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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for November 15,  through November 24, 2003


This week's opinion poll asks . . . On January 20, 2004 the new Las Vegas Monorail will go into operation. Cost is $3 per person to ride. Will you use the Monorail and is $3 per ride a fair value? Why or Why Not?

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets! Each Reader Poll, the 3 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.)


Reader Poll Replies: 

*  Yes, I will ride it at least once just to see what it is like.  James T.

*  No, not at first.  I like my car and would not like to be at a casino that I would have to use a Monorail to get back.   Mark  NY

*  Yes, I would ride the monorail if I was not renting a car. Normally we stay for four or five days and we rent a car for about $70.00.  Three dollars is a little steep for the fare.  thomas023

*  For anybody who has ever driven around the strip, or worse yet from the strip downtown, when things are at all busy, the answer is absolutely simple. Yes, at $3.00 the monorail is a great deal. Let's face it, Las Vegas isn't going to get any smaller any time soon. Sure there are lots of other gambling venues all over Nevada, the west, and the country. But where does everybody, all over the world dream of going?  They all want to go stay and play in Las Vegas. It's bad enough that Californians either have to make the long boring drive, or hassle with the airports, to get to Las Vegas- I can still remember seeing passengers getting off the train at the Plaza, downtown, carrying their bags to the Plaza check-in, grabbing their room keys, and being out on the streets downtown, in minutes. But, alas they can't do that anymore- not yet anyway. So, yes anything that helps people to move around, without starting up the cars in the parking garages is a good thing for everybody in Las Vegas. I hope in my lifetime (I'm 53) there will be a monorail out to Sam's Town on the Boulder highway, down thru the airport, down thru Green valley ranch, thru the strip, over to Rio and the Orleans, all over downtown, who knows maybe out to Mesquite (right!!) Leave it to Las Vegas to be the place to get it right. Good Job, Las Vegas!!!  Mark Rathz, Oxnard, CA

I would use the monorail but would prefer if you where able to purchase a pass either for the day or the week to use while I was in Vegas.  I also would like to see it being comped by the casino while you were staying there. Joe

*  Sounds like a GREAT endeavor to me, We will take advantage of the new monorail! Cannot think of a good reason not to do so. Norma Corona  

*  If you have a family of four, to pay $3 per person is not really economical when you can grab a taxi for that amount or maybe less and be brought to your exact destination.  I guess if I was traveling alone or just two people, maybe. Courtney Harrison

*  Yes, we will definitely ride it. Even though we rent a car, there are times we just don't want to get into the traffic. $3 seems reasonable to me.  Carol Jones

*  Yes, I will use the monorail and gladly pay $3.00 to ride it. I see this addition to Las Vegas as a convenience to visitors and an attraction as well. It will undoubtedly be an attraction to families with small children to assist them going from place to place, not to mention the novelty of it for them.  My children enjoyed the short monorails available in Las Vegas now. I have problems with both knees and it is not as easy to walk distances as it used to be, so this will be a help to me as well. I would definitely support a monorail from Sahara to downtown. It would be terrific as opposed to the public bus system or taxis! Carol Williams

*  My husband and I will be in Vegas and April and will use the new monorail.  I think the price should be a little cheaper.  You basically ride the monorail to visit different casinos and gamble so I think it should be cheaper. Nancy NY

*  I think $3 is a fair price to ride the monorail.  I was hoping for free.  Yes, I will ride it will be an alternative to the bus.  Rita Castle

*  Yep!!! I will be using it when I am in Vegas in February.. I think it is a great idea and beats taking your life in your hands in a cab.. lol   Just kidding, but it will be a great experience.. just wish I could be the first to ride it.  Steve (UK)

*  Yes, I'll ride the monorail.  $3.00 is fair value.   Dennis J. Giancola   Avon, OH

Yes, I would use the new Monorail. I think it's a fantastic idea! One of the great things about gambling in Vegas, especially on the strip, is the free drinks. The new transit system will cut back on intoxicated drivers, save wear-and-tear on your feet, and cut taxi-cab costs. Plus, if you are shopping, etc., you can more easily carry your purchases from one location to the next, without lugging your bags up and down the busy sidewalks. I think that $3 is a pretty reasonable fee, considering the alternatives. The stops are going to be frequent and in the locations that most travelers will be headed to anyway. The new Monorail will be much safer than walking the sidewalks near sometimes dangerous traffic. All in all, I say that it's past time for this. Tonya Trummer

*  Richard, We come to Vegas at least twice a year—and our favorite trip is upcoming in December.  As we are rural living people, we are used to driving our single occupancy trucks, but when in Vegas, we find using the bus more convenient and a way to learn more about Vegas from those who live there and are visitors. We are looking forward to the Monorail as a way to continue our visit without the long walks (although the walk in between some casinos, downtown and other locations was healthy—both for walking and for spreading out our losing streaks), the monorail adds a new future to Vegas.  Is $3 a ride reasonable?  It’s not cheap, but better than a taxi or renting a car and finding parking. We’ve watched the city grow and wish the city continued success!  Joan and Frank Sterling, Washington State

