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Reader Polls Feedback for: September 25, through October 4, 2009

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.



This week the Nevada Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the 2006 Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act banning indoor smoking in restaurants, grocery stores, bars that serve food and most places open to children. This week’s Reader Poll asks the question . . . Since the no smoking ban has come into effect, has this changed your Las Vegas trips or really altered your gambling, visiting, or convention activities in any way? Do you think it is a good or bad law?  What is your opinion? We want to hear from you!

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the exact words of our readers
and may not be full sentences, correct grammar or correct spelling.

Reader Poll Replies:

I think it is a good law and I enjoy not having to breath all that smoke every time I go into a local bar or grocery store.    Linda H.  Las Vegas

For my two cents worth, I like the ban on smoking.  However, I do wish they would allow smoking of other items in its place, at home obviously.   Ray Tulsa OK

Now that I have quit smoking...I think it's a good idea. I never thought smoke would bother me..I smoked 3 packs of non filter Pall Malls for 40 years...never thought I would get thro my Vegas trips without smoking..but here I am!  Giving up smoking in the Casino's, restaurants vs giving up Vegas...Vegas wins! Most States have the same laws re
smoking...most people are used to it!   Sandra Sigmund Lorain, Oh

It is my pleasure to smoke and I really dont want some law telling me what I cannot do, I think it is a bad law, let me die the way I want.  George S.  Boston MA

I think it is a terrible law. I am a smoker. My rights to smoke are being violated. I eat less at the finer restaurants, unless with a group.I leave less of a tip because, i am not relaxing after a meal being hurried along. I hate the new rules, you can smoke in most casinos there should be a place for us smokers, rather than outdoors. We don't cry loud enough I guess. Why not limit the drinks also. They can kill also. Some who drink, do drive. Think the goverment would go for that.  Rose Spak  Belvidere,Illinois

 i smoke but i have learned to live with the new laws. i wish i could quit i truely do but as of now i'm a smoker. you learn to adapt, overcome ect. i'm good with the law, smokeing is offensive to non smokers. however i do wish some kind of compromise can be taken. giving us smokers the ability to smoke in restricted areas. maybe a section in a rest. in a
bar in some area ect. that would be cool. ventilation would be a problem of course but possibly a suction vent would work.   ralph   hamden,ct

Wait a second...this is still Vegas right? Why are they going to turn into a bunch of wusses now! What ever happened to "What hapens in Vegas stays in Vegas" as long as it is not smoking? Give me a break. Now I do not smoke, nor do In like the the smoke, but that is part of Vegas! And frankley it makes me sicj that the "Adult Playground" is turning into a freekin' day care center! Leave your grubby little kids at home. Vegas is
No Place For A Child! This is no place for a family vacation.  Don Stone  Phoenix, Az

Wow...Personally I am happy for the ban. I usually hate the fact I smell like 1 great big ashtray. That being said...It's Vegas Baby! Come on now Understand this is place where pretty muh anything goes, and now they want to "protect" peoples health. That is why 1/2 the people do what they want to do. Stop people from smoking? What good is
that going to do. There are many other things in Vegas that should get the courts attention. Smoking should not be high on their list.  Sonny Clark  Dallas, Tx

 I am a smoker, and like to smoke while I am playing in a casino, or walking the the strip, Fremont Street, ect. I can live without a smoke while I am eating, shopping, and other places where smoking is not allowed. It is better for me and everyone around me. As much as I like smoking, I don't want to send a wrong message to the children, or anger people who are trying to enjoy a meal. It is a good law.  Alan Wagner  Sheboygan Wi

Yes, we tend to eat at our r.v. instead of going out to eat when we visit anywhere we can't smoke. this includes las vegas.I sure don't want to be where I'm not wanted.  peggy murphy  huntington, texas

Well, my answer has to be very straightforward and simple. Both my husband and I are non-smokers and we think it's a good law. We wish it could be expanded to cover casinos in Las Vegas as it has in Colorado gambling towns, e.g. Cripple Creek. We don't look for that to happen, though, in Las Vegas. And, no, the law has not changed our trips to Las Vegas or activities while we're there.   Margaret Russell Colorado Springs, CO

 I go to places that do not allow smokeing.I have came to vegas 3 times last year. befor the law I came once a year.So I have spence a lot more money there. But I do belive each busness should be the ones who decide weather to allow smokeing or not.I think the goverment should keep out of it.   steve   sedalia,mo




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