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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for October 15, through October 24, 2004

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

One of the larger casino Director of Casino Operations asked me last week a unique question. He was contemplating a change and wanted my readerís opinion. He wanted to know if gamblers would be upset if a casino discontinued the free drinks to gamblers? Would you continue going to a casino that did not offer complementary drinks to the players?
Reader Poll Replies:

* I would not go to a casino that did not give the gamblers free drinks, and I do not drink alcohol.  Sounds kind a cheap to me.  Diana W.  FL

Just great, more suits sitting around and drinking THEIR free coffee and coffee ann and coming up with nothing more than thinking of Christmas bonuses for themselves. "Save money for the casino and we'll get to be VPs" One of the best perks in a casino is the free drinks to playing customers. coffee, water, beer or a mixed drink keep you going in the excitement laden climate. never mind taking away the poor cocktail wait staffs earning a living concept. just great.  Watcherboy

* I would certainly continue to gamble at a casino with no free drinks offered. I get a little tired of COCKTAILS....COCKTAILS....COCKTAILS being yelled at me when I am trying to concentrate. Ted & Molly

I think free cocktails is just a part of Vegas.  I feel that is the least the casino can do for me is take my money and give me a watered down drink.  Jean T.  VT

* Except for maybe an early morning coffee, the free drinks going away wouldn't bother me at all. "No free drinks" certainly would not stop me from going to any casino.  Joanne K

* No drinks then you will not find me visiting your place.  G J Smith

* I work in a casino In Ontario Canada were Complimentary drinks are available however only Non Alcoholic. Ontario does not also us to give away complimentary alcohol. I recently visited Vegas for the first time and I would visit the Casinos without complimentary beverages however would spend a lot more time in the Casinos with free drinks. Patrons want free Stuff!  If patrons had to chose they would visit the site with complimentary drinks.  Brenda Pierman

* No I would not go to the casino that does not give free drinks. When I go now and can't get a drink while I'm spending my money there, I will go elsewhere. That's the least they can do is give you a drink. The better the drink service is, the longer I stay and spend my money.  John Nancy

* I would not frequent a casino that did not offer complementary drinks to players because number one the climate is very dry, and drinks are just a nice way of saying thank you for coming to the casino. I think that without this service, people will be bringing their own drinks into the casino causing a terrible garbage issue, spilled beverages, plus wouldn't you rather know what they are drinking instead of wondering what they have brought in???? Janice MacFarlane

* No I would be reluctant to spend my money at a casino that did not offer complimentary drinks as this is the way it is in Canada and I totally resent spending my money and not be offered some comps I usually only have 1 or 2 drinks anyway but that is one of the perks of gambling. Pat Birmingham

* I have been coming to Vegas every year from England for the last five years and I would definitely not stay or gamble in a hotel which did not give complimentary drinks to gamblers. I think we spend more than enough without having to buy drinks as well, how much does a cocktail cost against the profit the casino is making from the gambling? It is a ridiculous suggestion and I think quite a mean one as well. It's one of the delights of Vegas to receive a cocktail whilst gambling and come to think of it what would happen to the cocktail waitress's? I'm sure the punters wouldn't be so generous with their tips if the casino started charging for the drinks, hence a lot of unemployed waitresses! and empty casinos!.....bad, bad idea!  Betty Male

*  I probably would not cater to a casino that stopped serving comp drinks while gambling, although I don't drink very much when I gamble, it is a nice perk. I would rather go down the street and patronize a place that appreciates my play then to stay in one that doesn't. If Nevada passed a law disallowing free drinks while playing is one thing, (like they have in Detroit) but to have one or a few casinos do away with the free drinks makes me feel they really do not want my business.  Dan Aldridge

* Yes, because I do not drink!  Jo Macurak

* It is against the law to give free drinks here in Missouri and people sure go to all our "boats". So I don't think it would really matter. I drive all the way from Missouri, a free drink isn't going to make a different. Yes I would continue to go to the casinos. Stephen Goodwin

* Yes, it would negatively effect my decision to gamble in the casino. Itís not the cost of the drink or the quantity of drinks consumed that would influence this decision as much as it is the ambiance and flavor of Las Vegas. One of the distinguishing factors of Las Vegas casinos, as compared to Riverboat gambling in my area, is this little extra customer courtesy. I see it as part of the Las Vegas mystique. There are many, many opportunities to gamble both in and outside Las Vegas and, as a customer, I am constantly looking for variety (in gaming), quality customer service, casino perks (comps, drinks, food), etc. to help me determine and choose casino destinations.  Michael Thomas  Cincinnati, OH

If a casino did not offer free drinks opposed to another offering free drinks I would go to the casino offering free drinks. This has been a on going perk for so many years in Las Vegas that if the casinos took this away I think they would lose a lot of business. Does the casinos also realize that when they are offering the free drinks that people seems to gamble more.  JDault

* No, I would not stop going, because I'm not there to drink.  Fred & Nancy Korzenieski

I probably wouldn't care, the waitresses are always too busy and they never get the drinks to you quick enough anyway. I tend to go get my own drinks half the time. It is only great during the slower weekdays.  Mike Snider Manhattan Beach, CA

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