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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll Starting October 15, 2002


#1.   Las Vegas will have a monorail that links several casinos, from the MGM Grand to the Sahara. When completed, early 2004, is this something you would use or would you prefer a taxi, rental car, or private car to get around while in Las Vegas?  Why or Why not?


Reader Poll Replies: 

The idea is great and we would give it a try.  Also, the location where it drops you off and picks you up needs to be  a central location, not in the back of the parking garage where you have a  mile long hike to find the casino or hotel shops . Information should be posted in visible sites  so everyone can find the stations, operating hours , times of pickup and the price of riding information.  Example, try asking for information about the trolley.  People who work at the different hotels don't want you to know anything about modes of transportation in Vegas. They act like you are speaking some unknown language.  First time we tried we just had to chase down one and see where it stopped and wait.  There is information  all about the trolley but we found it only ON THE TROLLEY.  Sharon   San Antonio,TX.

*  I like the idea of a monorail.  Yes, I would use it and I think several other people will also.  S W.  New Jersey

*  I would do anything to cut down on the number of taxis and commercial transportation vehicles.  This would free up many congested roads and help with cleaning up the air emissions.  Yes, this would be a large asset to Las Vegas and my family would use it.  T C   Waco, TX

This will be the best thing.  I believe people will visit more casino's this way.  JDault    

I think it is a great idea.  Patricia Williamson

I will definitely use the monorail from MGM to Sahara. I use the monorail all the time between Bally's and MGM. Will definitely use over renting a car or getting a taxi.  Thanks!!  Kirk Spaeth  Wenatchee, WA  

*  I can't wait for the monorail to start. I will be using it all the time. I like to hit certain parts of the strip at a time and this will be great. I don't drive in Vegas and really don't care for cabs, many of the drivers are rude. Trace

I think it would be a great idea, but still have the sidewalks for us to use. There is nothing better than having a nice girl walk with you down the strip. Mike Grybas, Belleville, MI

*  I go to Vegas 2-3 times per year and presently use the monorails provided at Monte Carlo and MGM.  I always stay at the Monte Carlo, and it is great having the monorail to Bellagio - especially on 100+ days.  Also, when using a monorail, you do not have to deal with the street venders shoving flyers in your face!  I think they are a great idea.  TMurrow

We would love to see Vegas add a monorail that links several casinos from MGM to Sahara. We have visited Vegas twice and are planning to visit again soon. We have spent a lot of money on the strip taking the bus from one end to the other. $2.00 every time we get on the bus.  Cheryl Melvin

I think it would be a great addition. I only used a taxi once while in Vegas, I try to stay away from paying so much just to get around. I would definitely use a monorail.   Sam McCurdy

I would use the monorail.  We don't rent a vehicle when in Vegas and use a lot of the free shuttles-monorails-and the bus.  We will be in Vegas in April.  Nancy Sexton

*  Definitely use it. Extend it all the way to Fremont Street.   Earl Brigham

*  My boyfriend and I just returned from Vegas and the question that we kept asking ourselves is: Why don't they have a monorail that goes the entire way down the strip? Really it should just go all the way downtown and it should be free. As much money as people blow there, they shouldn't have to pay for the shuttle, but if we will have to pay they should have 3-5 day passes or something along those lines so that you don't have to pay every trip. I can't imagine trying to drive around in that congested Las Vegas traffic or trying to park every time I want to check somewhere else out and taking a cab everywhere really is such a waste of my valuable gambling money. The monorail will definitely be a plus!    Roberta Wilson

*  The monorail will be a great addition in Las Vegas. I will definitely use it if I don't have a rental car. If I have a rental car, I don't think it's too bad to get around the strip if you are familiar with the streets and use the valet parking system.    Maria Henson

*  Yes, I would use it, it makes the Sahara end of the strip more attractive to stay at. I would most likely use it during the day and probably take a cab in the evenings.   Steve Zimmerman

*  Yes, I would definitely take the monorail.   Bob Branstetter

*  If they can keep them on time ,ill use it.  Al Beauchesne

*  I will definitely use the monorail.  Lisa Hetling,  New York, New York

*  I would definitely take advantage of the monorail.  I use the monorail which now runs from Bally's to the MGM and from the Excalibur to Mandalay Bay.  This form of transportation is much will cut down on the congestion on the buses during the rush hours.  I do hope that you don't have to walk forever to catch it, as you do in the MGM.  This means of transportation does give one the advantage to see what the pools in the different casinos look like.  Looking forward to the ride, and a big thumbs up to the developer who came up with this brainstorm!  I also like the moving staircases and the walkways from one casino to the next.  Ann Martino

