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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for September 5, through September 14, 2004

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

Here we go again...A new initiative petition is being circulated, it is called "Responsibly Protect Nevadans from Second Hand Smoke Act" and if enough signatures are collected will be taken to the 2005 Legislature. This weeks Reader Poll Ask the question... Do you favor no smoking in Las Vegas public places? If passed, this would be a law similar to what many other states have decided to eliminate public smoking. This could be the end to smoking in Vegas casinos.  Yes or No and Why? 


Reader Poll Replies:

* I would like no smoking in casinos, it sure has cleaned up the restaurants here in California.  Andy. CA

I go along with the petition Responsibly Protect Nevadans from Second Hand Smoke. We have a no smoking ban in New York State restaurants and public places. It has hurt the VFW bingo hall a little but it is so nice not to have to breathe in the smoke of others that want to kill themselves. My husband had a heart attack and triple bypass and he has given up smoking.  Nancy Sexton

I am definitely against all smoking anywhere -- but especially in public areas. So many people have respiratory problems and being exposed to second hand smoke is annoying and potentially dangerous. Joanne Kammer

* I don't smoke so I don't need everybody's second hand smoke. G J Smith

* The moment it will pass, will be the last time I will go to Vegas.  I am not smoking, but I hate. when somebody try to tell me what I can and can not do!  I am an adult and it's for me to decide.  Polina Yerkhov  Reseda, CA

* I am a non smoker, and as most of the casinos have designated smoking areas I don't see why this bill needs to be passed. I go to Las Vegas several times a year and have never found the casinos to be smoky as they seem well ventilated. People who do not smoke do not have to go into the smoking areas if they don't want to. I live in Canada and I feel that there are a lot worse things in the air that we breathe than cigarette smoke. Look at the fumes that people breathe in everyday at their jobs (firemen, mechanics, roofers, many factory workers) and if they get cancer doing these jobs it takes years for any kind of compensation from WCB if they can get any at all.  Faith Sharp

Just what we need, another group of self righteous do-gooders trying to tell everyone else what to do. Smoking bans in restaurants do not bother me at all. Very seldom do I smoke when I eat. But when it comes to Bars and casinos!  If they want to have no smoking casinos, then build some new ones that are non smoking. I myself, would never go into a no smoking casino or bar.  Chuck Merica

* NO !!!  Las Vegas is a place for fun with no cares and no worries etc. Remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. This is a place that smokers shouldn't have to be banned to some small room or out in the cold and rain. This is Vegas.  It is suppose to fun for all. Harper2244

*  I am in favor of no smoking in casinos. If you don't smoke it is very hard to sit at a slot machine and have someone blowing smoke on you. They let their cigarettes burn or worse yet they hold them in one hand and sit sideways where the smoke comes right at you. Not only do your clothes stink but your hair and everything else on your body stinks!  Most smokers are very rude about it. At least the casinos could do a nonsmoking area with the same machines and games that the rest of the casino has. I think that casinos are discriminating against non smokers and that is the biggest problem non smokers have. I could care less if someone smokes like a freight train and kills themselves in the process but don't take me with them. Kathy Allman

*  As a smoker, it has become more and more difficult over the last few years. Although I love Las Vegas and have been vacationing there for the last several years, if smoking were banned, I may stop going. The freedom to smoke almost anywhere is not the only reason I love Vegas, but it is one of them. If cigarettes were banned completely in this country, the economy would be dealt a devastating blow. One from which it might never recover. How about passing a law that would make Nevada a state for "smokers only"? That would never even be considered under our constitution, so how is "no smoking" such an easy law to pass? Thank you for asking for my opinion. Carl W. Masshardt

My response to the question of smoking in Public is, ( No! ) I would like to be more sympathetic to the smokers but I rarely see any smokers trying to take necessary precautions to protect non smokers like myself. I suffer from Allergies and Asthma and smoke takes a terrible toll on my health. If the law could be written to designate areas I could agree with that.  Sincerely,  Ken Stachnik

* NO BAN ON SMOKING! Are you kidding me it's Sin City, leave the kiddies and the save
the world bumper stickers at the house where they belong. Better yet, go somewhere else. Is there nothing sacred? You people make me want to throw up. Vegas is where you go to gamble, party, drink, smoke, and do whatever else it is that you want to do, but can't in every town USA. Oh, I don't smoke.  Jeff Baker

* I support a smoking ban inside buildings. Second-hand smoke is nearly as dangerous as first-hand, and those who do not smoke have the right to clean lungs. Enjoyment of inside space will be enhanced by the absence of smoke. And everyone will be healthier. Snuff 'em and stuff 'em.  Bob Baird  Edmonds WA

Smoking MUST be allowed in Vegas - this is the one place to cut loose!  Keep it that way, it's what makes the city unique!  CV

