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Reader Polls Feedback for: September 25, through October 4, 2007

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


The weather is cooling down here in Las Vegas and we are beginning to hear the rumors of a few casinos selecting dates when they will be closing their swimming pool facilities for this year. This week's Reader Poll asks . . . How important are the swimming pool functions to you when you visit a Las Vegas casino? Do you think the casino pools should be offering full pool facilities year round regardless of the weather or should it be open only in the hottest months of the year? What is your opinion? We want to hear from you!

PLEASE NOTE: The following text entries are the words of our readers
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Reader Poll Replies:

I think the pools should be seasonal, even us Canadians get cold in the winter months in Vegas.  Linda T.  Vancouver, Canada

I think it is something that you should always keep open. Some people like to swim daily, reguardless of the weather, for exercise. And if you heat your pool during the winter, then you can swim at any time during the year. I think it is one the best perks at a hotel. You may not want it all the time, but it is there when you need it.  Kathie Paniagua  Fresno, Ca.

I would like to see the pools open for as long as possbily maybe not in Dec - Feb but the other months I think they should be open. What is the norm for when pools close in Georgia.  Melissa  Atlanta, GA

do not need a swimming pool in vegas. there are too many things to see and do to waste time doing something you can do at home anytime. the prices of everything are much higher now than when i first visited. the sights and slot machines are not poolside. i go to vegas to see all the great casino designs, freemont street, and of course to gamble. do not think the pools are what brings anyone to vegas.  martha goins  oklahoma city, ok.

I live in a colder climate so vegas cool months would not bother me. Keep them open all year!  Paul  sarnia ontario canada

I feel the pools should be open all the time as the weather could be warm on some days you can go outside to relax as far as food I feel if you can get a drink or little something to eat that would be ok when I go to Paris hotel in February if the weather is warm & the sun is shinning I go out to the pool take a good book to read & relax. It really doesn't cost the hotel any additional $ as they always have a lifeguard out there.  Judy Backer  Oceanside NY

Being Canadian, where winter can last up to 7 months, the year round pool IS important. We stayed at the Flamingo last March, but made sure the pool was open and we could get a Cabana for a day. The pool was the reason we chose the date.   It would be great to go down in December (when it's 0 degrees up here) and enjoy Vegas with ALL amenities!  Geo Major  Calgary  Canada

Living in Alaska, I look forward to going someplace warm during late fall and winter. I welcome the opportunity to splash around in a swimming pool, order a drink and catch a few rays when traveling. Because I am a business owner, I understand the economics of closing the pool facilities during colder months. But looking through the eyes of the consumer, I hope the casinos consider leaving the pool facilities open. Afterall, if it weren't for the consumer, would the casinos be open.  Judy Cloud  Kenai / Alaska

I personally enjoy having a pool available during my stay. I like to gamble in the casino but not during my entire stay. I'm more likely to stay more days at a time if there is a pool available.   Edward Schulz  Urbana,OH

When we come to Vegas, the pool is only a secondary thought. I always bring my swimsuit but we never seem to have time to use the pool. I do not thing that closing the pool will deter any one from coming to this fun city. After all, Vegas is not known for it's swimming.  Rosemary Almony  Blackwood, NJ

I think the pools should be open year round. one of the reasons for a vacation is to sun and get a tan especially when its cold and snowny in your own back yard.  It may be too cold to sit by the pool but let me make that decision , not the hotel.  ross litton  chicago

Being that I'm from the East Coast, when temperatures in Vegas dip all the way "down" to the 60's...Brrrrr, I find it ludicrous that the pools would be closed. In addition, being that everything in Sin City is done to excess, how 'bout just heating the pools or having extravagant indoor/outdoor facilities for swimming? I know that the casinos lose money while you're doing the dog paddle but please allow us to get wet and have a little fun - you'll eventually get all of our filthy lucre anyway.  Shawn Brighton  New York, NY

I believe the pool area should be open year around if not for swimming then just relaxing during the day. The casinos offer no other area just for relaxing.  terry yeagy  indianapolis, in

I think the pools should stay open year round for those of us who like to gather around the pool, hot or cold. With the money they are taking in, I am surprised that no one has taken the lead role in introducing a pool area with a retractable roof. If the stadiums can do, Las vegas can do It!  Kenny Brown  Clarksville, In

The pool is irrelevant to me. I would never use it.   Mary Welling-Bonney   Jackson

We don't use the swimming pools when we go to Las Vegas but I think they should be available for those who wish to use them at any time of the year . Visitors from colder climates would especially enjoy being able to take a swim in on their visit considering the climate they have back home may be much colder.  Dolores  Alpine,Ca.

I would like to see the pools open year round (heated during the cooler months). I often convince non-gambling friends to join me on my trips to Las Vegas and this gives them something to do during my prime gambling time!  Lorinda Clevenger  Indianapolis/IN

There's nothing better than a dip in the pool on the Las Vegas Strip. Pools at the Mirage, MGM, Mandalay Bay, etc. are some of the most luxurious in the world. I have no problem with casinos shutting the pools down in the winter months, but the casinos really ought to consider leaving the pools open longer hours in the Summer. Many pools close at 5 or 6 PM and the Summer temperatures are often over 100 degrees at midnight. So keep the pools open longer in the Summer!  David   Millersburg

Swimming pool facilities should be opened and available year round. It gives guests some well needed rest from the all of the action-it revives people and allows families to have quality time together while on vacation. Pools make Las Vegas vacations family-friendly.  Veronica Hoffman  Milford, CT

A casino pool should be open any time the sun is out and the wind is not blowing dust. Sometimes its hard to schedule that. Its equally a risk to buy plane tickets and reserve a room with the express desire of lying in the sun, even in the summer. Bring a suit. If the pool is open, the sun is out, and the cards have gone cold, at least you can work on a little color and scenery. Otherwise, find a hotel with an indoor hot tub. With bar service? Big-screen TV? Keno? Sports Book Annex?  Don Bartley  Portland, OR

Coming from the northeast, I really like to be able to enjoy a pool when I vacation, but not if it's too cold. If they don't have a way to cover or heat the pool, it might as well be closed.  jess  ithaca, ny

Depending on who you are traveling with kids,ect. Some may want the pool open year round, but why would you want ot go in a pool in the middle of December, I live in Yuma AZ and it is just as hot, but it does cool down and I do not think the pools should be open year round.   Kathy  Yuma AZ

full pool facilities year around.  Wm Brackney  Rvierview MI

Why would the casinos want to close the pools down. They are part of the Vegas experience.  Mark Przybylo  Flat Rock Mi

Being from Wisconsin. if it is 70 degrees plus, I like to be by a pool, even if it is just to sleep for a few hours between during the day so I can gamble at night!  Lynnea Wilson Green Bay, WI

keep it open.  don wilkirson  marietta,ga.

I enjoy the pool areas for a break during the day and would enjoy them being heated and opened year round. it is nice to get away from the hustle and bustle for a few hours with out having to just be looking at the four walls of your hotel room although they are very nice rooms at the hotels we have stayed at.  cpatrick

Yes if heated as the pools are an attraction to many and the guests out of the country.  Such as Canada the pool means alot however, the heat should be turned off in the spring- to save Money.  Carroll Mcintosh  Los Angeles CA




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