*  Would use.  Howard

Yes!!!   I think a monorail system would be great. We use the ones that are already available. It makes getting around so much easier. I think every city needs to look at all of the ideas Las Vegas has for moving people from point A to point B. Your methods could cut down on a lot of congestion in other places. Keep up the good work.  Suzie Henry  

*  Absolutely, I'd gladly pay for this service......... Jeff Fox 

*  I would use the monorail it would be handy and easy to use and would sure beat the buses. Good for Las Vegas and the monorail.  williamhatton

*  Hi --  If the destinations were extensive, thru town and the monorail was handicap
accessible, I for one would like such an endeavor. If its just going between two casinos, it would be of little use to me. Unless their were easy access to more casinos around the "station casino." 
  I enjoy reading your newsletter, immensely. Still saving up for my first vacation to Las Vegas. Pretty hard to do on disability.  Best Regards,  Mike T.  Sioux City, IA

*  I'll definitely use the monorail -- the current "short" version is definitely an easy way to get around and avoid the heavy traffic, so the expansion will really be good.   Eventually it might be possible to get by without a rental car.  JoanneK

I would love to see a monorail in use in 'Vegas! I'm sure whomever funds it will do it 'right'. I would love to see it go from Fremont street to Mandalay bay. Cabs are very expensive. . . busses don't usually have seats open . . . trolley is priced right, but takes a long time. Cast my vote for the monorail.   Ron Blood   Boston   

I would use it, even if it costs money. I think taxis are a pain to use. My family usually rents a car or uses the monorails to travel in Las Vegas. I think the monorails are much more convenient.  Pamela Lundberg

*  We prefer a car after taking the taxi one year in Vegas. The taxi cab driver took us on the highway going over 80 mph. In and out of barrels from construction zones. A car we can drive around the city and outside and discover new places.  I would also use the monorail besides rent a car.  Jerri

*  If the service is free, I would use it during the day and evening - after midnight, I would take a cab (personal safety)  cschoony

Yes, definitely would use the monorail. Have used the ones that are there in the past and wished there was more to get around.   John Yenchick,  Pennsylvania

We definitely will be using the monorails and other moving walkways around Vegas. I think that was a great idea for those hotels to construct them, it gets you into other hotels that you might not otherwise go into. We do catch a cab once in a while to go to the opposite end of the strip, but only when we are getting tired.  (or starving)  Thanks for listening, Dawn Murphy   Maybee, MI

Richard...Regarding your question on the monorails that are going to be built in the near future, you can be sure that we would definitely use them when we visit Las Vegas. On all of our visits to Vegas we always made use of the monorails. It is so much faster than using the bus transportation or getting into a cab and be stuck in traffic for long periods of time. Time is valuable in Las Vegas and it is not to be wasted.   Bev K

*  Depending on the distance you must walk to get on board. if short i'll take it consistently. if not rental car and valet park. my legs aren't what they used to be. either way welcome to Buck Rogers and the 21st century. it should be quite a site if they do it right.  cya Watcherboy

*  I would take the monorail because of the convenience.  Taxis are also an option that works well for me as a visitor.  Joan Greenberg

I for one, along with other family members would very much appreciate and gladly use subject means of transportation.  Its long over due.  Willie Pryor

*  I would use the monorail system if it doesn't leave you off blocks away from the casino's.  Right now it looks as if it runs up Paradise Rd which is a 3-4 block walk from the main strip.  The Riviera has signage on Paradise but its a long walk from the road to the Hotel & Casino, so it may not be all that convenient to use unless you are going from one end of the strip to the other.  Dan

*  I would use the new shuttle from casino to casino. It will slow down the taxi business. It would be nice if you could get from the airport to the hotels are the new line, but we all know that won't happen due to the income made from White and the other ground transportation companies.  Brian Mooberry

*  I absolutely would use the monorail.  The buses are awful and the taxis are overpriced.  We used the monorail between Bally's and MGM Grand many times in the six days we were there.  They were clean, efficient and safe.  Sandra Porter 

*  Definitely would use it....  SAGEHUNT 

*  I would use the Monorail. GREAT IDEA!!!  Maybe you can teach Calif. how to do one!!!   LOL   ELVISO7

Use the Monorail only if close or inside the casinos. Monorail down the whole center of the strip would be nice...not 4000 ft behind them. Traffic is bad as well so taxis and rental cars are out. How about moving walk ways or below the center strip Subway? Build fast not smart...gotta love Vegas. Colin Meyer



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