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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for October 5 - October 14, 2003


This week's opinion poll asks . . . Anyone who walks down the street of Las Vegas have seen the people handing out flyers about all sorts of material, usually adult in content or time shares. The weeks question asks, even though we have a right to free speech in USA, do you think this type of material should be allowed to be distributed on Las Vegas Blvd.?


Reader Poll Replies: 

*  I would like to see all that type of material removed from the strip.  The Las Vegas Strip is so beautiful and those smut people only clutter up the walkways.  Gloria T.

* I do not care who has a right to publish what they want, I have a right not to have it stuck in my face.  Get rid of those low life distributors with their adult content.  Harold CA

I have visited Vegas many times and I am really becoming extremely dismayed with the constant barrage of filth that is being shoved into tourists/visitors faces. I almost had to physically remove a person from being in my way but he decided to move. I believe that the Mayor, Chamber of Commerce and the police should be more active in removing this hindrance. Chuck M from Arizona

*  I don't believe that adult material should be out on the streets at all, the same as prostitution shouldn't be out on the streets.  Just because people are there to gamble or go to shows doesn't mean that they want to see nude women and suggestive material on the streets.  There are a lot of young innocent minds walking around with their parents and such.  I don't see why there is a need for such material, because if people want to see or deal with such trash, they will find a way to see it or find it.  Strip clubs and sex shows can be found in many different ways if a person so desires.  There should be a law against handing out or having this worthless material on the streets. Thank you.  Cliff Reeves

*  I am all for "free speech", but NOT when it is pushed in my face with this kind of "trash". By trash, I do not mean the people who are passing out this information but rather the people behind it. Las Vegas is a wonderful city to visit and to live in. I know all cities have their darker sides but, don't advertise it on every street corner.  Mark, Fla.

*  I think that this practice is getting really out of hand, and takes away the class of a multi-billion dollar strip.  Ron Schwartz

When we I come to Las Vegas, about twice a year, we like to walk up and down the strip. We DO NOT LIKE to have unwanted adult flyers thrust at us every few feet. We might come more often if we knew that we would not have to face this inconvenience.  MHY

*  I consider myself a fair and open person, but...those leaflets are put (a kinder word) into your hands...I should say the men's hands. I understand that those that do pass them out need a job, but it is such a nuisance. They line the blvd. on both sides during the evenings, both men and women and some that look like teens.  We travel to Vegas (from Hawaii) twice a year and enjoy your city thoroughly and we would like to see this annoying practice stopped.  Aloha,  C.Brooks

*  Definitely not. It's a disgrace--and turns tourists away from visiting Las Vegas. I remember many years ago when Las Vegas was beautiful--no children or trashy handouts. Please give us back the beautiful and safe ambience Las Vegas was many years ago. Thanks.  Ann Holan

*  Yes, it's clearly a first amendment right. If the rapper/artists (yeah, right! artist my a--s) of today can get away with outright vulgarity and Howard Stern can produce and display his crap in the name of "entertainment" then why not?? The handing out of adult material to adults seems pretty tame in comparison. Besides, they do it in a non threatening way, if you don't reach for it they back right off. My husband usually accepts (he likes to read he says :) but rather than litter I take them back from my husband and return them. As far as the time share employees. I can handle them but I do feel kinda sorry for the people that actually stop! My time in Vegas is always limited, I'd never waste it on a high pressure sales speech, NEVER...I don't resent them for trying though it's their first amendment right. Thanks for listening.  Sandy R

*  I do not consider myself a prude, but I do not like the continual barrage of adult material that you get from the smut peddlers.  People looking for that type of entertainment can easily find it without having it pushed into everyone's face. Las Vegas is wonderful and unique,  please clean up the strip and make it a pleasure to walk it.  Janet Webb

Re handout of material adult in content in Las Vegas. I think this is terrible and an intrusion to have this material thrust in front of you.  I am surprised that Las Vegas allows this to be done. I have been to Vegas on two occasions and dislike this intensely.  Gwen France  Chester England.


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