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Reader Polls Feedback for: September 25, through November 4, 2006

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


On November 7, 2006, Clark County (Las Vegas) residents will elect 1-Federal Senator, 3-Federal House Representatives, Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, Attorney General, several state senators, assemblymen, various county officers, judges and voters will be asked to vote on the no smoking and second hand smoking questions on the ballot. Previously IVLV wrote about the movement to ban smoking in Las Vegas and it is now going to a vote. This week’s Reader Poll asks . . . Should smoking be banned in all public places or should there still be area of Las Vegas where people are allowed to smoke. What is your opinion?  Why or Why not?

Click here for the entire 91 pages on information about the upcoming Nevada elections and a break down of each issue.

Click here to see what the Coalition suggest you vote to protect your rights about these issues.

Reader Poll Replies:

I think smoking and gambling go together.  I would hate to see it banned in casinos, but I would like it to be banned where we eat.  Gloria A.  Chicago, IL

 I would sure appreciate it if the ban on indoor smoking was adopted in LV. Every time I come there the only major drawback is the smokers and the air. It is a real drag to sit at a tables game and have a person smoking and in between puffs they put it in a position where the smoke doesn't hit them but the others around. You would come into the 21st century if a ban was enacted.  Jim Buck Longmont CO

Yes. The damage it does to the whole community outweighs the pleasure it provides to the few!  M A Brooks  Lawrenceville, GA

*   I think the smoking should be stopped completely. Since it is a known fact that smoking is not healthy for our bodies, or to receive second-hand smoke, there should be no discussion as to whether smoking should be allowed. If there is a certain pill that people were taking and it was known for a fact that it was killing people, wouldn't it be taken off the market? We are educated Americans, we should act like it.  Karla Dominguez  Pagosa Springs

Part of the charm of Las Vegas is the ability to enjoy multiple vices. What would a casino floor be without the stale tobacco smoke, and the alcohol exhalations of inebriated gamblers looking for a hooker? Honestly, the right to enjoy tobacco needs to be balanced against the right to not participate in that particular vice. Casino cigarette girls selling The Patch? Charcoal filtered smoking masks? Separated smoking areas? Ban the escort pimps on the streets too?  Don Bartley  Portland, OR

I feel the ban on smoking in casinos will be the downfall of Las Vegas for tourism. I for one will not be back again. They (Ontario, Canada) put in a public smoking ban which included Casino Windsor, and now they are passing a bill to allow sports betting there and building a sports book in the casino because they have been losing tons of money since the smoking ban went into effect. I doubt if this will help. But if they pass this in LV, as I said, we won't be back.  N Peterson  Bloomfield MI

Regarding smoking - how about having a good sized smoking room for the smokers to gamble, with the majority of floor space for non-smokers - a switch, but positive for many people today. In Albuquerque, all of our restaurants are now smoke-free - except snack bars at bowling alleys - can't figure that out.  C.E. Peck  Albuquerque, NM

*  Smoking should not be banned in the casinos.  Kendra Stevens  Killen, AL

 Most Smokers are not considerate of those of us who do not smoke and I have left casinos rather than to be subjected to smoke all around me. Perhaps limit smokers to certain enclosed areas, so that they can inhale their own smoke and the second hand smoke of others and have a smoke free area for those of us who don't enjoy the addiction to tobacco. Perhaps smokers could go through a smoke free area near entrances to go to an enclosed area where they could smoke and gamble.  John  Overland Park, Ks.

*  As an ex-smoker, who still has the longing for a cigarette, I understand why smokers would avoid places where it is not allowed.  Since Las Vegas is known as a place for fun and relaxation, I think that a smoking ban would have a serious effect on our economy.  I believe that areas should be set aside to accommodate smokers and give them the sense of acceptance they need.  Phyllis Moore  Las Vegas, NV

I believe that Las Vegas should leave things just the way they are now. Gamblers are smokers! I have witnessed Casinos with no smoking gaming areas and how those areas are avoided. Smokers must avoid them and non-smokers believe that these areas have different luck than the regular areas. Any move to change would be a mistake.  Bryan T. Miller  Boyne City, MI

* I prefer non smoking, as I am offended by cigarette smoke. Many people try to lead healthy lives & smoking aggravates my allergies. Let the hotels build areas where smoking is allowed for those who want it. Carol Jernigan State Road, NC

As a previous smoker I was one of the few smokers who respected other peoples rights to have a clean environment while dining out.  I Never smoked in eating establishments because it was a question of common courtesy for others instead of my own wants and needs.  The problem with society today is too many people feel as if "It's All About Me!" and to %*@# with everyone else.  As far as I'm concerned smoking should be banned in restaurants and all public places!  Don Wilson  Bushnell, Il

Non-Smoking Casinos will lose money. People will not stay at slot machines or tables for extended times. I am a smoker and I know I will not sit still for a long time without having a smoke. Once I leave a machine I am playing, someone else will take it and I will have to move on to somewhere else. How about banning alcoholic beverages and get rid of the drunks?  Jerry Carrigan  Wilson, NC



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