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Reader Polls Feedback - 
Reader Poll October 5, 2000

Question in black type - Answer from our Readers in blue type  

#1. As reported in the September 2000 Article, Las Vegas is going forward with a Monorail system that will eventually link the airport to the strip casinos.  City officials hopes this transportation will alleviate ground transportation congesting.  When completed would you use this system?  Would you prefer using taxis and rental cars?  Do you think it will be used?  Why?

*  Yes, I would use the system if IT wasn't over crowded. I would prefer it to taxi's. Yes, I think it would be used because it would be new and different and fast and fun, hopefully. An efficient fare system would be the key to making it successful.  John Murphy

*  When we fly we always rent a car. We like to visit Henderson and Boulder Hwy when we stay on the Strip and vice-verse when we stay at the former. Will use the monorail if the prices of rentals go up. With the great prices we get on the Internet one taxi ride pays for a days rental.  RDG

*  I think it's a great idea. I would definitely use it. Once your on the strip, you can pretty much walk anywhere you need to go. If you can't walk to where you need to go, then you can rent a car for a day or get a taxi.   Betti & Steve Lorenz

*  We average a trip out about every 8 months and more than likely my wife and I would still get a rental car most if the time for the flexibility and convenience as well as the ability for us to see some of the countryside as on every trip we also try to see some of the beautiful countryside.  lsmith

*  Yes, I would use the monorail!  Zip60646

*  I would definitely use the monorail system. I would much prefer that over a taxi.  Gene Smith

*  I think yes....But would the trains (cars} have enough seating?  and how long would the "wait" be, before the next train arrived? I vote "yes" if there is not a long wait! Taxi's and limo's are always there at the airport, waiting on me! thank you.  Don; Ohio

*  I think the monorail would be great. When I visit Vegas, I go from the airport to the strip. While there, I walk or take the bus to get around. The last time I was there, I almost missed my flight out because the ground transportation made a return to a previous stop because the scheduled passenger didn't show up the first time. Chuck Cook

*  YES! I think it will be used because people are using the other monorails on the strip now and they are very convenient. If there are no delays on getting to the airport , yes, people will use them. Bonnie H. Oklahoma

*  Dear Richard, I would still have to rent a car but would ride the monorail in the evenings. I have only been to Las Vegas three times. One of the first things I noticed was the lack of transportation. When we stayed at the Luxor the last time we used the monorail to go Mandalay Bay. We usually stay right in that corner. MGM GRAND or Excalibur. I vote yes for the monorail. We enjoy your letter very much, keep up the good work! Sincerely Steve Levi

*  Yes we will use it when you get it going. It beats driving around their.  G.J. Smith

*  Yes, we would use the Monorail if it wouldn't involve carting luggage for too long a distance. Have used the limo companies in the past and that was also satisfactory. Would also like to see the Monorail run from downtown to the far end of the strip. The busses are crowded and some reasonable alternate transportation is needed.  Karen V Bujnoski

*  Yes, I would use the monorail. I still would rent a car part of the time but I think the monorail is a good idea.  Lois Withrow

*  Yes I would use the monorail system. We have been using the one from MGM and the other ones from Mandalay Bay and Monte Carlo all the time.  Yes i think they would be used. It would save the hassle of calling for transportation to and from the airport. John

* Yes, I would ride the monorail in a heart beat. I hated the rude taxi drivers. One over charged us and then almost ran us over because he was mad we didn't tip him. Wish the rest of America would wake up and build them. Jerri

*  I would definitely use the monorail.  Larry Jean

*  Yes, a very good idea. The worse part of any trip to Vegas is the Airport congestion. I've been to the big L at least 25 times and dread the hassle of the airport. Anything they do to cut down airport time in Vegas would be greatly appreciated.  Joan Holleran

*  Yes, yes and yes. This is a big part of the answer for the horrific traffic in Vegas. It is a cleaner, safer, faster and more interesting (people-watching), way to get around in Vegas. When I'm there I have so many things I want to do and very limited time so my first choice would be to use the Monorail. A very frustrating part of Vegas is having to be somewhere at a certain time but not being able to get there because of traffic-there is no traffic on the monorail. What is worse is standing for a very long time in a taxi line when that is the only alternative you have to get around. I like cabs and would continue to use them but at least there would be a good alternative. This should please everyone: users- for reasons mentioned above, locals- less traffic, casino owners- people in lineups or in traffic don't gamble much etc. Besides the builder Bombardier is world class and will do a terrific job.   rfallard

*  YES! I would definitely use the Monorail system! I cannot believe the traffic congestion in Vegas. It is intimidating to visitors from smaller towns.  I wouldn't even consider driving a car in Las Vegas, because I go on Vacation to relax and avoid stress.  Whitaker

*  We would most definitely use the Monorail. The traffic in Vegas is terrible. A Monorail would be so much more convenient to use at all times.   Hunters

*  I think it would be great to have the monorail going from the airport to the strip. We rent a car, because we want to see more of the Vegas area.  Vincent Schanowski

*  Wonderful idea! More cities should be as smart! I will use it!  Jacqueline Frandsen

*  I think the monorail would be a great idea. If I stayed on the strip ( I stay downtown ) I would most definitely use it. I take a limo to my hotel and it cost less than a taxi and that includes a nice tip. For the natives of Las Vegas I'm sure they would like to see less congestion in traffic. After all they do have a life other than us tourist. I would also like to see a monorail running from casino to casino on the strip. I like the one they now have but it is only to three. in a roll then Ballys to MGM. The sun in the summer has burned my feet just walking from place to place. I refuse to give up my sandals to wear socks and shoes. I just returned from my yearly 12 day trip to Las Vegas and can't wait for next years trip. Linda from Indiana

*  Yes I'll use this system this is a very good idea I've thought about it my self in the past, I'm an OLE Vegas guy oh about 25 visits I'd say I do stay on the strip and this would be great for all people, go for it keep me up dated please Bernie


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