*  $3 Seems fair but is that coming and going?  An all day pass or more would speed up entry & exit problems.  But I'm going to think about staying at the hotel that offers me that pass as a comp.!  How many stops? Do you pay each hop? I think we'll all pay $3 each time and that will be that.  ALLLLL ABOOOOARD !  Nick Perko   JC, Oregon 

*  I think the monorail will be a great addition to the Las Vegas Scene.  If you do not have a rental car and wish to go from the Strip to Freemont Street your only option is the bus which at times is dirty, crowded and SLOW.  The monorail should take care of most of those concerns as long as the stations are kept in top notch shape and patrolled by Las Vegas police.  I have always felt safe on the strip and Freemont street, but travel on the bus is a bit scary.  The three dollar fare seems fair since the bus is at least $1.25 each way.  Convenience and speed are worth the extra money. PS: Hope the show tickets will be good for a show in February should I win them.  Jeanette and Hugh Wilson

*  Yes, $3 is a fair price.  Yes, I will ride the monorail. Thank you.  Wanda Deagen

*  I think $3.00 rides are a little expensive.  I will probably not ride the new system.  My husband and I rent a car and with free parking everywhere in Las Vegas why pay $12.00 roundtrip just for a new experience. I'd rather spend my money by tipping the valets, plus the walk will probably be closer to the casinos and hotel check-ins;  you can bet that the monorail set up will include a walk through the merchant shops whenever possible.  Debra Corcoran

*  In view of past experience at getting  a rude cab driver or trolley driver, I think that the monorail would be a welcome change. It would be quicker and more comfortable and the three dollar price is on target for the convenience.  William Butler

*  I think the idea is good. I will use it when I visit. $3.00 is not much of a price to pay to get around. I would rather take the monorail and see the sights than take a cab at who knows what price for the same route. The ride could be cheaper if the casinos & business along the route would support a little extra in the building costs.  In turn they would get advertising on the monorail and riders would get a little break on price.  When I lived in Seattle, I used the monorail system when I needed to go from downtown to the Seattle Center. It saved all the driving and parking hassles that are associated with a busy city. For tourists especially, this would make their trip that much more pleasant knowing that they don't have to drive up and down the strip and cross miles of parking lots to do their sightseeing. The locals will like this also, it will clear up the roads of a lot of lookie-loo's, who are oblivious to the rest of traffic on their quest to see things. I think it will work well. Ronald Combs

*  Hi!   Yes, I would use the Monorail and intend to when I return in Mid Feb. or early March.  Was in Vegas for the first time in Oct. and walking the Strip is quite a walk.  I don't mind it during one trip but to walk it both ways gets to be quite to much.  I would use the Monorail and feel the $3.00 is worth the price as heard it's a 15 minute ride and it's worth it cause a Taxi would cost much more. Looking forward to it opening. Dawn Hannock  Oswego, NY

*  Yes, My husband and I will use it, at least try it, although I think $3.00 is not cheap.  The view alone at night will probably be worth that.  A lot will depend on how often they run and how many people are waiting to get on. However, Vegas is not going to get smaller and they have to think of something to move the people around, this is a good idea in theory.  Lets hope it works well in practice.  Maybe they will sell a type of "unlimited use" ticket for a certain number of days that works out cheaper for families or couples without cars who may want to use it extensively. Maybe the Resorts/Casinos nearest the stops will subsidize the fares to a degree, after all people tend to gamble in their resort/hotel or nearby casinos from convenience, because of traffic, not always wanting to bother with getting their car, or taking a taxi etc. but if it is easy to hop on the monorail, people may move more among the various casinos. Janet W.

*  The CASINO'S should foot the bill and let the people ride FREE !  After all, they (CASINO'S ), all benefit from it!  Pondoctor

* Yes!!! I think the monorail is a wonderful way to move people up and down the strip.  We try to come to Las Vegas once a year for about 7 days at a time and usually spend at least 3 to 3 1/2 of those days walking up and down the strip.  We have used all of the monorails in the past and really missed it on our trip this last July.  I think that the $3.00 price is well worth it.  If you think about it, you cannot get a taxi that cheap and certainly not a rent car.  We are looking forward to our trip sometime in 2004 to try out the new system.  If only other cities would take a lesson from Las Vegas on transportation and roadways, maybe traffic problems would not be so bad.  Suzie Henry

*  I believe anyone who goes to Vegas will want to ride the Monorail at least once.  It will be a Vegas attraction.  I also think this is not going to be something everyone will ride all day long.  I mean Vegas is about sight seeing and admiring all that is around the strip, and its casinos.  Not many people want to jump on a bus or monorail to move back and forth along the strip.  I think it will be an attraction type.  Ride it once maybe couple times, so you can come home and say....Hey I rode the Monorail in Vegas.  Margie