* Emphatically NO. If smoking is banned in the casinos, I won't go back to Vegas. Currently visit 2-3 times yearly.  Zoe Davis

*  If you ban smoking, I will ban my self from the casinos. I will not travel to Vegas. You will not get my business or my tip. Ok listen up! The Beau Rivage in Biloxi closed their poker room to install a no smoking slot area. They had the best poker room in the south. Now they have an empty no smoking slot area. Rumor had it that the revenues dropped, and fact is they laid off a lot of there poker dealers.  So there is the case for the Casino's. Here is the case for the workers! I work in the chemical industry by CHOICE. I work for a environmentally responsible co. and get paid well. They go to great lengths to protect me from the chemicals and process that I work around every day, and I do the same for my self and co workers. Even though, I am still exposed to cancer causing agents every day I am at work, I knew this when I hired on. My industry makes base chemicals for the plastics that make up a large portion of your world I provide a service just as you do. The day I don't want to be exposed to toxics I will change careers. I will not ask legislature to ban the "bad" products and only make the good, if this would happen industry, workers & customers would loose. Why not look for an alternative to your problem?  Player

No I do not support a ban of smoking in public places in Vegas. It is the one place gamblers from all over the world can go to without any moral/health related rules and I myself probably would just stick to our lousy non-smoking no-alcohol casinos in Canada if they did change the rules. I don't frequent the casinos in BC often because they are so
boring with the lack of party atmosphere. It's always been "Everything Goes" in Vegas and that is what keeps most of us coming back once or twice a year!!!! I think Vegas would take a terrible downturn again and not be able to pull itself out of it if it initiated this ban.  Ardie Lush

No No No If this law passes I would not come back to Vegas anymore. (Eight times a year about 30 nights a year.) I could just as easily go to Atlantic City being from New York.  Gary Miller

Here we go again with government legislating morality, and stipulating how a private business built by those with true initiative should be run. Leave it to the casino owners if they want to perhaps have 'no smoking' areas. The fathers of our country wished to form a nation with a non intrusive government...unlike the one we have now. May they rest in peace. Let the ones who know best be the ones to run their businesses as they see fit.  Paul  Hayward CA

The governments, federal, state, and local make more money on the sale of tobacco than the growers, manufacturers, and distributors of it. AS long as it is a government sanctioned legal product the smoker has a certain right to use it. If they want to have no smoking casino rooms let them. But do not try to stop all smoking in casinos. What will these people think up next? No alcoholic beverages? Perhaps even no gambling in casinos.   I am a non smoker and a regular visitor to Las Vegas. I have lived for 77 years around smokers and if it has harmed me I have at least beaten the actuarial odds on my expected lifespan.  Harold B Hastings  Parsonsburg, MD

* I say no to the "RPNfSHSA". I believe that will have a negative impact on the Nevada gaming industry.  As an ex-smoker and resident of California I know, before I even enter, what the environment in the typical casino setting will be. When in the history of Las Vegas has a casino, bar, lounge, etc. ever been considered a health spa? In my state they have gone as far as to even prohibit smoking on the beach! (I'm still not sure how they will enforce that one.) If the employees and patrons want better air quality in these locations, the owner/operators should be required to accept and provide better air exchange policies.  James Partlow  El Segundo CA

 I do not favor a smoking ban in casinos, if passed I would travel somewhere else where I could. I do not want to fall off a tall building, very dangerous, so I am not a steel worker. If I want to avoid second hand smoke I do not work in an area exposed to it. This is my option the state should take it away. Jerry  Buffalo, NY

Las Vegas has always been a "free spirited" place.... a Mecca to escape real world frustrations and anxieties. Being a smoker, I enjoy being able to sit at the tables or a slot machine and have a smoke while I play. Let other places ban smoking; perhaps create a few places where smoking is prohibited, but let there be a choice - for smokers and non-smokers, alike. Celeste Hoehne  Lubbock, Texas

I'm a firm believer that smoking should be banned everywhere-but especially in all public places. Too many people have respiratory problems created by smoking.  Joanne Kammer
 Lansdowne, PA

* No I smoke and I enjoy smoking while I gamble. If this is passed I probably won't be coming back. I will go else where. I don't tell the non-smoker's to come and sit by me. They chose to do this rather than go to the non-smoking areas of the casino's.  Fran Stewart  Altoona, Ia

I certainly would like to see the end to smoking in the Vegas casinos because it is "The" health issue of our times - second hand smoke. I live in Montreal (Canada) and they have banned smoking in the casino here. It was assumed that the clientele would diminish but to the contrary, it has increased. It is now a pleasure to sit down at a table, or a machine and not have someone blowing smoke into your face - the worst offenders being the cigar smokers.  Yes - if I had a vote, I definitely would opt for smoke free casinos.  Sandra Crotty  Montreal, Quebec Canada

