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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for November 5,  through November 14, 2003


This week's opinion poll asks . . . The U.S. government is planning to deposit many tons of nuclear waste at the Yucca Mountain nuclear repository located within the Nellis Air Force Range, which is 4,562 square miles in size. This range is less than one hour away from Las Vegas. They schedule the nuclear waste at this time to start delivers to Yucca Mountain within the next year. Our Poll Asks, does this change, alter or affect any plans you may have for coming to Las Vegas in the future. Why or Why Not?

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Reader Poll Replies: 

*  Nuclear waste obviously will have my attention, but when it is placed underground at Yucca Mountain I do not see that as a direct threat to Las Vegas.  Darin W.  

*  I would prefer it be placed somewhere other than Las Vegas area, but it is probably safer underground than it is in many locations throughout the United States.  A new resident to Las Vegas.  Gloria T.   Las Vegas.

*  It will not change a thing about me returning to Las Vegas.  The thing that bothers me is, if the US Govt. is in control of security then we are in trouble.  They can not be in charge of something like this as long as there are two political parties always bickering about the other party. Don T., Maine

*   As long as it is securely stored underground, I suppose it is okay.  As my husband and I are only visitors to Las Vegas, it will have no influence on our decision vacation in that area.  JW...Florida

*  I am sad to think that this is the best alternative for the United States Government but this will not alter any present or future plans to visit the city where you can forget all the problems surrounding you. We are a large country and produce much waste. I understand nobody wants it in their backyard but due to the population and lifestyle of this great country anyplace is somebodies backyard. I think that a more important issue is how do we do this safely in order to protect Americans all over the word? Neil Weisfeld

*  In response to your question about the dumping of Nuclear Waste it will not affect our plans for Vegas.  My husband and I enjoy Vegas so much that we feel if it is unsafe the government would not put lives in jeopardy.  I feel that they have fully thought this out and only would be doing it if they were sure it would not affect one of the greatest vacation spots in the USA.  I know a lot of people feel that our President has made a lot of mistakes but I do not feel this is one.  We will continue to visit Vegas and continue to make it our favorite spot.  We have brought friends as well as family with us and am looking forward to our Christmas trip this year.  Thank you Sarah Cardwell

*  No changes to my Vegas plans. The environmentalists are playing alarmist again. Nevada should do the smart thing and accept the fact that Yucca mountain will be a nuclear waste storage facility. Find a way to charge the states moving their waste to Nevada. I am sure the money they are willing to pay is substantial and could help with Nevada's budget battles.  Roger Ross

*  My plans to visit Las Vegas now or in the future will not be shaken by a little nuclear waste! The public is subjected to the transportation of these wastes throughout the nation. Awareness breeds caution and the Las Vegas area will probably safer than the rest of our country's highways.  Shelly Swandal 

*  No, it does not.  Maurice Slot

*  Are you kidding, they should put it right under the strip. Maybe the slots would be looser . it would be cool to glow.  Watcherboy

*  Although I live in a close proximity to the U.S. Army Munitions (a nuclear storage) facility, located in Newport, Indiana, rarely do I focus on the "What-If's". Whether any of us realize it or not, nuclear and other toxic waste materials are transported cross-country every day. Since I live in a rural, agriculture area, I am more apt to be poisoned by annhydrous ammonia than nuclear material. So, I have no fear of what is going to be placed in Yucca Mountain. I am still coming to beautiful, sunny, Las Vegas on 12/30/03 and ringing in the New Year right! Thank you for reading this. Debra Reeves Terre Haute, IN 

*  This information does not alter any plans to visit Las Vegas.  Las Vegas is the best.!!!!!!   Randa Martelr

*  Hello I am Rick Shippy I was just replying to your reader poll and as far as changing whether I will come to Las Vegas because of storage of Nuclear waste it will not change my plans to visit. I live in Idaho and we store nuclear waste here it is well protected and I would be more worried about some sort of attach then a nuclear waste spill or accident. So my plans to visit Las Vegas will not change because of the storage of chemicals.  Rick Shippy

*  I'll still come to Vegas.  I, maybe stupidly, trust that the waste will be properly stored.  Karen Brister


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