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Reader Poll November 5, 2000

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#1. Las Vegas Bargains, name yours?  Everyone comes to Las Vegas for different reasons.  While in Las Vegas some enjoy the free drinks, shows, specials, 2 for 1's and a array of other Bargains found in Las Vegas.  Which Bargain(s) do you like best, where is at and why do you like it?

*  Las Vegas is the best place in the world to vacation. You can make it want you want. It can be the cheapest vacation or the most expensive, what ever one wants to make it.  I go because it is an inexpensive vacation, but if I win big I can turn it into a luxury vacation, in a heart beat and never have to leave the city. And on the other side, if I loose I can still have fun on very little money, Las Vegas offers the best of both worlds.  Don Bartlett

*  Cost of Living in Las Vegas area is lower than most other places. Rent is high, but new homes were overbuilt so there are some good bargains in purchasing. Plus, a lot of people moved up to new, and need to sell their resale home. The anticipated rush on buying because of Construction didn't pan out, so some developers need to sell to open up their line of credit for construction. Many of those working in the Las Vegas area construction have been bit before, some have bad credit because of the roller coaster income, so there are some good buys. For an individual such as ourselves, on fixed income, our dollars go further in Nevada then here, and the advantage of no state income tax on our retirement adds more dollars to us. I would say the economics can't be beat. And, once can always live in one of the nearby towns for less price housing, and you have the major shopping of Las Vegas.  Wayne Chesnut

*  Steak Dinner - Ellis Island - Koval Street near Flamingo Road. Not on the menu. Ask for it and you shall receive the $5.95 special includes salad and choice of potato. I've been in Vegas for 4 months and there isn't a better steak bargain like this ANYWHERE!  Susan Freedman

*  There are many in the City of Las Vegas. Airfare is cheap just to get there, then figure out a normal "Holiday Inn" type room can be found for $45 a night, throw in cheap or free drinks, lounge entertainment, and great food for less $$$, and Las Vegas is an outstanding place to go if you are on a budget. 4 days in Chicago would cost you 3 times as much money as in Las Vegas, and in Las Vegas, you can legally bet on the Bears!   Benny Low 

We've been to Vegas 10 times since 93. Our trip in 99 was $489.00 apiece at the Flamingo Hilton 7 nites out of Cleveland Ohio which is a good deal. The trip we took in 2000 was even better .Air fare $200.00 from Cleveland The room at Days Inn was $35.00 a nite. This came to about $320.00 each which in my book was a steal. Going back Christmas 2000 will stay same place.  Chuck Pa.


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