from Bellagio and his wife. He knew the Chef at Onda so we were expecting something great. The decor and service were admirable as were the appetizers and dessert. But my main course (Veal Marsala) was tough and swimming in grease and tasteless. My partner's main course (Chicken Parmesan) was so overcooked that the pasta had turned to mush. Even though the appetizers were comped our total dinner bill was nearly $400 with tip -- and we did not have cocktails or wine. For that price I expected something at least partially edible.

*  A recent stay to Las Vegas was with mixed reactions. We could not get a room at The Mandalay, the only place we'll ever stay in Las Vegas so we took a chance on New York, New York. NEVER AGAIN. Small rooms, no ventilation in bathroom, flimsy shower curtain, tiny TV, not enough pillows on beds, no directory of services in our room, having to drag our bags through the crowded casino to get to our bank of elevators. The way I characterize New York, New York is for people who are first, very young and don't know any better and secondly, for those who need a life and crave that frenzied level of excitement.  There's no escape in New's all noisy, boisterous and over the top. The restaurants, however, were quite good. We had an excellent meal at Il Fornaio-try their house Sangiovese and a wonderful meal at Gallagher's if you're a serious carnivore, albeit as noisy as the casino. Go to New York for a raucous time in the eateries, but leave the over night to a more comfortable place.   Bud Burlison

*  It was our 25th wedding anniversary, and our first time in Las Vegas. We stayed 4 days and 3 nights. It all started after we checked in at the Luxor, we went up to our room and started to unwind, then went to use the restroom and in the toilet was urine and cigarette butts, I was almost an hour before somebody came to clean it. Then if that wasn't enough, the next day we left for 4 or 5 hours and they supposedly cleaned the room while we were gone, they didn't vacuum, the bed sheet was side ways and no towels in the bath room. So had to call the manager again and had to wait for someone to come clean it again. The maid said she was sorry, and I don't think anyone cleaned this room!!!! (great). We went out the next day and came back after several hours to clean up and take a shower, only to our surprise, we had no electricity, no hot water, no showers!!!!!!! Another call to the manager. What is going on Now??? Oh there working on the new addition and someone had cut some wires. And we were leaving the next morning, no water no showers. It was bad enough the first day let alone every day after, and no apologies, Just a free buffet ticket for my wife and I. After spending the kind of money we did, this was a nightmare, and No relaxation. What a rude, rotten owner management!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will never return and we have told our friends "don't stay at the Luxor" that is for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unhappy and disgusted in Portland, OR Robert Buscher 

*  Hi, just got home from Vegas. took my daughter out there for her 21st birthday. Stayed at the Circus Circus. I will never stay there again. It is wall to wall kids. There were kids crying all hours of the day and night. They could not find there parents and when the parents were found, parents got mad at kids and yelled at them more. Kids sleeping in the hallways at 2 and 3 a.m. because parents to busy gambling. It made me sick. I do believe kids should not be allowed in Vegas at all. If they cant gamble at 21, then they should not be allowed to be in the motels until 21. Take your kids to Disneyland for a family vacation, NOT VEGAS. Patta711

*  We had a very bad experience riding the bus that runs on the strip. We caught the bus at the first stop from Fremont St. going back down the strip. When we made our way to the rear of the bus there were approximately eight people seated. They tried to provoke something from our group the entire time that they were on the bus. I had my 92 year old father-in-law, my wife and my stepdaughter with me. The entire experience was very unnerving. James Cox - Ozona Tx

*  Hubby and I were married 7/4/69 in Vegas and enjoy travel to the city at least twice per year. Dropped in for shopping at shops in Caesars and believe me what a shock to be trailed ( not subtle but blatant ) as a common thief in several of the stores; due to the color of our skin. Plan to drop in again in June and raise the level of concern if trailed again. Aurora, Colorado

*  I took my husband to Tally-Ho, assuming it was something he'd enjoy. There was a $10.00 per person cover charge. That in itself isn't bad, but they don't serve alcohol and for a glass of soda, the price was $8.00. Totally unbelievable. Also, Sassy Sally's employees practically drag you into their "casino" and try to make you believe that their machines are are 'loose'. Try to find a waitress for that free drink!! Definitely a scab on Fremont St. Terri Schmitz

*  My friend Dale and I are from Angus, Ontario and we recently had a bad experience in Vegas. We were walking along the strip enjoying the sites, only to have our evening ruined as we were constantly being harassed by people handing out sex related pamphlets, magazines and numbers. What a shame, such a wonderful city is being ruined by this type of behavior, and nobody seems to be regulating it. Mark, Ontario

