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Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas . . . #1 Informational Guide of Las Vegas
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Las Vegas
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Reader Polls Feedback - 
Reader Poll Starting September 9, 1999

Question in black type - Answer from our Readers in blue type 

1.  Insider Viewpoint has over 1,000 pages of information about Las Vegas, did we leave information out you want or what items would you like to know more about?

* I am so happy you moved the paper magazine to the web.  It has made it very easy for me and my friends to plan our trips to the great Las Vegas. No changes needed.  Betty L. 

* Start a new section. . . Even though we travel with our regular same group of 16 people to Vegas every couple months, we would like to know what Mr. Reed does on a daily basis to enjoy Las Vegas.  With all his connections and people that he must meet having the magazine and the web sites, are there several fun things that us tourists are not aware of but should be told about?  Reading through this great web site I have seen it mentioned that Mr. Reed is single and been in Las Vegas for almost 30 years, he must be doing things or going places the rest of us would love to know about.  A couple of the people who travel with us are single, very attractive females, maybe we could get them together?  Maybe he would like to join our group for a few drinks and a good time?  The Los Angeles connection  Marcy & The Gang.

* It would be nice to see more pictures of casinos and the surrounding sites. Ben.

* My wife and I would like to know more about the night life Las Vegas has to offer.  I understand you wanting to maintain a family web site, but we would still like to receive information about adult only items.  Carl & Alicia

* Provide a map of the city and the surrounding sites of interest.  When traveling to your city we are not sure how far away Grand Canyon or the Dam is located in miles or hours traveled.  It would make it easier to plan our trips.  Eddie & Barbara

* Offering package deals to Las Vegas would be a big help.  We live in the Midwest and often our travel agent does not have deals for Las Vegas.  Harold

* We want to see pictures of the cocktail waitresses around Las Vegas.  Who has the best outfits and best looking staff?  Your single friends from Texas.  Jim

* How about some music?  Robert


#2  What do you like the best about the Internet?

* Best thing about the Internet is the freedom you have to find out any information in the world.  I found your web site years ago and it has provided myself, my friends and coworkers with thousands of dollars worth of savings without costing us a penny.  Thanks   Barbara

* Meeting people from around the world is the greatest benefit I have used on the Internet.  The people seem very friendly and starting a conversation through email is a lot easier than meeting new people face to face.  Walt

* The deals and specials offered by web sites like Insider Viewpoint are an additional bonus I have found using the Internet.  I cannot believe how many hours a day I spend surfing the web.  David

* The contests.  I love winning things and it seems the Internet has many great contests you can enter.  I won one of your contests a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised to find out your company sent me even more items that I thought I had won.  It was like winning twice.  WOW  Thanks for providing a perfect place to get Las Vegas information and especially a place to win prizes. Candice 


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