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#1.  What casino is the best?    Why?

* I really enjoy the Stratosphere when I go to "Sin City". The restaurant on top is great, and the bar that sits above the restaurant is the best place in town to sip a nice dry martini, and take in the best view in the city.   Jim Maass

* The best casino is The Luxor casino. Rationale: large variety of table and slot games, great air conditioning (so the cigarette smoke isn't bad for us non-smokers, even at midnight), great coffee shop, great staff.   Peter Jarman

* Rio is #1. Upbeat, friendly, and new machines.    Jeffery Fox

* Best Location, Best Price, Fair Food price! Imperial Palace!     Dan Spreng

* Without a doubt, it has to be the Rio Suite Hotel and Casino. The rooms are great and spacious, nicely decorated, quite comfortable, and every room has a great view. The staff is extremely friendly, and courteous.    D Robin

* Gold Nugget. They have a large number of games/machines so you can always find what you are looking for. Plus they have the friendliest, most cordial people working there -- from the dealers, to the waitresses to the pit bosses.    Richard Pinter

* I have a lot of favorite hotels. The Bellagio just blows me away.  My second choice would be the Caesars and my third Golden Nugget.     Chris Mather 

* The best casino by far is the Luxor.  It is big enough to be big, but not so big you get lost. The hosts are very friendly, the staff is very courteous and the wait staff actually return within 10 min. of ordering a drink. I consider myself a novice on table games so I was a little uneasy playing them. When I did muster the courage to do so, the dealers actually walked me through the games and explained when, why and how to do things.     Keith Squier

* Harrah's Lower room rates and you can walk to all the big $ casinos  CASS106

* Best Las Vegas Casino is at Imperial Palace because they have an extremely liberal comp policy.  Tuck MN

* My husband and I love Rio because of the spectacular view.  Very are very friendly.    Jules Zimmer

* We have stayed at the Imperial Palace 5 times this year and have another trip scheduled for December.  They have a very liberal comp policy.   "It is cheaper for me to fly to Las Vegas and stay a week at the Imperial Palace than to drive two hours to Atlantic City for a weekend.   Clean rooms, immaculate.  Smoke is kept to an absolute minimum. The dealers are very nice and extremely friendly.  Doug Phillips

* The best casino in my opinion is the Riviera, everyone is real friendly.  They have great entertainment.  I've stayed there several times and will continue to do so, I love everything about the Riviera!!!!!  Shirley Patterson

* Sam's Town, it is laid back and comfortable with pleasant surroundings.  Robert Hoffman

* Rio, Fitzgerald's, and O'Shea'sI know that is a strange combo. But, They always want you to have fun, even if you aren't gambling at the time.  Doug Shields

* Mandalay Bay. Its so classy  Jerryabu

* Golden Nuggett easy access, reasonable rates, rooms are above norm.  Restaurants have excellent menu with prices to match, hotel staff have always been friendly.  Robert Jones


#2.  What casino is the worst?  Why?

Excalibur - dark, dreary atmosphere; machines volume levels set WAY too loud; slots don't pay back often enough to keep your interest!       Sharon Kempf 

* Worst casino = Excalibur. Noisy, crowded, too many kids, decor looks cheap.   Peter Jarman

* The Rio. I stayed the night there last month and must have played for at least 3 hours. Within that 3 hours I did not win anything! Not a dollar! Not even a "blank blank blank" on a slot. I tried to ask a casino employee which tables were doing well or which machines were paying out.  He looked at me and walked away. Great food, bad casino experience.   Keith Squier

* New York New York-- The casino is too dark and to confining. It gives you an intimidating feeling.  D Robin

* My worst is Circus Circus. The screaming kids and the smoke are the problems here.  Chris Mather 

* Riviera is disappointing. They have reduced their comp. programs and their machines are not the newer more up to date machines.      Jeffery Fox

* Gold Spike Casino. Hands down. This is the darkest, smoke-filled, cheapest casino I have ever seen.   Richard Pinter

* ALL Downtown Casinos!     Dan Spreng

* Bally's  Robimson1

* By far Circus Circus is the worst Casino in Las Vegas.  Too many children. At 3:00 am and there were children asleep against the walls and on the slot machines.  I had left a tray from room service in the hall for pickup 8 hours earlier. Two little kids were going through my leftovers because mommy and daddy had not come back from the casino to feed them! I called security. They told me that essentially it was "not their problem!"  Doug Phillips

* MGM Grand - too big - too many kids running around!   Jules Zimmer

* Circus Circus & Excalibur . too many kids!!  Shirley Patterson

* Sassy Sal's, downtown don't waste your time all they want is your money.  They try to hustle you right off the street with gimmicks.  Robert Hoffman

* Sassy Salley's  Rip off artists  Doug Shields

* MGM  Because its crowded with tour bus people, noisy, low class  PETER JARMAN

* Imperial Hotel.  Poor valet service, elevators are slow and few in number, long distance from front door to room. The oriental clients outnumber everyone and their manners can irritate the customer.  Robert Jones

* The worst casino in Vegas? Fitzgerald's!  RUDEST staff in Las Vegas. I have NEVER been treated well in this casino, and I stop in during each visit just to "check around." Nothing ever changes. I have never encountered ONE friendly face in Fitzgerald’s. When the agents at the slot card desk snap at you, the dealers yell at you, and the change people try to short-change you, that tells me that Fitzgerald’s doesn’t give a damn about my business. This sort of service is absolutely inexcusable in a customer-oriented city such as Las Vegas. And the decaying, giant leprechaun out front does its part to scare children of all ages.  Louisa Moore


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