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Reader Polls Feedback for: September 15, through September 24, 2006

Answer our reader Poll, win 1 free $55+ Show ticket!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive one $55+ show ticket! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.


The Las Vegas Monorail is making an attempt to expand. This expansion is a proposed link from MGM Grand Casino, down Harmon Road to Paradise and then to the airport. Many people have mixed opinions over the previous success or lack of success of the Monorail. This week’s Reader Poll asks a series of questions regarding the Las Vegas Monorail. What do you consider a fair price for a one way or a round trip Monorail ticket? Have you ridden the Monorail? Would you ride the Monorail from the airport to one of the existing Monorail casinos?  What is your Opinion?  Why or Why not?
Reader Poll Replies:

I hope the expansion goes better than the original construction which had numerous delays.  I guess I am for it if they get their act together and do not make a mess of the streets during construction.  Harry S. TN

*  The monorail price can't exceed the cab fare for 2 people to the destination. No more than $4. per person per ride or $8 round trip.
Yes, I used to ride it when it was $3 per ride and you could get all day passes for a discount.  I don't think they currently have enough trains to make the distance from the airport to your hotel in a reasonable amount of time, so I wouldn't take it from the airport because the wait between trains would be too long.  The monorail has been losing money and they need to make it profitable first by marketing it better to tourists and reducing the current fares to get people to ride it more often. The competition from the new Duce busses shows that it can be done for $2 right on the strip, so why would you walk to very the back of the casino's only to have to pay $5. For two people you can get almost anywhere on the strip for a $10 cab ride and it takes you right to the front door.  Bill Randen

*  The Monorail should be expanded to go to and from the airport to the strip and down to Fremont street. This will help eliminate traffic congestion on the Strip and reassure visitors that they are not being ripped-off by taxi drivers. A fair price $2.50 one way, all day pass $7.50.  Candy Quiles  Cleveland, OH

 I'd say first like 3 to 5 dollars is a fair price. second I have rode the rail and found it to be slow. I also noticed there was no wheelchairs for those who may need a ride to the rail itself. third, if they work it out and you happen to be staying at a hotel that is serviced by the monorail yes I would take it, rather than a cab or the shuttle and if the expansion services several strip hotels I would not even need a rental car. Ralph Hamden, Hamden, CT

 I think a good price for the monorail would be $5 from the airport. There are waits for the shuttle and sometimes they are not even available. However, I think the monorail should run 24/7. I ride the monorail quite often when I visit Vegas and think it is the fastest and coolest way of travel from casino to casino. As long as there is easy access to it from the airport and if you travel light, it would be the way to go. Maybe the fare could be adjusted by the distance traveled.  R. Dyke  St. John's, Nl Canada

*  I have ridden the Monorail - both last year and this. I think the price hike this year was an outrageous % increase. Still, it is much faster than Deuce or Trolley. Shuttle from airport is now $5.50. I'd take Monorail if it ran 24 hours/day at same intervals as now. Beats waiting 1+ hour for shuttle from airport, but even shared ticket rates are outrageous as they now stand. Would not take if they went up again.  L A Graham  Boston, MA

Haven't ridden since we usually rent a car, but if it became available from the airport, we'd certainly consider it as an option. Cost: $1 between casino stops, $2 to/from MGM and the airport.  Jeff Frank  Plymouth, MI

$2.00 is a fair price. The current price is too high since I can get a cab for door to door service if I am traveling with a companion for about the same price. I have ridden the Monorail. I would ride the Monorail from the airport if I was staying at a hotel it stops at or is very close to a stop.  Debra Brillhart-Grzybowski  Buffalo, NY

Have been to Vegas twice and have used the Monorail. Would love to see the monorail go to the airport for trans, to hotels on strip. Tired of rip off taxi's taking the long way around to hotels just to charger more money to Me and all others are getting ripped. For 1st timers You would get a good view of Vegas & some of its layout from the Monorail to get your barrings. A $2.00 trip form airport would be good. And the Monorail would have full trips. Or have a day pass like the buses $5.00  Gordon Spraker  Dunnellon, fl

*  I have ridden the monorail once during my visits to Las Vegas. It seemed a little expensive (used to riding the El in Chicago for a couple of bucks) and not very convenient since most of the casinos are a long distance from the stops. I would hate to have to drag my luggage from the monorail stop to the hotel if I caught it at the airport. It also doesn't do a thing for you if you use the casinos on the west side of the strip. All in all, I think it needs some more thought.  Richard Pinter  Schaumburg, IL

RT a price of $12.00 is fair considering the price of taxis and limos, good idea and would be convenient for vacationers on long weekends, no need to rent a car especially with the new taxes added to renting.  Janet Baumann Chicago, IL

*   I love the monorail. We preferred it to the Duece when applicable. An all day ticket would be better perhaps 10/day. Three dollars round trip. We would definitely ride it.  diane au  merritt island, florida

*   $3.00 one way.  Yes I've ridden the monorail. I would use it from the airport.  lucy  topanga, ca

 I certainly would ride the Monorail to my hotel. I ride it frequently in Seattle and enjoy the boarding process, the lack of being in traffic tie-ups, and the cost of the ride.  Frances Moses  Auburn, WA

*  I feel that the Monorail must be priced to be competitive with the other forms of transportation--the monorail is too expensive perhaps a better price would be $2.50 per trip. I have not ridden the monorail because it is too expensive and so what out of the way for many events I want to attend. Yes I would ride the monorail from the airport to a casino because it probably would be faster and more comfortable -I would encourage the extension and it will benefit Las Vegas.  W John  des plaines, il

* Fair price? $3.00 round trip.  Have ridden only once and was pleasantly surprised.  Ride monorail from airport to hotel? Only if someone volunteers to carry my luggage.  Joanne Kammer  Lansdowne, PA

*   ya would ride.  jim   erie

A fair price would be $12.00 return per person from the airport.
I have ridden other monorails and find them to be satisfactory. I would ride the monorail provided there is adequate security and assistance available for older folk.  Lynne Trachtenberg  Winnipeg Canada

* I have ridden the Monorail, purchased a full day $15.00, think price is too steep. If luggage is too bulky for air passengers, then no to the Airport. I would like to see shuttles at each stop for people who can not walk the distance to all Casinos. It is misleading to tell passengers that they are in close proximity to these Casino when in fact they have quite a walk ahead of them. I would like to see the Monorail with a real Fremont station, instead of another costly bus ride.  Gayle McKilligan Edmonton, AB Canada


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