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Reader Poll May 25, 2000

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#1.  When is the best time of the year to visit Las Vegas?  Why?

*  Ah...Jan thru Dec would be my opinion. Joyce, Iowa.

*  Early October because the weather is starting to cool down ,summer tourists have gone home, and it's a beautiful drive from San Diego.  GMMARA

*  It is best to visit Las Vegas any time you can! The weather is great all year. Anything is better that Pennsylvania. We can't wait to see the new hotels..  gallagherwills.

*  I would say the best time to go to Las Vegas is early June. Is not real HOT, and you can go walk around the town and see things. Thank You.  Steve Morrow, Sacramento, CA

*  Christmas is my favorite. Rooms are cheap and the casinos aren't crowded.  "Jim Smith

*  We have been to Las Vegas in February, March, April, May, June, July, August, and October. I personally did not like October or February. I LOVE HEAT!! So I guess August is my favorite! We are coming out on the 30th of June for the holiday weekend. We are going to try November this year also. Since we plan to retire there in 2005, we want to see what each month is like. Rose Marie Poland, OH

*  I just returned from Las Vegas may 17-24 and had a great time I stayed at 2 hotels, Mandalay bay and the Luxor. Better rooms at Mandalay bay but had a better time and crowd at the Luxor esp the pool. Flew national airlines a small Las Vegas company from Kennedy in NY, we were treated excellent by the staff even upon missing our flight out of Las Vegas my fault. See "The Blue Man Group" show at the Luxor, it is unreal and funny, I love that town cant wait to get back>>>>>>> Thank You .......Craig

*  August or September----Been there 13 years and without hesitation, the accommodations, atmosphere, people, and rewards/comps are great.  Alan Lee Judson

*  MARCH!  March Madness..... Still some fair prices and the beautiful weather.........whether on the Strip or hiking in Red Rocks.......lovely. Close second......fall and the weather. HOEKOPUS

*  Anytime is the right time to visit Las Vegas. Recently, we have been in Vegas in October, April, and may. If you love Vegas, anytime is the Right time. John from Hubbard, Ohio

*  The best time to visit Las Vegas is the last week of June. Summer rates are available at most hotels, airfares are friendly and the temperature, while hot is not overwhelming. John DelBene

*  December.   Robert Jones

*  I think the the best time to visit Las Vegas is the last week of April.  It is hot enough to suntan, or sit pool side and the evenings are cool.  The heat is not overwhelming. My opinion is the last week of April Eva Newlove  Vancouver, Canada

*  I like being in town when the NFR is on-the weather is just right.  I am from Canada and the nice mannered cowboys are in town and everything is decorated for Christmas. Perfect in my books. Debbie Gordon 

*  September--I had the greatest 4 days in Las Vegas last year. It had been on my wish list and finally got to visit for the first time as we got a package deal. Weather at 4 a.m. was still 85 degrees. However, we picked the Big Fight Weekend so machines weren't as loose, but at least I was there once. Stayed on Freemont Street and it was unbelievable. If I get to go again, I would take any month because if I wanted to just enjoy the weather, I would go to a resort. Linda L.

*  Early spring or late fall when the weather is cooler. Summer is just too darned hot to be able to see all the casinos.  John S. DeBoo

*  Anytime.  George Lange

*  There isn't a best time to visit Vegas. It's always busy. We look for room specials at our favorite hotels or buy a package from a travel agency. We went in August last year and will be going in August this year also. Not our favorite time of year with the temperature in the 100's but the dates worked into our schedule. May and October seem to be good for us as far as weather goes.    K. Bujnoski

*  We usually visit 1st week in December. The cowboys are there then for the NFR but the room prices are the best. Last year $20.00 a night per room not per person. Also got a $50.00 food voucher that could be used at any of their restaurants even the buffet. There were other offers in the fun pack so in the end you just couldn't afford not to go. You just had to know the Magic word when booking the reservation. Also the weather was great.  Joe Antaya 

*  We like November (BEFORE COMDEX!) and March. If your from Michigan (or other cold latitudes) the weather is usually crummy by November and has been that way for a while. Getting on a plane where its blowing cold & raining and getting off into a warm breeze in impossible to describe.  March is desirable for all those same reasons with a strong case of cabin fever added in. Joel & Sandi Dobrzelewski Warren Michigan

*  May.  Michael J. Charles

*  I think fall is my favorite time of year in Vegas. The weather is not too hot and not too cold. You can still hang out by the pool and swim during the day and you don't freeze at night. Spring is nice too but there's more of a chance of rain then. I have yet to experience Vegas in summer but am going this July. (...I have a feeling it will be a bit on the warm side for this Northwesterner!) But let's face it, any time of year is GREAT in Vegas. After all, who cares what the weather's like when you're gambling!   Kellie Kruger

*  October.  Alan Henkin

*  In June or July. Hot and not as crowded.   Robert

*  We like to visit during the second week of December. We do a little Christmas shopping and enjoy the atmosphere. The area isn't always as crowded and the weather is usually pleasant.  Joan Sterling

*  Best time is late April, early May, after Easter and spring break. I live in Waterford, NY. weather is also better for travel. next is mid Sept, school has started and airlines not as busy.  Andrew Drobny

*  Anytime of the year is a great time to visit Las Vegas. If a person is worried about going pool side, then of course, it's only in the warmer months. But if it's GAMING SHOWS, or something going on, it's all year round. I LOVE the City.  Robert Murano,  Carnegie Pa

*  I like Jan thru March the best. The weather is nice and the crowds are not too big.   John



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