*  Have a non smoking area for the ones who don't smoke. That ought to solve that problem. We smoke when we gamble.  Mark & Patricia Sparaco  Dayton, Ohio

*   I initiated a program which created low cost housing for cancer patients and family members being treated at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital in Manhattan. Many were treated for lung cancer, some the result of second hand smoke. The answer from the families - a resounding yes! Ban smoking in public places.  William Hanousek  Astoria NY

I can only say........ IT'S ABOUT TIME and I'm ALL FOR IT!!!   Andy Dulina  Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

No smoking would be great but will never happen. Downtown is worst but I avoid the machines due to the smokers lighting up and blowing in your face, worst yet is the cigar smoke, sickening.  Nan Patterson  Greenwood

* No, I do not like the idea. Why? The casino's make a lot of money off smoker's simply because a person can sit there , relax and enjoy themselves. the non smoker's have places to play-so should the smoker. Jean Dowd  Siler City, N.C.

As a resident of the USA, I have become accustomed to non-smoking areas ever where I go. However, no such ban exists in other countries. So, would this ban hurt the Vegas economy as it comes from "non-resident" visitors? They seem to be the heaviest smokers anyway. Ellen  Puoghkeepsie

*  It's been this way in BC, Canada for a couple of years now. Kind of hard to get used to but not so bad. I just don't like, as an adult, being told what I can and cannot do. As well, many of our bars, clubs & coffee shops have lost so many customers due to the no smoking rule, that they've, unfortunately, gone out of business. I say, let people do what they want, within reason, as long as they're responsible, not hurting others, and not rude! We can smoke responsibly in designated areas. Don't cut it out completely, or you might be just cutting out 1/2 your business! Gwen Schaffer  British Columbia Canada

I would like to see bigger none smoking areas in the casino with an equal number of games to play, the non smoking areas are usually small & don't have the same games. I choose not to smoke but I believe we are allowing our government to take more & more of our rights away. I also think that people who do smoke should be more courteous when non-smokers sit next to them.  Janet Keene  Louisville  KY

No.  Ron  Kansas city MO

The move to require California restaurants some years ago to provide non-smoking dining was met with millions of dollars in political fallout from the state's food and beverage industry. Much to their surprise, restaurant profits soared and the non-smoking sections were so popular that many restaurants just eliminated their smoking sections. None-the-less, when the law eliminating all smoking in bars was proposed, the food and beverage industry again cried that they would be driven out of business. Again, profits soared. If smoking were outlawed in Las Vegas, I'm sure that many potential gamblers would visit the city's casinos after having avoided those smoky places for so long. I really wish that smokers had a clue as to just how offensive it is to to a non-smoker to have someone sit next to you in a casino, light up and puff away.  Bill Hall  San Diego CA

If Las Vegas passed this law, I believe many more states would do the same. People will adapt. Remember when you could smoke on airplanes, in your hospital bed, etc. Barbara Schroeder  Skokie, IL

I don't smoke but I think everyone should be free to choose whether to smoke or not we are not children we do not need a nanny state telling us what to do. To non smokers I say if you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen. Smokers have rights too.  Kimrand  Pontefract  UK

* The casinos have non smoking section just for those that don't smoke. Smokers have rights too. If they pass a non smoking bill in Vegas I will never return. Vegas is my one and only vacation spot. I'll just have to find one some where else. A place that allows grown ups to be grown ups.  Brenda Harper  Dolton IL

* I'm all for a smoke free casino atmosphere! It is so disgusting to be dressed up and gambling next to someone that is smoking and stinking up the same area I'm in. Do you know what it's like to have to breathe that in? To have your clothes smell bad? Oregon, Massachusetts and New York have no smoking in bars and restaurants and business is thriving - non smokers spend lots of money too! Sherry

* I don't smoke by choice. Others smoke by choice. Why should their choice to smoke ruin my health? Let the casinos have special smoking areas and keep the larger parts of the casino floor smoke free. If smokers are true gamblers, they'll come anyway. I don't like sitting at the slots breathing in someone's smoke or having my clothes stink when I leave! Have you ever been at a craps table surrounded by smokers -who wants to gamble in that? Jim L  Hazleton, PA

No, I do not favor no smoking in Las Vegas casinos. This country is already enacting too many restrictions on things, seems totalitarianism is next on the agenda. No, to no smoking!  Patricia Majewski  Philadelphia

* Most places have non-smoking places for those who don't smoke, why ban the smokers?  Why don't the smokers have a voice in any thing. I don't know why the smokers don't have a say in this. If people don't want to be around smokers don't go there. Give us a break. I think it would be really unfair to let non smoking people have their way on this matter.  Why don't they go after the people who drink. That's just as bad as smoking in my book.  Judy

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