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Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas . . . #1 Informational Guide of Las Vegas
Oldest Las Vegas City Web Guide
#1 Online Las Vegas Magazine
Las Vegas
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We List Only the Best Companies
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Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas!

See What Others Say About the Insider Viewpoint,  
#1 Rated Informational Guide of Las Vegas! 

Las Vegas
Best Advertising Rates - join Las Vegas Winning Team

Advertising Rates for Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas are the "Lowest in Nevada," compared with ANY magazine, electronic magazine or other Internet Web Site receiving remotely the same quantity of daily viewers. Other companies’ advertising rates cost 75% - 600% more!  See Our Advertising Rates!  Compare our rates to other forms of advertising media and we out surpass them all.  Click here for media cost comparisons.

If you have Products, Services, or a Corporate Image you desire seen by the most affluent worldwide visitors, conventioneers, gamblers and residents of Las Vegas, the Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas is your new advertising vehicle. Our advertising rates speak for themselves.

Why Advertise with a Las Vegas Web Site?

In 2002, there were an estimated 33,000,000+ visitors to Las Vegas. Today, 2007 there are more than 46,000,000 visitors annually and spending more than 38 Billion.    Do you want your share of this wealth? Ready to tap the Vegas market?

Everyone in business who sells a product or offers a service feels they are the best. How can anyone detect the difference between sales hype - empty sales pitches or a real quality product or service? Real proof of a great product is what others think of it. When companies spend their money or use a product and then write you a letter telling of their experiences, this reveals an accurate, unbiased evaluation.

The following segments from letters received explain some advantages of advertising with Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas. These letters depict the benefits Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas created for other companies. Now is your chance to become part of the winning Insider Team.

Also, illustrated below are segments from letters received by non-profit organizations through Fortune 500 companies requesting Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas information for their personnel or conventioneers. The reason this is important is simple: Our information is used as the "Bible" for people visiting Las Vegas, therefore visitors plan their trip around the advertisers located in our web site.

#1 Rated Informational Guide of Las Vegas
See What Others Say
about the
The Following Statements Are Quotes Taken from
the Numerous Endorsement Letters Received:


"The UNLV Education department would like to act as hosts and make available your magazine. The Insider Viewpoint is our first choice and will be the only magazine distributed from our booth." Clifford McClain, Ph.D. University of Nevada Las Vegas - College of Education

"Your site has been chosen a Select Site by the editors of the Dow Jones Business Directory: your guide to high-quality, business Web sites. Your site was reviewed along with thousands of other business sites in many categories, and was chosen because we feel it provides exceptional value to our readers." Glenn Fannick, Dow Jones Business Directory/The Wall Street Journal

"The Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas is an efficient and effective tool in reaching our target market. Your magazine is a benefit to our company, and provides returns much higher than our initial investment." Nevada Beverage Co. - Budweiser

"Your publication is unparalleled to all other publications in Las Vegas." Frontier Airlines

"My sales continue to range from local to worldwide and it is very remarkable how far your web site reaches." Tiffany Design

"Features here are too numerous to mention. Suffice it to say that if you’re looking for any information about Las Vegas and its gambling establishments, it’s available here. There is loads of traveling tips, too, including rental-car and dining information." Kathy Doyle, Dow Jones & Co. 

"Your magazine has out performed all other magazines we have been in or are currently in, in some cases multiple times more." Maxim Hotel & Casino

"The magazine is a great source of information for the tourist as well as for the local resident." MS Management Associates, Inc. - The Forum Shops at Caesars

"Our advertising in the INSIDER VIEWPOINT helped us to achieve our goal of communicating our message in a very cost-effective manner." Nevada Pro Sports - Sting & DustDevils Professional Teams

"The INSIDER VIEWPOINT is our most useful and informative magazine, acknowledged by both guests and bell staff. The INSIDER VIEWPOINT is distributed more than any other magazine available." Gold Coast Hotel & Casino

"In the first two weeks . . . I have received five solid leads from people wishing to buy or sell . . . and one gentleman is speculating for a major residential development."
Century 21

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See Our Advertising Rates!

We Have More Testimonials! 

