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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for May 25, through June 4, 2004


Las Vegas is always changing and now it appears the "family" image is being completely discarded and the "What Happens in Las Vegas Stays in Las Vegas" mentality is being heavily promoted. Do you like the resurgence of the Adult Las Vegas or should it continue to cater to the families? WHY or Why Not?

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Reader Poll Replies:

*  I like the adult atmosphere, I never thought Vegas was a great family town.  Linda B.  

*  I am of the opinion that Vegas should maintain an adult theme!  I will be visiting Vegas in the summer and look forward to the excitement of just letting go.  This will be a chance for me to let my hair down with my best friend and no children to chase around.  Vegas presents itself as intoxicating and seducing.  I'm certain my children would love to join me but this is mommy time!  I don't want to visit big fluffy characters and eat hotdogs and hamburgers.  I want to see eye candy, get dizzy from the lights, gamble in hope, and enjoy the marvelous food without wondering if I should get a chocolate chip cookie and milk for desert instead of a margarita and a chocolate desert to die for.  The commercial says it all!  Jody Gibbons

Keep Vegas adult. If you want to take your family somewhere, go to Disneyworld.  Earl Brigham

I have been to Vegas with my children and without them. At this point there seems to be a good mix for both. I hope that the town does not go to just a Adult playground. One of the reason I believe it is growing is because the many choices for everyone.   Bobby Holliman

Vegas was never supposed to be a family vacation town. We have been coming to Vegas, twice a year for 7 years, people need the adult atmosphere to recharge their batteries. Leave the kids at home.  Jack N.

My wife and I have been fans of the Vegas life for more than three years now. One of the things that brought us to Vegas in the first place was the welcome separation from Mickey Mouse on Saturday morning and Gameboys chirpings from back bedrooms. I'm not a proponent of the "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" slogan though; adults should be able to share their Vegas Baby experiences with other adults. It isn't as though we are all going to Vegas to have bar fights, pick pockets or toss our cookies on the sidewalks of the strip. There is however something very naughty in having girls hovering over you, offering you free drinks, and less dysfunctional then telling your six year old to go get Daddy another beer from the fridge. We like a place willing to pamper the common peasantry with laughter, gambling, and generally very adult and decadent themes that are still legal to talk about afterwards. My point is, Daddy and Mommy don't want our kids in therapy because they saw their parents reduce them from Yale to Community College, falling drunk off chairs, laughing insanely as a dealer says "Blackjack" over a mere five dollar bet. We don't want to pay eight-five dollars for an extra seat at a show the kids don't understand after the funny guy departs the stage, (that's money we could be coaxing the girl with the thousand bucks over with!) We don't want to part with a twenty so they can waste hard earned dollars in the arcade. (My hypocrisy goes as far as I need it to in Vegas).  Who wants them to have fun in Vegas? They have Disney World for goodness sakes. When, by the way, is the last time Mickey handed you a thousand? The gambling in Vegas is legal, I never thought it a secret, and don't want to hide that from my adult friends back here at home. I enjoy the contorted faces they make when I tell them I put nine dollars in a Five Times machine, pushed the button three times and a girl (not one with a free beer) brought me a thousand dollars in cash. I think I like it even more when my friendís faces turn inside out as I tell them how much fun I had shoveling two hundred dollars worth of coins into a machine and got nothing back. You can almost see their narrow minds working as they figure up how long it took to earn that loss. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? I hope not! That's bragging rights, Buddy, and I for one, want to throw all four to five trips a year in my friend's mundane working faces; every cent wasted, every free beer, every light bulb on the strip, every spa visit, and every comp point toward the buffet. Yeah baby, all adult, all mine, and Iím not hiding it or leaving it in Vegas!  Gary Burns

* I am so pleased to see Vegas realized they made a mistake when they tried to turn into a family destination. I go to Vegas to forget about the rest of the world for a short period of time and did not really appreciate have small children running around, whining a crying. I like to let my hair down when in Vegas and I am sure many others feel the same way. Gambling, smoking and drinking are no atmosphere for small children .  I don't know why anyone would want to take them. We will I am sure enjoy are vacations to Vegas much more with less rug rats running around. A Vegas Lover. Lynn Fitzpatrick

*  I agree that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Las Vegas has not been promoted as a family is a play ground for adults who need a place to get away. There is more than enough adult content and goings on that I can't see why anyone in their right mind would want to take their kids anyways. If you want to take the kids.......go to Disneyland or Disneyworld.  Las Vegas has always been and always shall be the haven needed when you need to get away from home or the job for 2 or 3 days at a is the one place you can forget everything and just enjoy the moment!  Keith Morris