*  On our Las Vegas trip we rented a car and drove around Las Vegas. We stopped at these two Casino's at the Stateline of Nevada/California. The food service was very slow and they treated us very poorly. We will not be going back to the Primadonna Casino. T. Wong, Illinois

*  We decided to see Las Vegas from the Air. We looked through your magazine and did not see any helicopter companies, so we picked up "another Las Vegas magazine" an unfortunately saw a big advertisement so we called them. What a problem organization. We did not read the extremely small print - so the prices they advertised were not available. A real Bait & Switch feeling. Please do not list their name, they do not need any free publicity. This also taught us a lesson about using companies not listed in your magazine, Insider Viewpoint. GS, Georga

*  Beware of Enterprise Car Rental!!!  I had been looking forward to a long over due vacation, so I invited 7 of my closest friends to join me in Vegas for the holidays (New Year's Eve). I wanted everything to be perfect so I made all of the arrangements 3 months in advance! Because of there being 8 of us going I reserved 2 cars for us to use during our 11 day stay. I called each of the places I had made reservations before leaving on our trip just to make sure everything was still in place and ready for our arrival...everything was okay. When we arrived in Vegas I called Enterprise Car Rental were I had reserved the 2 cars, giving them our confirmation numbers and they said they didn't have any cars available, that we should call back the next day!! Needless to say that didn't go over very well, but what were we to do, so first thing the next morning we called back and they said they still had not gotten any car's in that I should just call back every hour.....excuse me some things wrong with this picture, why should I have to call back every hour I made reservations here 3 months ago, well that went on for the entire day, like this is what I wanted to do my first full day in Vegas....I was once again promised the next day I would have a car, by the time the next morning came I was livid! They still claimed they had not cars available. We waited in the room for a few hours! I called later in the afternoon and the guy I spoke to said OH GEE I don't know why you haven't gotten a car yet we have had about 5 cars come and go this afternoon, but GEE I'm sorry we don't have any right now????!!!! That did it...needless to say I almost went through the phone.....he one more time promised me a car before they closed that evening.....You guessed it NO CAR again that day. The first thing the next morning I myself and one of the guys that came out with us went down to Enterprise in person......Guess what, we left there with a van! We had asked on the phone about a van as we would have taken anything after the run around we were getting but we were told that they would not have any vans until about the 3rd week of January! After causing a seen in the lobby of Enterprise, the manager says oh well gee if you want a van we will just get you a van!!!! When we first arrived at Enterprise there was another couple going through the same experience, and why we could not figure out as they had plenty of vehicles sitting on their lot!! No real reason why we were treated the way we were, and not even a gee we're sorry for your inconvenience! Cheryl Smith - Indiana

*  Traffic - Traffic . . . Who taught these people to drive and where are the officers who are suppose to arrest or issue traffic citations to offenders? I am in law enforcement and what a shame that grid lock and other major traffic violations go undisciplined. This city traffic looks like a ride at Disneyland. Someone needs to realize those traffic jams means people cannot get to their mega resorts, and this equals lost income. M. T. Chicago, Illinois

*  My three sisters and I took our mom to Las Vegas last year for her 80th birthday. We bought roundtrip tickets on the Ray and Ross shuttle bus service. What a mistake! The driver was totally incompetent and it took her 1 and 1/2 hours to get us from the MGM Grand to the airport!! Upon arrival at the airport she kept taking us to the arriving terminal, she did this three times! Lisa S.

*  We were at the Imperial Palace to get tickets to the Legends in Concert show, Feb 9 1997. The clerk working the main ticket booth was the most rude individual I have ever met. All we wanted to do was buy tickets for the show and she was upset that we didn't know where to go or how to get to the show room. We asked where we could purchase a drink while we waited in the show line she threw up her hands and told us to go upstairs. Bad day maybe, but we had another meeting with the same clerk the next time we returned to Las Vegas and her reception was just as bad. We will not be taking our money back there again. Heather Cooke

*  There is a casino called Sassy Sallys. You want to talk about being "hustled". These girls dragged us into the casino and bullied us into putting money into their worn out machines guaranteed us a winner. They also said that we could have a free drink because of losing the money, but we could never find a waitress to give us a drink. We will never go back to the Fremont Street because of the Sassy Sally's casino. Jack Griffin

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