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Hello. My name is Richard Reed. I am the owner of this site (Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas, IVLV) and another 500 sites. Following is a very interesting short story that I would like to share with my web site visitors. For nearly 20 years, we here at Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas, have had a standing challenge for any person with a casino system who could demonstrate its effectiveness.  If it works. . . we will post the results.  After 19.5-years, we finally have found one system that has proven to be a winner.  
This is how it all happened....

I first became acquainted with Charlie Traffas, author of this Video KENO system in 2007. At that time, the relationship was that of a media/advertiser relationship. He bought advertising on my sites to market his Video KENO system. That was it.

In 2008, while discussing several gambling strategies on the phone, Mr. Traffas said, “Richard, you know you really ought to try my Video KENO system. I have been playing it regularly for years and it produces jackpots of several thousand dollars.” I told him, “No thanks," as I had tried virtually every system in the world, for every type of casino game over my 40+ years of Las Vegas gambling knowledge.

Relentless to prove his strategies to me, Mr. Traffas asked me again and again to try his system. His persistence won out. I finally said, “When I get the time, I will try it.”
In mid April of 2009 I had a little extra time so I and two of my friends, sat down to play Mr. Traffas's system at Palms Casino. I played for six hours. While I won dozens of 6 out of 8 jackpots that paid 98 to 1 each…and more than that in 5 out of 8 jackpots that paid 12 to 1 each…in the six hours, I lost approximately $300. I have gambled for many years. While I wasn’t terribly chagrinned with the outcome, it was just a normal slot session to me. I lost a little, but could have won a little. It wasn’t that big of a deal. A few more 6 out of 8s and I would have been even or ahead. Had I hit a 7 out of 8 for 1,550 to 1, it would have been real good. I reported the results back to him. Mr. Traffas was perplexed. While he has had many sessions over the years that did not produce enough 7 out of 8s to pull ahead, hitting as many 6 out of 8s as I hit was abnormal.

Bound and determined to show me his system works, Mr. Traffas offered to come out to Las Vegas and both of us would play together, side by side. To my amazement, he showed up a couple weeks later in Las Vegas, late April of 2009. We played over two days a total of 14 hours at the Monte Carlo Casino. During that period of time, I continued to hit my huge number of 6 out 8s and 5 out of 8s, but no 7 out 8s. However, Mr. Traffas hit scores of 6 out 8s, and hundreds of 5 out 8s, but most importantly, he hit eight 7 out of 8 jackpots for more than $32,000 in the two days (you can see the copies of the W2Gs during that time, click here); or to see jackpots  (he doesn’t post them all) totaling more than $540,000 he has won thus far in 2011, click here).

Now I really was curious. What was he doing that I wasn’t doing? I was playing slightly conservative as a newbie and he was actually playing more money than I and winning! Neither of us could figure it out why there was a different outcome.

I was determined to find out why I did not hit jackpots ( 7 out of 8 numbers ), when the person who was teaching me his system played next to me, playing the exact same method and was raking in thousands of dollars!

We arranged for Mr. Traffas to come back again in July of 2009 for another “roll up the sleeves” session. He did. I played again, right beside him, for two days, again at the Monte Carlo Casino. The first day, in an 8 hour session, I hit 72, 6 out of 8s and over 150, 5 out of 8s. The next day, the same thing happened. To add to my frustration, during these two days, Mr. Traffas hit 15 jackpots in excess of $69,000 in jackpots (again, check his site, the W2Gs are posted)!

My emotions were mixed. I was blown away by his success of hitting the 7 out of 8s and my inability to do so. We told each other we would try one more time, the next morning very early before he caught a plane for home.

I arrived at 4a the next morning at the Monte Carlo Casino. He had been playing since 3a. I selected my numbers as his system suggested I play, playing side by side machines just like I had done the previous days.

About 50 minutes later, Mr. Traffas said, “Let’s switch machines.” I thought that was a little odd, but he is the master of this program and maybe he has a plan. Reluctantly, I switched machines with him. I played his machine and he, after making a change to the amount of money I was betting per pull on the machine I was playing, played my machine.

About 30 minutes later, he hit a 7 out 8 jackpot on the machine I had started playing, with the numbers I had selected (he didn’t change these). I was happy for him, but was rather "tongue in cheek" about how he could win and I could not, using his same system.

We both realized the answer at the same time. I had been playing a set of cards for a set amount of money (all of this is explained in his system) that was not approved in his system.

I immediately changed the betting amount, number of cards played and continued playing the same numbers on the machine. Within 30 minutes, I hit a 7 out 8 jackpot on the machine, paying 1,550 to 1, which was $4,650.00. Click here to see the W2G I signed for at the casino.

The change of the betting amounts combined with the card selection was to get it in synch with his system. Trying to determine if this was a fluke, I moved to a machine right beside the one on which I had hit the jackpot, played the right cards and with a smaller amount per game…and what do you know... I won again…I hit a 7 out 8 jackpot within an hour, this paid me $1,550.00.

In the 40+ years of being around Las Vegas as a "casino player," I have never endorsed anything related to casino gambling. but I AM endorsing this system. This is the type of system that allows you to play for long periods of time, accumulating valuable casino players points and giving you the opportunity periodically to hit a jackpot.

Because of the multiple hours of play and the large number of players points I collected, Monte Carlo Casino and its sister casinos have already mailed me invitations for me to attend free shows, free food and free hotel rooms.

This is not a "get rich quick scheme" and please do not take your rent money to a casino. For those people who like to gamble and in my opinion want the best chance to win and/or hit a jackpot, this system works.

Mr. Traffas is willing to let you learn his system by giving you Part One of it FREE by clicking here. Take a good look at what you get. If this is all you ever do, it will help you understand one of the most interesting games in the house…that of Video KENO…and you will be miles ahead of anyone else playing the game.

What’s more, recently Mr. Traffas added what he calls “the most significant enhancement to his Video KENO system in more than 35 years.” This added enhancement has increased the money won on BIG JACKPOTS per hours played since its inclusion by 89% (again, all of the W2Gs are posted on his site for proof)!

As a reader of Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas, if you want to purchase this most comprehensive “how to” system, at a specially discounted price, along with a FUN WAY TO SAVE EVEN MORE…click here. Do you see how you can purchase both the Video KENO package (that contains this new added enhancement) and Power Ball Lotto Deluxe for only $149 (a $199 savings)? AND, do you see if you click on the right “HOT SPOT” on the home page you can save another $50 (making the total price only $99)? As a reader of Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas, you can start winning right now! The “HOT SPOT” is in the center of letter “O” in the word KENO at the top of the page.

The offer is limited…so if you want his entire package…that is currently priced lower than it has ever been offered…click the “HOT SPOT” and you will be on your way. By the way, when you get both systems, do not do what I did. Follow what his systems state to the letter. Once Mr. Traffas showed me the errors of my ways, it was an easy fix and the jackpots started rolling in.

You make your own decision, but if you order it, please know, I have arranged for all of my visitors to receive a 100% money back guarantee if they follow the system as it is written and are not satisfied.

Richard Reed
Owner -

PS. For all you skeptics, let me state, I do NOT own a piece of Mr. Traffas's company or own any rights to his system. I am fascinated with the performance and the ease of use. Even though I made a mistake in the beginning , it was easily corrected.

PSS. By the way, our 19.5-year challenge still stands, if you think you have a casino system that greatly improves your chance of winning, come to Las Vegas and show me! IF it works, I will post the results.

Win Big at Video Keno - My hat is off to you guys, you have a winner of a system…and now with this new enhancement…it looks to be even more so!

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