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Reader Polls Feedback -
Reader Poll for March 5, through March 14, 2004


New homes, timeshare, high rise condos seem to be under construction on every street corner throughout Las Vegas. More than 5,000 people relocate to Las Vegas each month, would you like to move to Las Vegas? Why? If you already live in Vegas, why did you move here?

Answer our reader Poll, win 2 free $40+ Show tickets! Each Reader Poll.  The 3 best replies each week will receive two $40+ show tickets absolutely FREE! The 3 winners will be selected by Richard Reed, IVLV owner.)

Reader Poll Replies:

*  Moving to Las Vegas was a no brainer for me, 24 hour town and something to do whenever you feel like it.  Alice P.  

*  No last call... those famous words I hated to hear in other cities does not happen in Vegas.  Paul D.  NV

*  Next year I will be moving to Vegas, it has been a long wait.  I am tired of digging my car out of snow in the winter and melting in the humidity in the summer.  Al. NY

*  We would love to live in Las Vegas ,we have some friends there and they have told us about the great parks and theater's and schools and when we have come to visit we drive all over I love the look of the houses ,the easy gardening and any people we have met have been so nice and helpful and the weather just great ,but I know we could never live there so its just a dream, but I nice dream Lesley  Vancouver BC Canada

*  My family from IL & IN visit yearly, I would love to move to Las Vegas....We are hoping to move closer this we are on our way there! We are so over the cold & unpredictable nasty weather. See you in Vegas!!!!!  D.G. Indiana

You bet I would. LOL!  If I could afford it and new how to get a work visa, I would be there on a dime. I am a person who prefers warm weather and especially warm nights. I like the excitement at the casino's too. I can limit myself and when I start to get towards the end of my money, I just go play nickel slots and figure when the time comes to afford gambling again, then I will get another shot at winning. My preference is the quarter machines and if I hit $300 or more, then I will gamble $100 on dollar machines. And no more. LOL! You have to limit it cause there is another night to come. I like the excitement all around and the lights are just beautiful.  The food is great and there is always somewhere different to eat. I am a one place person so after checking out all the restaurants, I pretty well stick with a favorite. I would own a small two bedroom house decorated with the fine clay pots and I would have cactus landscaping and gravel yard thus not needing a lawnmower. I'd also be able to get involved with more sweepstakes and contests. I love it in Las Vegas and if I came there, I would look for work in housekeeping at a casino or maybe a hostess type job. We visit Las Vegas twice a year and enjoy it every time. I hope this free dinner draw you have is before April 30/04. We will be flying down then till May4/04.  Thanks for the chat. Sherrill Ball

*  Living in Las Vegas would be a real dream come true.  My husband and I are getting ready next year to retire and we are trying our hardest to make Vega our new home.  With all that it has to offer, we are surprised that 20 million people aren't already living there.  See you soon.  Gwen H.  OK

*  Vegas is a fun place for me to visit six times a year, but not sure I have the discipline to live there year round.  It would be fun trying though.  Marcus H.

*  Looking out my window today at the snow, I feel each week of winter that this summer I will move to Las Vegas.  I am tired of this ugly weather and can't wait to get warm.  Angela ME

* Las Vegas is not for me to live in permanently.... I would be crazy by the end of the month.  Way to much excitement and fun things to do around the clock.  Guess I will stay in my boring life in Texas.  Diane C.

*  My husband and I moved to Las Vega last year from Chicago.  Took us 22 years to get up the nerve and now we wonder why we waited so long.  Las Vegas is the best place to live!  Keep up the good work with insider viewpoint.  Claire & Henry


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