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Reader Poll Starting May 25, 2002


#1.   Since this weekend is Memorial Day holiday, it brings us the question.... When do you like to visit Las Vegas....would you rather come to the 24-hour city on a holiday weekend, or a regular weekend, during the week, in the summer, winter, or when and WHY?


Reader Poll Replies: 

*  I like to visit Vegas in the spring and fall, because it isn't that hot. You can walk the strip and visit the casino one by one, and look at all the hotels and especially at night, when they are all have the lights on. It is like you are in another world and you feel like you are in a fairy tale and you are a princess and he is your prince.   Lisamarie Buonocore

*  Hi, I just got back from a quick 2 day trip to Vegas. Arrived on Memorial day and got to Wave to all the Folks who were stuck in traffic on 15 South.  I love Las Vegas anytime of the year! It all depends on who I'm gong with and the Temperature in Town. It was quite toastie in Tues. & Today, as we were leaving. My little Old Truck doesn't have Air so the Drive was a bit Warm, Dry Heat and All! I like to visit in the winter to enjoy the outlying Parks and Indian Sites.  I can even take it when it's over 100 but not a lot of outdoor stuff. I have another 2 day trip scheduled for July 7-9th. I always go during the week so I can save $$$ to spend on fun things. I have been able to afford Shows, in the past, but the prices today are more than my usual room at Circus Circus. I often wonder how the folks with Kids can do it.  Don't get me wrong, I go to have a good time and spend my money. It's just with the Economy being so tight. I've had to cut way back on the little extras I was once able to enjoy. I live in Beautiful San Diego but the price to live here just keeps going up but my earnings don't. In conclusion I want to say "VIVA" Las Vegas, the Greatest Fun City in the World. Thanks Tom C

*  Friday through Monday in three weeks.  TtalDevastation

*  I do not like to fly in the winter. We came home from Las Vegas one winter when it was nothing but a sheet of ice on the ground. That cured me from winter flying.  I don't mind taking a vacation any other time. When the price is right then we go.  Carolyn

*  I like to visit Vegas whenever I can!  I don't think I'd want to go when its 110 degrees cuz then I probably wouldn't be able to walk anywhere. But I definitely want it to be warm so I can enjoy the pools next time. The first time I went was March so it was warm, but not warm enough for me to be in the pool.  Melissa M

*  The best time to come to Vegas in our estimation is the months of September October or November from Monday to Friday as on a weekend or holiday it is to crowded it seems that everyone has the same idea to get away for a holiday or weekend. The weather during these three months is ideal. Your questions are always so good I can't help but give an opinion.  Beverly K

*  I like during the week days, but usually air travel rates are less if you have an overnight Saturday night stay...but to me your city is so special that I wish I could visit once a year until I die! I'm 77 now and have only been here one time, last year, and loved every wonderful minute of it. Maybe I'll get lucky and win a contest or a lottery, and that would be the first thing on my list...a whole week in Vegas!  Have a happy forever.....    magicdragondb

*  Would rather come to Vegas on an off weekend. Holiday weekends are too crowded. Also like Sun to Thurs, but anytime will do. I do like summer for the sunshine, but fall is cool and nice. Winter is a bit boring unless you come just to gamble.  Dodger21037

*  We try to visit around April - hopefully the crowds are not too great and as a tourist to your country, finding accommodation and traveling on the 'wrong' side of the road easier when it is quieter.   Is also easier (just) to get tickets to the shows.  The weather in Vegas does not bother us greatly. Thanks  Sue Ellbourn

*  Weekday, Weekend, Summer Winter or anytime in between.  I just love being in Vegas.  May just have to move there one day.  Daniel Aldridge

*  The ideal time for me is April, or may, then October, November. These months weather wise are great. also during the week is better for me. a few less people means more available slots, smaller lines, ect. the summer months are just too hot. 115 is 115. i love people who say "but its a dry heat" yeah right.  cya Watcherboy

*  We like to go to Vegas in the winter late January or early February. it is real cold here so its a break to get to some warm place for a few days. We love going to Vegas every year.  sedigv44

*  I enjoy Vegas more in Dec. due to temperature and the rodeo being in town. Sunday through Thursday stay is the best time for us. The crowds seem to smaller as well as the cost of staying in Vegas. My weekends are better spent in my environment where I live.  Robert Jones

*  I'd like to visit Las Vegas for a New Years celebration - just to see how the hotel/casino's party it up on that evening! Dave Gaston in Dallas

*  We like to visit Vegas during the second week of December--it's still a little warm during the day, last minute shopping, and fun for us. If we could afford it, we would visit more often! Joan and Frank Sterling

*  I like the weekdays. Seems less congested and room rates are usually much better. Linda

*  My preference is to visit Las Vegas on the weekends, especially Friday night.  Seems there is always something going on even late into the Saturday morning.  Thanks for creating such a great web site on Las Vegas, I enjoy reading all the helpful information.   Dr. Shields  

*   I like visiting in the winter months, being from New England I get tired of the cold and like the warmth.  Pat 

*  Any time is Vegas time!  I try to get to the Mecca of fun as often as possible and I really do not care what the outside temperature is or will be.  William Hayes


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