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Area 51 -- General Information

Fact - Fiction - Cover Up - History

When people leak information about a Top Secret project to the public -- eye brows of government "personnel" are sure to rise. IF you want to make government "personnel" stand up and stare – then write something about Area 51 and Aliens. It seems that Top Secret - Aliens - Stealth - SR 71, S4 all have a common thread with Area 51.

AREA 51, part of the Nellis Air Force Range and Nuclear Test Site, is approximately 80-125 miles North and West of Las Vegas. At Area 51 the U.S. government is test-flying highly secret BLACK PROJECT aircraft for many years, several people think this includes UFOs. They call one part of this military site Groom Dry Lake area. It has been proven the Stealth and SR 71 projects were built and tested at this famous Area 51. Many people refer to this highly secret areas who work in and around this military installation as "Dreamland" or "Skunkworks" or sometimes just called "Groom Lake."

To date, only one person, Robert Lazar, has gone public and revealed the inner workings of Area 51 and S4, an even higher secretive part of the military base only 15-miles from Area 51. We have never met Robert Lazar and do not have any relationship with Robert Lazar, although we would like to have conversations with him. According to several newspaper articles and interviews, Mr. Lazar came forward and was the first person ever publicly to speak about this Top Secret area. All was fine at this highly sensitive base until that one night in May 1989 when Mr. Lazar, a physicist working at Area 51, spoke to the press about Aliens and their space crafts. As anyone can imagine, all Hell broke loose and it still has never settled down.

Robert Lazar opened the veil of security and was ready to back up his outlandish story. He explained his involvement in Area 51 and S4. His details of items Area 51 / S4 contained and the projects it housed shocked the world. He was so precise that he even gave the exact coordinates of Area S4, and they are N 37 01' 40", W 115 46' 35". Whether you believe in Aliens or not, everyone will admit it does make very interesting reading.

Whenever someone is first at revealing unusual information in this country everyone immediately thinks that person is either wrong, crazy or a person with some wild story fabricated for self attention. American history has had many outlandish stories told and later proved accurate. In the past decades many outlandish stories have already proven that some were facts and some are left to wonder about for years to come. Do you remember stories about Watergate, Oliver North, Roswell, JFK Assassination, Stealth Aircraft, Whitewater, O.J. Simpson, etc.?

As you can guess, the stories and rumors have run rampant over the years and finally we thought a little humor should be shed on this none humorous Top Secret Government Base. Introducing to our readers the Alien 51 Alien Driver License. Again, whether you believe in Aliens, space travelers, ET or little green men from Mars, you can now own an Area 51 novelty item.


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