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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll Starting November 15, 2002


#1.  Keeping with last weeks question about slot machine types of payouts . . . .what Las Vegas casino has the best or worst service for cashing in your coins or paper slot machine receipts?  Why?


Reader Poll Replies: 

*  I like the machine at the Gold Coast that allows me to take my paper payout receipt and put this receipt in a machine and immediately my cash money falls out in a tray.  All this without a person being involved.  I believe they have this service also at Sams Town.  That is what I like, my money in my hand without a wait.   Hank  D 

*  Maybe the best casino to get paid is the Orleans.  They seem to put enough staff at their change booth and casino cage to take care of the people wanting to cash out.  Linda Holister.  CA 

*  In my opinion, Orleans is fastest.  They have a lot of coinless machines so that their staff is more available to cash one out-but I think they were quicker than any other casino even BEFORE the coinless machines. They don't have any of the cash-out machines like Sam's Town, yet, but I bet that's coming!  BTW-love those coinless machines!  No more dirty money to handle, it's easier to move from machine to machine and they make managing ones money easier.  Jill Chalk Concord, NH

*  I like the cashiers at the Paris, them seem to be very helpful and quick.  Donna D.  CA

*  Like everyone, I like winning, but to get your money if you need an attendant to help you at Caesars takes forever.  Mark Teller  WI

*  The Main Street Station has the best system.  If you machine runs out of coins at attendant comes by, opens the cabinet below the slot machine, pulls out a bag of coins and fills the machine.  Then later, they come back and replace the bag they used from under the machine.  This sure is nice not to wait for a long time to fill a hopper.  Beverly  S   

*  I like the Bellagio. Their change persons keep money on them and they pay you right on the spot.  Maryellen  

* On my last visit to Las Vegas we won a small jackpot at the Sahara, and it took almost 30 minutes to get paid.  What a waste of time.  Jack.H.

*  I usually play at the Rio... but it seems they are getting less persons on the casino floor to help you.  Sure is easy to put your money in the machines but no one around when it comes time to pay out.  Barbara Willis.

*  Since my last two visits have been to the Bellagio I am happy to see they are converting all their slot machines to paper payouts.  They were fast in paying you before, now it is even better.  Dr. Wood.  

*  On my last visit I played for the first time at Main Street Station.  What a pleasant experience to see how fast they came to your rescue and placed more coins in the machine.  Almost no wait at all.  What a good system.  Devin.S.  CA

*  I think taking 25 minutes to get paid at the Hard Rock is not a reasonable time to wait.  I will never go back there.  Harold & Betty  CA

*  Best service is at the Bellagio, they seem to care about getting your money to you fast.  Wayne Smith  TX




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