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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for September 15, through September 24, 2004

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

Of all the casino gambling games, what is your top 3 favorite games of chance? Please list in order of preference and WHY you like these games. 


Reader Poll Replies:

* I like playing Wheel of Fortune, video poker and real blackjack.  I find these games I have the best chance of winning and they are somewhat easy to play.  Helen T.  NY

* Blackjack is my number 1 game and then craps and video poker...they are fun to play and I have won at all three.  Bart FL

*  My three favorite .......from Niagara Falls to Las Vegas: SLOTS... Nickels/quarters... love them tinkle tinkle tinkle ROULETTE..spin of the wheel..lucky drop of the ball - 35 -1!!  VIDEO POKER...the want desire for the almighty ROYAL!!!  Judy Pukalo  Lackawanna, NY

* I like the following:  3 card poker, Blackjack, Pai Gaw Poker.  Martha Mantel

"Black Jack"-odds are better, than most games. New 5-7 reels machines- more fun and bonus plays.  Polina Yerkhov  Reseda, CA

First and foremost has to be the game of Craps. There is nothing more exhilarating than playing at a "hot table". Whether it is a "Come out" roll or making your "point" it is a rush. An odds-bet with the pass line wager can reduce the house edge to .85%. "Double odds" can reduce the house advantage to .63% (Gollehon). Not to bad when you look at the other games in the typical casino. The fantastic part of the game is no matter what, the dice decisions are random. The odds are just odds, not absolute probability. That's what makes this such a volatile game of action!  My second choice of games of chance is Blackjack. I know there are some players who insist this is a game of skill and I will admit it does take some skill for positive play. However, what they fail to realize is that once they've been shuffled, the cards are then in a state of random order. Now compounded with such variables as the less astute player next to you who wants to split Kings, it truly is a game of chance. The true excitement of this game is when you can catch a "streak", that open window of opportunity which allows you to push the envelope of probabilities.  My third choice of games of chance is Video Poker. This has been called glorified form of slot machine (although if you check most casino club reward points you will find that they do not). Part of the intrigue in this game is seeking out and finding a machine that pays proper odds. Even though this is a game of chance, a true player can have some control over their destiny through knowing and making the right choices from the hand they've been dealt. And if good fortune is smiling upon you have found that machine that has over 100% Payback that is in the midst of a high paying cycle. Now that's pure enjoyment.  James Partlow
El egundo

* 1) Slot Machines- It is a 1:1 game. Do not have to worry about getting someone else upset, unless you win a huge pot and the person who was last playing that machine is sitting next to you. Even if your not a big winner the light and sounds make you feel like one. 2)Video Poker again you are playing against the machine and you do not have to make a quick decision. A relaxing game.  3) Black Jack No special reason except the odds are a little better.  Linda Rocco  Niles Ohio

*   Blackjack, Craps, Pai Gow.  Joanne Kammer  Lansdowne, PA

Blackjack is my favorite I seem to have the best luck when I play this game.
Second is 3 Card Poker I like the big pay out chance that I have for the straight flush seem like I can hit it more than any of the other games that have a bigger payout. Next will be wheel of fortune Slot $1 machine. I enjoy playing this and trying to get to the bonus round with this one.  Rick Shippy  Caldwell Id

1. LOVE slots-preferably $1.00 Double diamond deluxe....haven't won a heck of a lot but will keep trying. The other 2 I would have to say is something that is less risky for me is the easy money wheel and then roulette! I just love the slots waiting the right combination to show up!! We will be going to NY NY in December. Can't wait to spin and hopefully win!!! Judy Dziobek  Springfield  MA

* Wheel of fortune, my number one because I won a 1000.00 on the 1.00 wheel. So that is my favorite. I like the double diamonds, on the quarters, because I keep thinking I will get 3 double diamonds and win big. I also like to play the 5.00 slots, better chance to win a lot.  Judy Lewis  Fredericktown MO



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