*  The first time I used a monorail, it was in Tokyo while in the military. It was the easiest way to get downtown from the airport, also the easiest when you spoke no Japanese.  I found it to be an excellent way to get from a fixed point to another fixed point. I believe the monorail in Las Vegas will be an excellent addition to the services available for the average tourist. Unfortunately, it won't be open when we arrive in December. But I would definitely utilize the monorail for our next trip.  This monorail will be a lot more useful than the one in Seattle, and take you to a more interesting place than the ones in Disneyland and Disneyworld. LOL. At least for the adults. Fred Chamberlin

*  No I would not use it at $3.00 a ride. if I want to go to 4 or 5 different casino's or even more, and paying for my family members, it would be very costly it would be cheaper to rent a car for the day. Maybe a days pass for $5.00 a person or a $1.00 a ride would be more reasonable if you don't have a big family.  Norman Clabeaux

*  Absolutely will ride the monorail at $3 a ride. It is cheaper than most cab rides and will probably be faster. It will be even better if the offer some type of multi day or multi ride passes.  Adrienne & Bill Sheneman

*  I think $3 for a ride sounds like a good value.....we have been going to Vegas once or twice a year for the past 15 years.....cabs have gotten expensive these  years.....I have traveled to Europe 4 times but Vegas is still my favorite city....since I have retired....I can't afford Europe but I can Vegas and cheaper transportation would be a good thing....Helen Jacobs

*  Sure, that's a very reasonable price.  Huguette English

*  I think it's a ridiculous price for the  monorail .. $3????? ... maybe if it went clear across town or something, but with the "entertainment" aspects of downtown it should be FREE.  Karen M. Byington

I think the cost is a little high.  It only cost $2.00 to ride the bus all the way downtown.  Taxi's can be inexpensive if shared with other people.  Is this $3.00 cost a round ticket price?  If so that would be the better ride for your money.  If not it would not be.  The other question would be how far to you have to walk the get the monorail?  If far that will also not go over well as you can go out almost any casino and get a taxi or bus.  I think it will go over well if it is convenient to get to.   JDault

*  I think $3.00 is a bit steep, a day pass would be a better idea as we like to jump from casino to casino, by the end of the day we would have spent a lot of money and I'd rather spend it on the slot machines. What worries me is that it starts at $3.00 and just like everything else in Vegas it gets more and more expensive. We might try it once but renting a car is probably cheaper if you jump around all day. Lynda Loipersbeck 

*  Yes definitely will use it just to be able to see the sights without having to sit in traffic and craning my neck to look up and around without getting into a fender bender. Price is absolutely right and fair.  Pia Kilm

*  Like anything new I'll try it out. But $3.00 one way is too much.  Costing 6 dollars total to go just a short way is not worth it.  The casinos should of picked up the expense. (like they don't have it) besides I rent a car when I vacation so I can travel here and there at my leisure. To be honest I don't think after the initial curiosity wears off that it will be all that those in suits expected.  Watcherboy

*  $3.00 seems a great fare for the ride that one gets, nice way to see the strip. We will be their Dec 24th, but will have to wait till next year to ride, my wife likes that, means we can come back. Peter @ Nina

*  It is a fair price. It beats renting a car and safer. the streets are to busy now with car,s so it may help with the traffic problem.  G.J.  Smith

*  $3.00 too much!!  Daritz Hall

*  I will absolutely use the monorail if the stops are convenient and the stations close to the hotels.  $3 seems a bit steep, but if there's a way to buy a full day or multi-day pass at a discount, that's even more of an inducement. Cabs in Vegas are so expensive, partly due to the heavy traffic.  So the monorail is a plus for taxi riders as well. I guess the cab drivers are the losers in this one.  Barbara Aroeste

*  I think a better idea would be to give people the option of a weekly pass or a daily pass.  Lenny Spero.

*  $3.00 per ride is excessive!  Should be $1.00 per ride and you should be able to purchase a ticket to ride all day for $10.00 and a weekly ticket for $50.00.  George Strickland

*  We will definitely use the monorail - especially the second phase.  It is so difficult to get downtown and we like to visit both areas.  Caps are expensive and the traffic is horrendous - the busses are disgusting.  The monorail will be great.  Sandra Porter  

*  I would not use the monorail at $3.00 per ride.  They should make it like $5.00 per person per day or offer rider's to buy a day pass or a weekly pass at a set price.  I don't feel that most rider's would use the monorail for $3.00 every time they have to get on the monorail.  I personally think that it would benefit the hotel's because I know myself that when we use the monorail between Bally's and MGM we end up staying at the hotel for a while and gambling. My husband and I use the monorail that connects from Bally's to MGM practically on a daily basis when we are vacationing in Las Vegas.  We have vacationed there 3 times this year.  When rider's have to wait in line to purchase a ticket every time they have to get on the monorail and the wait for the monorail I think a lot of rider's would just end up staying in their hotel or walk to a closer hotel than they would if the monorail was reasonably priced for a daily fee instead of a per ride fee.  I feel if you set up a daily fee instead of a per ride fee it cut's back on lines waiting to pay for their fare and also rider's that don't want to wait in line to pay end up just walking.  Thank you for your time.  Sincerely, Toni  



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