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Reader Polls Feedback for: September 5, through September 14, 2006

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

The McCarran Airport’s $125 million rental car center is now estimated to open November 1, 2006, instead of the original June 2006 opening date( IVLV thinks March 2007 would be more likely of an opening date). When completed, this building will handle 10,000 transactions daily, contain 6,000 parking spaces, 125 gasoline pumps and forty 15 passenger buses to transport people the 2.3 miles from the airport to the facility. This week’s Reader Poll asks: Do you think to have one facility for all rental car companies will be an asset or will this just make problems in a second location in the city besides at the airport?   What is your Opinion?  Why or Why not?
Reader Poll Replies:

I think consolidation of rental car companies into one building might be a good thing.  I am for it.  Wayne T.

Seems like the traffic at the airport is really getting out of hand, so this might be one way to eliminate some of the pressure.  Now if you could only convince the cab drivers to conduct themselves with professional driving skills the world would be perfect.  Clarence Sommers

No this will not only be a huge headache getting started but it will be like the Monorail a quick decision without a whole lot of thought process ever being applied. The congestion will never be corrected. 40 buses carrying 15 passengers great idea but where do they all go to. If a central location is picked or they are spread out I would feel better off taking a cab 2.3 miles rather than be herded on to a bus carrying an odd amount of people. Will they still charge the $3.00 facility fee?  tom e smith wheeling, wv

I think this is an excellent idea, as often when traveling you have to preplan where to pick up your car and how to find the location. When you are not familiar with the area, you can become very frustrated with the ordeal. This should run just as smoothly as the taxi line and will be very successful with good management.  Rosalind Dyke  St. John's, NL Canada

we'll see how well the planners have there act together as far as how well organized this new facility is. I have a feeling its going to be a cluster you know what for at least the short term. just what I want, on a hot Vegas day waiting over an hour to get my rental. and bringing it back will probably be a royal pain. your going to have to wait to rent and return then go through security at the airport in order to get home. making in most cases a long day longer and aggravating.  Ralph DiDomonic Hamden,ct

Hello.  As a frequent traveler throughout the US and one who comes to Vegas 3 to 4 times a year I find having all the companies in one spot beneficial. I rent from National and having it on the other side of the airport is confusing. At the rate the airport is growing in traffic this will make a lot more sense as the years pass. Jim Buck Longmont CO

*  I believe that the car rental facility will be fine. Cleveland has a single rental facility a few miles from their airport and it seems to run very well. Although Cleveland does not have the number of travelers that McCarron does, I have traveled through Cleveland quite a few times and I have not had any problems. Doug Brobst Virginia Beach, VA

No I think it should be good for the car.  jim miller  worcester ma

*  Using technology already perfected by the airlines, your 6-character itinerary code could also pull up your information for a car rental. A fleet of busses on a few-minute interval picking up all renters with car boarding passes, and dropping off at a central car terminal where your chosen car is being dropped in a numbered slot. Scan your boarding pass, and get a slot number, keys are in, drive away. Just Who you rented from may be a bit hazy, but the computer knows, your card is charged.  Don Bartley  Portland, OR

*  I think it will be great! I always shop for the best car deal. I never seem to get the best deal from the same company on my 5 to 6 trips a year to LV. When it comes time to return my rent car, I always get lost. I never remember the location. In Orlando most of the major car rentals are in one location. One location for picking up and dropping off, no matter which company. I also find that the companies seem to be more competitive with their pricing when they are in one location. I say yes!  Misty Wood  San Antonio TX

 I have spent years perfecting my rental process to the quickest time possible. Now there going to screw me!   greg

I believe that the new facility makes complete sense. As busy as McCarran is, to consolidate and separate these fliers from the rest of the travelers is a step in the right direction.  Bryan T. Miller  Boyne City, MI

Making a difficult task easy is what it sounds like to me. When you are unfamiliar with a city one location for rentals sounds Great. Hope it is handicapped friendly with lanes marked that are not merging across one another. The police traffic control department should be able to keep traffic flowing, or trained McCarron people. Everything has a few bugs in it at first but Las Vegas is one of the few places I've been to that functions efficiently. Sounds like another winner to me. Joanne Walsh  Hometown, IL

 I think it will definitely help. After all, they care rental agencies have tons of buses pass through the area throughout each day - what is the difference of on-site traffic? I think it will prove move convenient and maybe lower prices - who knows?  M A Brooks  Lawrenceville, GA

*   I love the idea! Cleveland has a central facility for all the rental car companies. It seems to eliminate some of the hassle of trying to find the correct shuttle bus, there is only one to take. Sure there will be a little traffic getting out but there is traffic everywhere in Vegas. I think it might even make pricing a bit more competitive since you can always walk to the next company if you don't like the rates.  Angela Carameli  Lorain, OH


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