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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll Starting September 15, 2002


#1.   Buying Las Vegas show tickets are available online sometimes, unfortunately, but they usually have several restrictions, added fees and difficult instructions on ticket delivery. Our question this week is . . . Would you buy online Las Vegas show tickets from Insider Viewpoint if you paid the same price as you would at the casino box office? Yes or No and Why?


Reader Poll Replies: 

*  I would be happy to have a way of buying show tickets online- especially minus the fees others charge. Sometimes the wait to talk to someone at the box office over the phone is lengthy and having a secure site to protect credit card information would be valuable.   Paulobs

*  Yes we would like to get tickets on line that way we can plan are time better at Las Vegas if we had are tickets early.  G.J. Smith

*  Yes, I would buy them from you and will probably give excellent service just like I am accustomed to when ordering anything from your wonderful website! You have saved me beaucoup bucks in previous years' trips to Vegas and I swear by your site to give the latest and greatest service. I recently purchased 2 tix for Blue Man Group via the internet only to find that the showtime I booked for doesn't exist!!!!! My credit card was charged $202.00 for tickets that were supposed to be $82 each plus tax. The website listed a 10pm show for Wed Sept. 25 and that I would receive an email to confirm my booking. I never received the email, so I called the Luxor box office. They told me that there is no 10pm show that week and that it would be too much of a bother to contact the outside agency that runs the website in order to change the website to reflect this. As for the charge to my credit card, they told me to wait until it "clears" the bank and then file a dispute. Until then, if I wanted tickets for the show, I'd have to buy them all over again from the luxor's box office causing more money to be charged to the card!!!! This is really poor customer service on their part. After whining and complaining for over 1/2 on the phone (at long distance charges) and talking to everyone except the cast of BMG themselves, I finally got 2 tickets front row center in the poncho section for that evening's (9/25) 8pm show. I am flying in to Vegas earlier that day from Pittsburgh, Pa. and thought the 10pm show would give me time to rest, eat, and prepare for the show. They also gave me a partial credit for the change in pricing. After I received an apology, the "stock" answer was that it all was a computer glitch!!!! A computer only puts out info that was put in it to begin with -- I am a credit card security claims researcher with FedEx and deal with internet customer relations daily, and a website should be kept up-to-date. I feel that by ordering tickets for shows and events from your site, it would be managed much better since it would be centrally operated and not via a 3rd party booking system like the Luxor uses. I will be a loyal customer of your booking system. Keep up the good work!!!!! You guys are the greatest!!!!!   George Gryak

*  Yes.... Michael Fisher

*  Yes I would.....saves time and money.  Gerry

*  Yes, absolutely!  Ileene Crane-Franks

*  Yes I would buy online.  I like to have my shows all done in advance and guarantee a good seat.  There are fifteen of us ladies coming there soon and it would have helped out a lot.  Lois 

*  Yes I would buy tickets from you online and I would not mind a small fee for a transaction not a fee for each ticket because show prices are pretty high anyway. I think you should get something for doing use a service. Don Albuquerque, NM

*  Yes.  Bob Branstetter

*  Why wouldn't someone buy 'on-line' if the price was the same??  Hopefully the selection will be offered for good seats too.  Ron   Boston

*  No, I want to buy only from the box office, even if they are out of seats when I arrive, I do not want to buy online.  Alice   

Yes I would buy tickets if they were the same price.  The added on service charges are usually very high.  Also if you could buy them ahead of time for the same price you know you have tickets.  JDault

*  Yes, I like having tickets ahead of time.  Joanne B  

*  Yes, I would buy tickets from your site.  My wife and I have bought many things from Insider Viewpoint web site and have been extremely pleased with price and delivery.  Keep up the good work.  Ralph T.   FL

*  No, not unless we were sure the price was the same as the casino box office.  In the past, I have bought from other socalled Las Vegas sites and they ripped me off with service charges and hidden fees.  Now I am not saying your site would do that and once I checked and it was the same pricing then yes, I will be happy to buy from this web site.  Gloria C.  CA 

*  My wife and I made the mistake of waiting to get to Las Vegas before we bought our show tickets and they were not available when we arrived.  If your company can sell tickets a few months in advance and charge the same price as the casinos that would be wonderful, you have a new customer for life.  Tom and Judith S.  WA

*  Yes, I am tired of being charged huge fees above the cost of the regular price, bring on the tickets.  Michael   TX 

No because all tickets to the good shows are way over priced. Tickets below reg. box office you have something to sell. Colin Meyer


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