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Reader Polls Feedback for
September 15, through September 24, 2005

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 2 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE!  The 2 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

At the press night yesterday for the new show Buck Wild at the Sahara Casino, IVLV was approached by a group of concerned ladies who would like to ban all topless shows in Las Vegas. What is your opinion, should all topless shows be banned in Las Vegas?  Why or Why not?
Reader Poll Replies:

I feel that some shows need to have topless entertainers to give it the real Las Vegas touch.  Not every show needs to show skin, but adult entertainment is what many people come to Vegas for and they want to see flesh.  Ann Gaber  WI

* I think banning all topless activities would be a major mistake. The topless shows are part of what makes "Sin City" so popular. With the way things are regulated concerning prostitution and topless/nude shows, there should be little concern. Only the people that are old enough and want to see it are going.  There aren't any people forcing anyone to go see the topless shows. If the people protesting don't want to see topless women, then they do not have to see the show.  In addition to seeing beautiful women's breasts, the topless nature also brings more excitement to the already popular shows. Please don't ban the topless shows!  Vegas Troy

* If you are embarrassed by the topless shows then vacationing in Las Vegas is not for you. It is an adult playground where adults can go and not be considered weird. I enjoy the shows, they are done very tastefully and they are exciting. It is quite an aphrodisiac when you are with your significant other. I do not think these shows should be banned. Tell them women or whoever they are to stay out of VEGAS!  Janet

* While I personally do not attend the topless shows, I find the idea of taking some of the "sin" out of sin city quite ludicrous. I do appreciate the shows that have a non-topless version, a choice. However, Vegas, shows, and topless are synonymous, might as well make Vegas free of alcohol and gambling, as make it free of topless.  Kelly

Topless is not for me -- but Las Vegas being what it is there will always be an audience for this kind of entertainment. We all have freedom of choice and can buy tickets for the things we enjoy.  Joanne K

People People People. Topless shows have been a part of Las Vegas for almost as Long as the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign has been around. For those women who want to ban the old tradition - please - get a life or get a real job. It is not like these women are walking the streets topless, they are performers putting on a very entertaining show in a live theater for those who WANT TO SEE. I am a women who has seen a topless show in Las Vegas. The shows are done with taste and class and If you don't want to see them - DON'T GO - its that simple. Why break tradition. There is a saying "Don't try to fix something that isn't broken".  JDW - Washington

* Should All Topless Shows Be Banned In Las Vegas? Ban the Follies? Ban Jubilee? Oh my goodness, no! Pardon the pun, but this form of titillating entertainment has been a part of Las Vegas' appeal for decades. If you CHOOSE to, you can put your hard earned money on the counter and buy your tickets to see the glamorous ladies in their mile high feather headdresses (or to be fair to the ladies, the 6 pack stud muffins of Chippendales or Thunder Down Under) and-oh-by-the-way TOPLESS in their choreographed routines. Don't feel left out if feathers are your scene and you want to introduce minors to the art form, several of the venues offer covered shows. And if feathers aren't your scene, then choose one of the other, more risqué topless shows sprinkled along the Las Vegas Strip. Here's what it boils down to, the shows will close when the crowds CHOOSE to quit coming to see them. Choose. Choice. It's a matter of choice as much as what you see on your cable/digital television - if you don't like it, you don't have to pay your money to watch it. Don't let a few nay sayers impose their choice on the rest of us who enjoy this form of entertainment.  If you really want to ban something, then how about banning the handouts of the prostitutes-for-hire cards along the Las Vegas strip - where parents, much to their chagrin, see junior looking down at the cards that have been thrown down on the sidewalk by people shocked at what was thrust into their hands.  Kevin Coolidge

* If they don't like it stay home. stay out of Las Vegas if you don't like what goes on in Las Vegas.  GJ Smith

I feel that people going to Vegas have an expectation of being a little edgy in their expectations for their entertainment dollar. I have been to Vegas numerous times & enjoyed the follies at the Trop, Splash at the Riv & feel the show at the Sahara will be pretty tame all things considered. in forty years of travel to Vegas, I have never dragged into any show. I say let the market decide, if the show is good , they will be well attended if not the show will close quickly.  Curtis Mullen

I would rather see a a topless review with girls parading in elaborate costumes than something like "Zumanity".......not to pick on that show, but I would rather see the grace and feminity as opposed to a 'rawness' of sex. I would rather see a topless review than listen to the vulgarity performers seem to think is necessary in their shows. Both have been a part of the entertainment in Vegas for a long time. What was once called "blue material", is ever present and as long as that is still considered part of entertainment, I find it silly to ban topless reviews......and as a woman, while I am not interested in finding a topless show, I am more comfortable being entertained that way than trying to understand what is funny about jokes full of cursing. Besides, it is a part of our history.  Barbre Brunson

Topless shows if performed late night should not be banned. Under such conditions, personal liberty is preserved as well as concerns for children are safeguarded. Personal liberty translates to personal choice and as such, a cornerstone of American values will be further protected. As an additional note, most Vegas topless shows are presented with taste, class and dignity. Richard Berman

Those shows are fine. If those ladies are offended by that type of show then they don't need to go to them. People who are not offended have the right to go to them if they want. People do not have the right to impose their particular moral agenda on others. It is a free country and as long as no one is being hurt it is not their business what other people do. A believer in rights for all.  Heather Doyle


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