I do believe Las Vegas is an adult town  but with the changing times I realize more families bring there children.. This is a fine and wonderful idea if you have responsible parents who plan for this and see that there is ample activities for them and do not leave them unattended in hotel rooms , pool, game room etc. There is too much out there for them to fall into trouble on there own or with help from others.......Thank you  We have been  coming to Las Vegas and enjoying it for over eight years.   Jan Holweg  

*  Except for the brief time Vegas thought they could market the family scene, it has been and should remain an adult playground.  Those who want to vacation with the family should head south to Orlando or jump on the Disney cruise ship.  Leave Vegas to the adults!   Melody Brandom

I think Vegas should go back to the adult version. There are many other places families could go on vacation (Disney, Six Flags, etc.). Vegas got its notoriety from being a swinging, sexy town. Full of drama and scandal.  Granted, some of the free shows (TI, Bellagio) to see are great, but Vegas shouldn't be turned into another "theme park" for kids. FireEngDr 

*  Las Vegas should stay as an adult town.  I used to stay at circus  circus but all to children running around, crying and carrying on was to much.  I could stay home for that.  Vegas is a gambling town not intended for children it is an adult play ground and should stay that way.  TEXGOLD

*  Las Vegas is an adult city and should stay that way. The focus of the businesses in the strip area is geared toward adult entertainment with gambling as the main draw. Bringing children into this type of atmosphere gives them false illusions that money comes with no effort, forces them to see the ugly side of many adults who have overindulged or are intent on distributing porn, and adds them to the population when many adults are trying to get away from the child mentality. Being a parent there is nothing that can turn a good time into a bad one then watching people drag overly tired children around the casinos, leaving them on the front steps or by the bathrooms while they try to lose the money that should be spent on a babysitter at the least. Keep kids out of Vegas, there are way better places to take children such as state parks, the beach, or the big amusement parks.  Ken Wilkes

*  Hi, I think Vegas should be an "Adult only place".  The whole of Europe is for families. The nearest place we have that is based on adults is Las Vegas. The younger generation has Disney and many other theme parks. Although we are 34 & 22 years old we search hard for a "kid free" peaceful life. Until our time comes to have our own children, lets have just one place on earth we can call our own. They can have their chance & will appreciate it when they reach 21.  Dave Sutcliffe ( Birmingham, UK )

*  Living in Southern California I've always had amusement parks available to take my children and now grand children to.  When my kids were underage we came to Las Vegas and I went out of my way to impress on them the fact that there was a place for children and a place for adults.  Because of this it made it even more SPECIAL when I brought my son and his friends for his 21st birthday!  When the "family place" image was being pushed, I felt it dulled the line between kids world and adults world not only with the casinos and gambling, but also with underage drinking and other "adult" forms of entertainment.  I have to wonder how many more teenage runaways were drawn to the lights of the strip after visiting with their families. Personally I LOVE family vacations, but when I go to Vegas I don't plan on having to deal with my children or anyone else's.  I love going to shows and meeting people from all over the world, not listening bored kids kicking the back of my seat.  I think the new theme "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas," adds an air of excitement, to an already exciting city.  (Unless of coarse you're Britney!)  If I want family time I drive to Anaheim!   L. Alex

*  My wife and I just returned from Vegas.  We have had the pleasure of going on a yearly basis for approximately 10 years.  We have suffered through the "family" oriented fad, and have welcomed the return to the adult flavor.  Nothing is more annoying than to enter a casino, stumble over unattended children at the entrance, bawling, wielding plastic swords, balloons, and other implements, intended to occupy these children, while mom & pop loose time and rent check in the casino.  We observed 8 children from 2 sets of parents, left to entertain themselves at the entrance to a buffet, while adults got lost in their world in the casino.  These children were climbing on tables, the sculptured woodwork on the wall, spilling soda, and dodging in and out of patrons for over 3 hours. My ain't this grand?  We are grandparents, We love our grand kids, but this is an adult vacation and getaway.  Even if there are "child attractions" at some hotels/casinos, they should be kept away from the casino area.  I'm sure there are laws relating to underage persons in these areas, but time and again kids are seen all over the casino floors.  I suppose it is somewhat of an expected "hazard", since we all have to traverse from the registration desk, across some, if not most of the casino floor, to get to elevators to your hotel room.  But it certainly shouldn't be a distraction or nuisance in any gaming or adult oriented theme area of a resort.  Thank you for the opportunity to voice an opinion.  Larry in Nebraska

*  I was never in favor of Las Vegas being promoted as a family vacation spot. There were numerous stories of children being left alone for long periods of time while their parents/guardians played slots or tables. Gambling is addictive enough for an adult...why expose children to it at a young age.  By the way, I love Vegas and I love to gamble so my opinion is not based on me being a prude!  Thanks, Pamela Truax  Tarpon Springs, FL




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