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Reader Poll November 23, 1999

Question in black type - Answer from our Readers in blue type  

(Two Questions Below)

#1.  What Casino has the friendliest employees?    Why?

The people at the Mirage have always impressed us as being the friendliest group we encountered in Las Vegas. They seem well trained and happy to be working at the Mirage.  The staff at the Orleans would rate a good second.   William Martin

* I think that Harrah's has the friendliest people working for them. In all the years we have been going to Las Vegas we have never had a bad experience with anyone who works for the casino. Not only have we not had a bad experience but the personnel go out of their way to welcome you and make every minute of your stay an enjoyable one. Abe Kraus 

* My family likes the friendly treatment we receive at The Orleans.  M. Sorenson

* I like Sahara's Casino employee's. But only there Casino employee's. All eating places in that hotel the people are rude. But the pit bosses and dealers are very nice. MGM people are a little stiff. stardust people are nice Bally's is nice. Caesars's are nice. Venetion are very nice. Circus Circus staff are nice Stratosphere people are not very friendly.  Jaye Criswell

* I think that Sahara has the friendliest- and funniest employees. The dealers are always smiling- never serious like the dealers of other casinos. To me, I have the most fun whether I am winning or losing at the tables at Sahara. I think it has a lot to do with the $1 blackjack tables. They keep things less serious.   Marisa Ryan Smith

* The best and friendliest is one of the smallest O' SHEAYS.   Sabrecoach


#2.  What Casino has the NON friendliest employees?  Why?

* The Bellagio Hotel seems to have people working for them that fit the hotel's public image--snobby and supercilious. During a visit I asked a floor employee where the ladies room was. She motioned vaguely across the casino and said "over there." It took me 4 tries until I found someone who could be more specific and actually seemed willing to help. The slot machine attendant--when I finally found one--seemed annoyed that I would bother her for information about how a particular slot was played. She told me that all I had to do was read the printout on the machine. I took my money and left. I don't consider it a privilege to be able to play in a hotel's casino, no matter how glitzy the surroundings. When I risk my money a hotel ought to feel privileged that I am playing there and treat me accordingly.  Abe Kraus

* Without a doubt, the Staff at the Rio struck us as the least friendly people in any hotel we have been to in any city. Our stay at the Rio will most be remembered for the "Why are you bothering me" attitude of everyone from the front desk to the security personnel. The cocktail servers were uniformly surly, and the slot club people were comatose! Never again!  William Martin 

* The most unfriendly was the MGM     Sabrecoach

* I think the employees at the Hard Rock Hotel are by far the rudest.  I love the music and decor of the place but I am real turned off by the attitude of the employees. The people here know that they will always do a good business no matter what and it shows. It is like going to a club that only lets in a people with a certain kind of look. That is how you are made to feel are there.   David Tse


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