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Reader Poll Starting October 25, 2001

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#1. Many holidays occur during the last three months of the year, do you spend holidays in Las Vegas or do you avoid Las Vegas during these times?  Why?

*  We live in UK and have just spent a week in Vegas, back 31st of October had a great time weather was hot people were just great I have to say the mood of the us people should be put in a bottle and shipped around the world you are all great the way you have coped with everything that is going on at this time god bless you all you should all be proud to be American.     lucianocapozzi

We like to come to Vegas in late January, when it is real cold and snowing here in north Indiana it give a break from the cold. No holidays.  GJ Smith

*  I have traveled numerous times to Las Vegas during the months of October, November, and December. I enjoying traveling when the weather in Las Vegas is cooler, the rates are lower, and the crowds are minimal. Teresa

My wife and I do not go to Las Vegas during the last three months because the hotels inflate the room rates and the food prices seem to be higher also. We would like to go but we save our money when rates are less Thanks for allowing me to express my opinion. Don Harrison

*  It is not just Las Vegas we avoid during these months. Normally air travel is so congested around holiday times that it is not worth it to us to travel specifically at holidays. There are also some super large conventions in Las Vegas during this time period, and experience in being there during the Rodeo Finals and during the big computer convention put us off going then. Shows are sold out, and the lines for getting into eating establishments just don't make it worthwhile. We broke our own rule and were there during Christmas week last year--we just didn't enjoy it as much as our yearly trip in August.  Abraham Kraus

*  Spend holidays out there? No way - we just got back from Vegas 10-7-01 and will NOT be going again for a long while. Until they are up and running again, and hire back the people that make your stay pleasant (i.e. housekeeping, valet, morning coffee shop, etc) I may as well go to Atlantic City. Since the hotels are practically giving the rooms away, everyone and their uncle is there - overcrowded, lots of kids coming in from neighboring states with NO MANNERS. We had to show picture ID to SELF-PARK at Paris!! (who was checking the people coming in the front door? Oh! I guess no one could bring anything in from the front of the casino and leave it at a slot machine, or no one staying at the hotel could be a terrorist and leave their bombs in their rental car trunk.) I know this horrible tragedy threw everyone for a loop, but it's obvious that Vegas is, now more than ever, only out there to make a buck. They have to remember, people like to feel that they are on vacation when they're on vacation. BTW - I am not the only one who just got back and had the same opinion. Several family members and co-workers have been out since, and feel the same way. Bob and Barb

*  I have gone to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving for a few years now and plan to this year also. It is a great time to be there. I like not having to do the turkey dinner and all the family things. Christmas is for family, but I have friends that love LV at that time. I guess you have to decide fun or family at this time of year. I choose FUN! Lauren

*  We've been to Vegas for Thanksgiving. What a disaster! Never saw it so crowded. We were married on Thanksgiving Day at the Little Chapel of the Flowers. It was COLD and WINDY. Don't think we'll come back in the winter. Also won't come back in July or August -- too hot. Guess we'll stick to spring and fall but then we'll have to deal with crowded again. Karen B.

*  I enjoy spending Thanksgiving and New Years in Las Vegas.  My family are teenagers and above and having a family gathering at home is not important as it once was.  Martin F.  CA

*  All the excuses I can find is when I go to Las Vegas.  The holidays upcoming are just better than some of the other reasons I use throughout the year.  Look out Vegas, here I come again.  Ron.  S    TX

*  We have always spent Christmas and New Years in Las V Vegas, it is such a great time.  We are use to having tons of snow here in Michigan so the warm desert is a blessing.  Lydia Towers  MI

*  I like to visit Las Vegas in the third week of December.  Even though this is not a holiday week, it is a little less crowded than some of the other weekends.  Lorne  ID 


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