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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll Starting November 5, 2002


#1. Recently, more and more Las Vegas casinos are using the new Ticket In - Ticket Out system rather than having coins fall out of the slot machine.  Do you like this new paper ticket payout system or would you rather be paid with real coins when you cash out a slot machine?   Why?


Reader Poll Replies: 

*  I prefer the new system....  I never have to wait for a hopper to get refilled and it is so much faster.  Glenda W. 

*  Call me old fashion, but, I really enjoy hearing the coins fall out of the slot machine when I cash out.  Dale from Wisconsin

*  Paper is best.  Coins are so dirty and heavy that I like having the ease of just one piece of paper and go to the casino cage.  Gloria Stein 

*  Maybe this is not part of your question..... but I like the paper system because I do not feel compelled to give a tip to a total stranger who in many cases has done nothing for me except give me change once.  I think it is going to save me a lot of money over the upcoming years.  Walt. T.  

*  I like the new system as you do not have to wait to be hand paid your winnings, our you don't get the hopper empty when cashing out. It saves a lot of time for both the player as well as the casino workers.   Chuck Merica

*  I prefer this system just because I play nickel slot machines and when I have a fairly large win I don't like digging all of those nickels out of the tray. It also allows me to cash out without having to wait for an attendant to come make a payout. My husband and I have been playing on these type machines at a Casino in Louisiana for several years now and really like them. It makes it much easier to limit how much you play. When you know you will have to contend with a bunch of coins, you tend to play out your credits. With the ticket you can quit whenever and not have to worry about lugging around a bucket of heavy coins.   Suzie Henry

*  We visit Las Vegas 2-3 times per year and we love it. Much more convenient.  Georgia J Townsend

*  I do not like the system at all. To me gambling is using money to try to win and getting back money if you do win something. A lousy ticket is not gambling. I get the sense that it is only a way for the casinos to take more money from their customers.  Wayne Akemoto

*  I do not like receiving a ticket for earnings; I want to have the coins drop from the slot.  Doyte Elliott

*  Hi Richard.  On your question for today on the paper ticket personally I believe it is more fun to hear the coins fall out of the machine when you win. I don't think it is as much fun to play on the paper ticket. It is more enjoyable to play with coins and to win with coins. It adds to the excitement of gambling.  You always have such excellent questions. Keep them coming.  Bev K

*  The ticket machines are nice but, what is going to happen to the workers?? Are they going to be MAJOR cut backs??  Karl A. Johnson 

*  I would rather have a payout in coins.  The sound is part of the fun.  Indian casinos in California used the paper payout and now are replacing the machines with "Vegas" style slots.  John Singer

*  Real Coins = Real Money.  Forget about this paper junk.  I'm off to Vegas in 2 weeks and won't play if I can't get real money back. Barbara A

*  In Alberta, if you play nickels and you cash out, anything over $50 is a cash handpay. They use the paper system in Idaho as well. The only good thing (or not) is that it forces you to leave the machine to get your winnings, even as low a 5 cents.  cschoony

*  NO I HATE IT!!!!!!! We have this in our racetracks here in nearby West Virginia that have slots (we are from Pennsylvania) -- same as para mutuel tickets. You tend to not take the ticket and spend the cash at that machine. (I guess this is a ploy by casinos to keep the cash "in house.") The fun part is hearing the ka-ching ka-ching of the coins dropping into the hopper. You can then take your coins and move about freely to spend in other machines there or in other casinos. Also, by issuing the paper ticket, this will create longer lines at the cashier windows to redeem. I saw these in Sept 2002 when I was in Las Vegas. I noticed people shying away from those machines and heading to the coin payout machines. This might be better for house odds but it is a pain for the machine player who has to take the ticket(s) to redeem or to play in other machines. Whatever were the casino bosses thinking?  GeorgeGryak

*  Coins only. when we win can keep playing at a new machine we don't have to go cash in to get our money.  G. J. Smith

*  I would prefer cash . I put cash in , I want cash out. paper is just another way to trick the consumer. how many of us will simply put the paper in out pocket and forget about it. if u leave the casino and forget to cash out your hit. wonder how much over a year a casino makes by this simple mistake on our part. Watcherboy

*  The reason we like these machines is that when you want to cash out you don't half to wait a half hour for a attendant to come around. It is also nice to go from machine to machine and use the ticket.  Ruth

*  I like the coin version of the slots. I want to walk into a casino and hear that money dropping in the bins. Also, if you want to move to different machines it's easier to have the money and I think you would spend more with the money than paper. You are taking away from the real "Las Vegas".   Dottie

*  I haven't had very many pay-out slips...maybe not enough winnings, huh?  Anyway, there are pros and cons......coins are dirty, but sometimes I cash out and then still play with the coins....that would not be available to do then, so that is a definite disadvantage....coming out in February.....Am I going to be seeing more of the pay-out slips?  I haven't been out since last February.  June Colgrove of Nebraska 



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