"It is my pleasure to recommend to you the INSIDER VIEWPOINT. In 3 months our business has picked up significantly. We do track our lead sources, we can be sure we are giving credit where credit is due. Cancall Cellular

"We always run out of your magazines. Can we possibly get more, at least 800-1000 a week." Traveler's Aid at McCarran Airport

"We would like copies of your magazine, we thought it would be a new, fun and useful idea. Our Los Angeles Station employs 6000 people." United Airlines - LAX Airport

"I am faxing you this letter to request 800 copies of your guide." Prudential Insurance Company

"Our real estate associates have used and, indeed, looked forward to receiving your excellent publication for several years now. We highly recommend your publication to everyone." Americor Realty

"I am taking your time today to compliment you on the best Las Vegas Magazine available. This magazine is informative! Prudential Southwest Realty

"The INSIDER VIEWPOINT provides a nice overview of everything that is available in Las Vegas and it will be most helpful to the participants in planning their time." Department of Veterans Affairs

"I am requesting 750 copies of the August issue to give to some of our 1800 convention attendees." Untied Ostomy Association

You Must be Ready to Advertise By Now!

See Our Advertising Rates!

We Have More Testimonials!

"We are happy with your magazine . . . We would like to have this brought to us monthly." Bell Trans - Limousines & Buses

"We feel your publication demonstrates our community and businesses in a professional and positive light." Reynolds Electrical & Engineering Co. - E G & G

"I am requesting 300-500 copies of your magazine. I appreciate your help in giving our members a comprehensive guide to the city." National Adult Baseball Association

"This is just to confirm our conversation that agents of Coldwell Banker would like to distribute your publication to clients of ours that are relocating to Las Vegas." Coldwell Banker

"Our Fraternity is the oldest Fraternal Organization in the U.S., 112 years. Our hope is to get old line members around the country excited and join us at Harrah's Casino in June. We believe your magazine is the right promotion to do this." Gamma Eta Kappa Fraternity

"We hoped for a good reader response, but to our amazement, we were flooded with responses from readers." United Charitable Foundation of America

"When I discovered the INSIDER VIEWPOINT, it is by far the most articulate, informative, and comprehensive magazine I have read in all my business years in Vegas." A & B Travel

"We all agree wholeheartedly your magazine clearly and concisely detail pertinent information to visitors." United States Marine Raider Ass'n.

"We have a July 1994 issue that we have been using for our clients going to Las Vegas." (Written - February 28, 1995)The Travel Touch, Inc.

"We send out approximately one hundred (100) relocation packages per month. I found it to be very useful and was impressed by all of the information." Coldwell Banker

We have Hundreds of Testimonials!

We Want to Hear from You Today!

See Our Advertising Rates!

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Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas!

Phone: 702-242-4482
Fax: 702-893-0600

The above statements represents a small sampling of the several letters we receive monthly praising the benefits of Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas. We would like the opportunity to show you and your company how our advertising programs can work for you. Increasing your sales, getting your message to the public, these are realities awaiting your company by advertising in the Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas.

Only Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas's unique informational guide format combines the advantages of traditional advertising with the advantages of Yellow Pages advertising, while eliminating virtually all the drawbacks of both. Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas is more convenient than the Yellow Pages - and lists only "The Best" companies like yours - therefore our readers use our information with confidence instead of the Yellow Pages.

We are certain you will find the Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas to be the most effective and the best advertising value in Las Vegas - Nevada - Probably the United States. Clearly, Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas is where people look first for quality products and services they need.

Contacting Sales Department - Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas

The Sales Department is open Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. PST. Any of the Sales Representatives, or Richard Reed the owner, can answer all your questions over the phone and/or send you a complete media kit. 

If calling after business hours or sending an email, please include your name, phone number and the best time to be contacted. One of the staff, or Mr. Reed if you prefer, will return your call. We look forward to hearing from you today!

Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas
P.O. Box 15110
Las Vegas, Nevada 89114-5110

Phone: 702-242-4482

See Our Advertising Rates!


Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas
PO Box 15110 Las Vegas, NV 89114
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  "We List Only the Best Companies"
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