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Reader Poll Starting September 5, 2001

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#1. Have you ever gone to the Stratosphere Hotel / Casino observation tower and viewed Las Vegas from 110 stories above the ground? If so, would you do it again? Did you ride the roller coaster on the top.  Why or Why Not?

*  NO Its out of the way and not easy to get to without a car... Bill

*  Sure! Of course!! And I brought all my friends there.  I did it every time being in Las Vegas - and I will do it over and over again. The view is GREAT.  Sure! I ride every roller coaster that I see. A few years ago (was it 1997?) I did choose Las Vegas for vacations just to ride this coaster. with best regards from Germany,  Erwin Timmerbeil

No I haven't. I don't trust the structure.  Claude Francken Québec

*  Yes, we went to the top of the Stratosphere, sat in the lounge and had a drink. The view is marvelous from the Observation Area and also the lounge. Did not ride the roller coaster, that is definitely not for the faint of heart!! Would recommend the trip to the top to anyone. You'll be amazed by the view!!. My only concern was the way the tower shuttered each time the roller coaster went around, it was a little unnerving. None the less, great value.  N. Lauder  Niagara Falls, Ontario

*  Yes! We have been to the top of the Stratosphere Tower and enjoyed the 360 degree night time view of Greater Las Vegas spread out below in all it's glory. The fun part was the trip "up" as my wife is deathly afraid of heights. She held on to me tightly and cried all the way up. Once up, though she stayed about 10' back from the glass, she really enjoyed the experience, until we took the elevator back down... a repeat of the trip up, and I thought she was going to kiss the ground when we stepped out of the elevator. We are planning our next trip to Las Vegas in the near future, and another trip up the Stratosphere Tower, maybe even go up to the open air observation deck next time around, and a ride on the coaster the trip after that. Got to break her into getting used to heights one step at a time.  Don & Ellen Oremus  Nampa, Idaho

*  I've visited Las Vegas numerous times, before and since the Stratosphere Tower was built. I've never been up the tower because there's always a line up. I wouldn't go one the rides but I'd like to see the view form the tower. Maybe next time.  Joe Boulter 

*  Yes, I went to the top took a few photos and had a couple of bloody marys in the Top of the World. Nice view, good drinks, and no thanks to the roller coaster or the bouncing chair. I have a heart condition and don't ride any of the thrill rides anymore. If I were younger or had my health back I would be the first in line for all of them. HBHWANGO

The view from the Strat is GORGEOUS !!!  Especially at night !! We did not ride the roller coaster;...however, we rode the Big Shot...and we have the photo to prove it !!! WHAT A RUSH !!!!!! Star

*  I visited Las Vegas for the first time two years ago.  Yes, I went to the top and rode the roller coaster, WOW!  What an adventure and a scary feeling.  Yes, I would go back.  Craig  CA.

*  The view from the revolving dinning area was outstanding, my friends and I really enjoyed the sites.  Yes I would go back as often as we visit Vegas.  Angela WI

*  When the tower first opened I went to the top, it was exciting but living in Las Vegas often you do not go back to some of the attractions.  It was fun, I should go back soon.  Thanks for reminding me of one of the better attractions in Las Vegas.  Frank T. LV NV


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