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Reader Poll Starting November 25, 2001

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#1.  What is your favorite slot machine?  With all the new theme slot machines which one do you like to play?  This questions includes video poker machines, keno machines, basically any electronic casino game, which one is your favorite?  Why?

*  I just got back from Las Vegas and there is a lot more slots there. I never thought I would do video slots but the Munsters are great. They are even have penny ones that for $5 bucks you can play for hours and even come out ahead. I did with $30 bucks. It is entertaining too. This last trip was fun with all the new slots to try. I also like the Frog and Balloon videos that keep me going for hours. You don't need to spend a lot to have fun. Lauren

*  "Catch a Wave" its cool, good beach boys music to bop to. Atlantic City has them as well as in Vegas. I've only seen them in nickels so far. you can win free games by hitting three waves on a winning pay line. and even more in the bonus round. of course I've won on them in each city so that's why NOW there my favorite. cya Watcherboy

*  Regis & Austin Power slots were the ones I liked most, for they gave you interesting different games to win more money. I enjoyed also trying to win the Mustang also to no avail, but enjoyed it anyway. I hope to re visit you soon  Thanks Ruth

*  Dueces wild Draw Poker.  rainl0ver7

*  Monopoly, Yahtzee and Addams Family.  Jim & Wendy Ball

*  ODYSSEY -- ever since these machine have been out they're usually the first I gravitate to. The graphics are great and every once in a while I even win some money. However, win or lose, they are fun! Joanne K

*  I like the five times machines they seem to give you a better pay off then other machines. And more often. I have had great luck on these.  Ken DeAngelis 

*  My favorite slot machines are those which contains some sort of bonus, such as Wheel of Fortune, where you have a chance to spin the wheel for more money. There are several different types around, and Bally's has most of them, not surprising since Bally's makes slot machines. These machines just give you a little bit more fun while you are losing your money. CarolS2WOW

*  Really like the piggy machines at Bally's Casino, wish they could put 25 cents ones as well they are really good.  lucianocapozzi

*  I absolutely love the 5 cent slot game of 'fishing'. If you play 'max', it's $2.25 a spin but rewards are good. If you get the 3 lures on adjacent reels, you go 'fishing' on a bonus screen.... good payoff's.... also a chance to go on to other 'bonus' screens also where the payoff's get even bigger.... exciting game... Ron   Boston

For some silly reason my favorite is the burning 7's and then I like the ones that 3X or 5X your winning amount. Lynda Loipersbeck, 

*  Double Diamond.   James Mercik

*  The 25 cent triple play love to play video poker this just makes the odds better in one hand.   Wfancher639

* The 3 row ones with 7's in them, both regular and Blazzing 7's.  Don't care for the new electronic ones, seems they can be controlled better.  Sal Crisanti

*  I like the new Scrabble game. Enjoy something that does something while playing and where you get a chance to interact.   Nancy Sexton

* I guess I must be an old timer because I still like the video poker machines.   Martin H.

*  With all the new machines it has really changed not only the look, but the sound of a casino.  I like playing them all.  Kelli Y.   TX 

*  Las Vegas seems to have all the new games, nothing like it at the Indian casino we stop in that is near our home.  The Barbara Eden slot machines have been good to me lately.  MM Bill Sawyer  AZ


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