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Reader Poll Starting September 25, 2001

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#1. "With the recent terrorist problems is this going to keep you away from Las Vegas? Have you changed or postponed your plans to come to Las Vegas? Why or Why not?

*  I feel safe in the casinos. I have been there every year the past 4 years. After all with all the eyes in sky in each casino how can they miss anything. It is the airplane ride there that I am worried about.  Jerri

I've always felt well protected in Las Vegas. Casinos security measures protect their high dollar investments which translates into excellent protection for its tourists as well. Money may be the bottom line in their motivation, but that's fine... it certainly makes me feel safer; the "eye in the sky" is my friend, too.  Sharon Kempf

*  My trip to Las Vegas was scheduled prior to the tragedy in New York and since my airline didn't cancel my ticket, I went. My trip was from 9/23 - 10/1. The only hotel parking garage that stopped us was at the Paris Hotel. The one, unarmed man, asked for identification. As though that would help, the terrorists had ID's, driver and pilot licenses, credit cards, or anything else they'd want to see. I stayed at both the Stratosphere and the Rio, with a side trip to Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon in between.  The Stratosphere made you go through a metal detector before going up to the tower, but that was the only noticeable security. At the Hoover Dam, there was some evident security, but our car wasn't stopped. Nothing at all different at the Grand Canyon. At the Rio Hotel, they asked to see the room key before you were allowed up the elevator at night. This wasn't new. They did that six months ago when I was there, and why couldn't a terrorist have room key?  The only reason I felt safe there was because I made a conscious effort to forget about what was happening in the real world, as is usually the case when going to Las Vegas. Most of the time, I'm just living the fantasy and forgetting about my problems and the world's problems. Fortunately, there were no unpleasant or deadly incidents during my trip.  Unfortunately, once I'm home again, reality sets in. Carol S., Plantation, Florida

*  I will travel... I had made my reservations well in advance of the September 11th attach on New York. It has scared me to fly, but, I'm still planning on traveling to Las Vegas in October. One thing we can't do is let the terrorist win by letting them scare us.  Paul Brooks

*  I feel completely safe In the casino's, there is so much security because of all the money, and the casino's are on street level. Being on a high floor in a hotel room bothers me. Three times, in three different hotels the fire alarm went off. After 15 min. and no announcements we decided to get up, get dressed and leave. Taking the stairs down 25-30 flights is no joke (the next day I couldn't walk down is worse than up, if you can believe that). Anyway I can't even imagine running down with no lights, and being scared of what's happening. From now on I'm requesting a low floor. Lynda Loipersbeck Canada

*  I don't feel safer or less safe anywhere in the USA right now. We're all targets until we flex a little muscle against the enemy. At this point, we're talking too much, and not taking enough action. People want to see heads roll, at least all of the people I talked to. Just like American citizens must suffer the consequences of their actions, so should anyone else who breaks the law (and 6,000+ murders would constitute breaking the law). Regardless of whether or not I'll be safe, I'm coming out to Vegas with my hubby on Monday, 10-01-01, and plan on having the time of our lives. We are fortunate in that we've waited all year for our vacation, and just when we really needed a distraction, we're on our way to your town! Bob and Barb

Afraid for our safety in the casinos. No way.  My wife and I (in our 50's) have worked long and hard, raised children, bought and paid for our house....and finally have arrived at the point where we can begin to enjoy our savings and earnings on ourselves. Las Vegas gives us excitement, entertainment, good food, tours and ,of course, gaming choices in a variety found no where else in the United States....for the $$ we spend. To allow the criminals who attacked us to change our ways of life lets them win. Think about it...yes; Change our We have begun making 2 trips to Las Vegas every year. This will continue.  James Mercik

*  No, Osam-of-a-bitch and his band of crazies will not keep me away from Vegas.  First, I consider it part of the "war" to keep on living and to allow as little disruption in my life as possible.  Second, as far a flying is concerned, we're probably safer now that we've been in the last 10 years. The airports and some unknown number of planes are crawling with some pretty mean and well trained Marshall, FBI agents, CIA and a dozen or so other types out to nail anyone who tries again. Also, we now know the rules for hijacking...don't worry about making them mad...kill the XXXXXX, because that's probably what they intend to do to us.  Third, I'm going to die sometime. I'm not in any hurry, but it's something that can't be escaped. And since I travel with my wife of 37 years, to die together would not be the worst thing I can imagine.  Regarding the Casinos, I believe they are among the safest places in the world. It's only a theory, but my theory is that Vegas has two police forces. There's the ordinary one which is about as effective as any police force in the nation. Then there's the other one...the one that makes sure nothing interferes with the gambling. That one really works. I feel bad for the terrorist that tries to disrupt casino business.  Dennis E. Coburn   Bedford, NH 

I have plans to come to Las Vegas in November and have not cancelled them yet, although I am considering it. It would require almost a cross-country flight with a stop midway. My fear for my safety does not come from the casino security, but from the new fear of flying. I feel that Las Vegas might be an easy target for the new threats of bio-terrorism, but that is probably just one of the many threats to our security that we face all over the nation. Maybe by November I will have become accustomed to this new environment of fear and will take my chances flying, but if there are any other incidences between now and then, I'm sure I'll stay away. Chris

*  I feel very safe in Las Vegas...My husband and I are going to Las Vegas in October and then again in December.... This is America!!! We are free!! And we will continue with our lives just as we did before....Our country is the greatest country in the world....And we are free!!! I feel very safe in the Casinos in Las Vegas....So I will continue to go to Las Vegas, Nevada,,,,,USA!!!  Rudy Vega

*  I have been planning a trip in October and feel no need to cancel or postpone. I feel safe in the casinos and something like the terrorist attack can happen anywhere in the country, no place is immune to the possibility. Judy L. Tx.

*  The recent events have not changed my resolve to come back to Las Vegas.  I feel safer walking along the strip than I do walking along the street where I live here in England. In fact, if I was offered a job in Vegas, I would leave England tomorrow!  My deepest sympathy to all those affected in any way by the recent events.  Barry

*  Yes I would think about traveling anywhere in the U.S. at the moment.  There is too much unrest and to be quite honest it scares me. Next year if things have settled down we will spend our yearly vacation in Vegas, but this year I cancelled it and will just save my money so I can spend more next year.  Lynda Loipersbeck

*  I believe the casinos have superior security and I would feel very safe.  Although, I'm not sure they were looking for terrorist, I'm sure they will be now just as everyone else. I'll be back in January!   TTMCF

*  No... we are coming the 6-13 Oct, as planned, and are excited as always. To cancel would give the enemy just what he wants....FEAR!   Ruby Clark

*  No, Vegas has always been safe and I see no reason why a terrorist should keep me away from having fun.  Mike  New Jersey.


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