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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for November 5, through November 14, 2004

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets!   Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.

Now that President Bush is reelected, Nevadans and visitors alike are still concerned about the proposed Yucca Mountain facility receiving all the nuclear waste from around the United States. Yucca Mountain is less than 100 miles from Las Vegas. Do you think government should place a nuclear dump that close to Las Vegas? Why or Why Not?
Reader Poll Replies:

I would hope that someone in government is a gambler and has visited Las Vegas.  Why would you send nuclear waste that close to a heavy populated tourist city?  Looks like another government debacle is headed our way.  Glenda Evans NC

*  I originally did not think that it should go to Yucca Mtn. Now that Nevadans have voted for President Bush, knowing that he supported this, I do think that it should go ahead and be placed there.  Wade

* I would say yes, approval should be afforded to the Yucca mountain facility. It is easy to let emotion run away with you, especially if it's on your doorstep, but there are a few pertinent points. The first is that the facility will have to exist somewhere and wherever it is it will be governed by the strictest safety requirements in the world. America, as a nation, has a good record of safety in all walks of industrial life. Irrespective of the scare-mongering, nuclear waste disposal is also governed by the strictest and safest waste controls worldwide, not just in America. Chernobyl scared everyone for ever, but you have to look at where it was and compare that with the safety protocols in America. Not to mention how few other incidents have been recorded throughout the world before and since. Then you have to add realism. As long as it exists, nuclear waste has to be dumped somewhere and Nevada is a big state with relatively few people in it. A hundred miles is a long way from Vegas which means any sort of evacuation scares that you will hear about, but will never happen, would leave enough time for some measures to be taken. In Britain there are five nuclear sites in a country 500 miles long by 200 miles wide. Anywhere has to be a hundred miles from somewhere. It's easy to say, but without knowledge of the industry it's understandably hard to believe, but nuclear energy and nuclear waste will be responsible for a lot less deaths and injury than any fossil fuel by the time we're using whatever Captain Kirk uses. A far bigger worry would be if president Bush found out there was oil under Caesars. Now that would be cause for concern. Yours sincerely Paul Casella

* Well, duh, wouldn't that be the biggest show in town? Of course there should not be a nuclear waste facility within 100 miles of any heavily populated area. Especially one that is visited regularly by dignitaries and celebrities, not to mention millions of United States citizens and international citizens. Verna Abercrombie Andover, KS

No way Las Vegas probably has a larger population on any given day than most large cities they may as well put a nuclear dump right in NYC.  Linda Timmons  Clifton Park NY

* I don't believe the Yucca Mountain Facility should receive all the nuclear waste from around the U.S. because I believe there are MANY larger, less populated areas where it could be taken. In the end it will cost you more money for cleanup. . . I know, I'm from Colorado and we just finished a huge cleanup of our Rocky Flats Plant. In the end it will be a huge expense for you all as it was for us. Not to mention the added manpower needed to brother retired from the plant here and has a horrible case of work-related asthma. Many of the men who worked here for years have some bad health problems. I just don't think it's worth your environment and your health. Debi Proctor Delta, CO

* Having worked in emergency management for years, there are good points for identifying a location for highly hazardous materials. Being used to exercises with nuclear plants and the nearby (relatively) chemical depot disposal site, there are safety factors in place. However, human-made hazards can be triggered through inattention or lack of knowledge. The desert made sense years ago, but the population boom and popularity of Vegas as a destination requires a new look for safety. The legislators and scientists need a better game plan for materials that will be stored as useless hazards. It also, in this time of threatened terrorism, poses a concern for several reasons. I go to Vegas to have fun—not to work.  Joan

* Why not, if it goes its only going to take the sinners of the world right?  Isn't that what the govt. is thinking?  There slick. Again suits having coffee in the morning hashing around our lives.  Watcherboy

*  No I think it could cost Las Vegas and the surrounding areas to lose tourism dollars. people may not want to come here with yucca mountain so close. Tina Thompson  Las Vegas NV

* No. There must be other places where there are not so many people. Linda Coen  San Antonio TX

Bush should definitely not place the dump there or near any other highly populated area either. I just have one thing to say and that is " Bush should start looking for things to better the people here!!! and not destroy them and the land".  Ron Young


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